Yes, We are In a Recession Headed for a Depression: The lying Biden administration is trying to hide the crime by abandoning the measurement

There has never been a question about the definition of what a recession is; if there are two consecutive quarters of GDP decline, we have a recession. And as to our present circumstance in America under the illegitimate Biden administration, we are actually in a far worse situation than just a recession. They have been living off a positive Trump economy that was mostly hands-off on economic growth, which allowed it to grow in more positive ways than it has in decades. Basic economics 101, recessions are caused by too much government tampering, and the indicators begin when you see negative GDP growth. For economies to work, people need to go out and do productive enterprises, and they must have the freedom to take the risks to generate those enterprises. What all socialist economists get wrong, which is most of them who get their information through liberal university study, is that restrictions on economic activity are detrimental to GDP growth. Economies do not expand due to administrative state tampering and top-down bureaucratic compliance. Money is made and expanded when creative freedom is at its highest in a culture, and people are free to take risks with the fewest penalties a society can tolerate. All the cable business channels get their information from the same socialist-trained market analyzers, so people tend to view economic data the same way they do medical or legal information as something beyond their comprehension. But in truth, the proper measures of positive economic growth, whether it be a country or a local business, is the more restrictions there are on creative business growth, the worst the performance of the profit-driven enterprise. 

So it was no surprise that the very micro-managed Biden administration would impede GDP growth with its intrusive business policies. Just the vaccine mandates of the fourth quarter of 2021 would have been enough to cause a recession in the first quarters of 2022. The Biden administration and Democrats, in general, have been living off the Trump economy and benefiting from it. Job growth has been easy to measure because many of the jobs they are taking credit for, including this latest one in August of 2022, have been because of the global shutdowns due to Covid. The CDC has been gradually reducing its very harmful “recommendations,” which essentially torpedoed positive economic growth due to surrendering logic to the government-made Covid virus that was produced in a lab in China under the guidance of Dr. Fauci and many others as a bioweapon. When China unleashed that bioweapon before the election in 2020, the goal to remove Trump from the American White House was the top priority and remains the top priority of the Liberal World Order, Henry Kissinger’s “world order.” So the CDC put forth lots of restrictive recommendations that harmed employment numbers. As those restrictions were reduced, people have slowly returned to the workplace, helping make employment numbers look like growth. However, it’s all smoke and mirrors because those employees may have returned to the workplace, but performance expectations have been dramatically reduced.

If anybody doubted that the Biden administration were complete liars and that they would lie about anything just to see if they could get away with it, then this attempt by them to redefine what a recession is proving their true merit. They have attempted to hide their bad economic output by changing the definition, just as they attempted to do this previous week by denying that there is any inflation. Biden himself declared that inflation was at 0% because they simply erased all previous measures and declared that the official record was happening upon that announcement. Of course, the Biden people have lied about the invasion of Trump’s home, about election fraud, and about the validity of the Covid vaccines, which have turned out to be dangerous for some people. They have lied about the cause of the war in Ukraine, and the price of gasoline, so nobody should expect them to suddenly start telling the truth about economic talk ahead of an important election. They have taken an excellent economy coming out of 2019 and 2020 and absolutely and purposely destroyed it in 2021 and 2022 with overly restrictive policies that crippled economic growth. And now it’s showing in the economy for two quarters now. It took some time for the ship to start sinking, but once it started to, there was no way to stop it. Too much government intrusion means an economy that can’t grow and expand. It’s that simple. When an organization of any kind starts destroying its measurements, you know then that they are failing. What doesn’t get measured doesn’t get done. Or what measurements are abandoned, are meant to hide what isn’t getting done. 

The truth about Biden’s position on recession and their attempts to hide the information from the public indicates a much larger problem. We’re not just in a recession, but we are in a depression, a bad depression that will make the one in the 1930s look like a child’s creation. Biden hopes to hide the criminal conduct of his son until after the midterm election, as well as all this bad economic information for political reasons. The media, of course, is helping him because, in essence, they work for the administrative state, not freedom of speech, and they serve the Liberal World Order completely, without debate. But the evidence of the trouble starts to be seen when you see organizations throwing out their measurements because they want to hide the truth from people wanting to understand what’s going on. The Biden administration has no plan to explain negative growth in the third or fourth quarter or for what looks like it will be years of negative growth. Without question, to attempt to hide the obvious depression that America is now in will be to throw out all the measurements and redefine the definitions so that the public might be oblivious to the real harm in the facts. It’s not just happening in America; everywhere that the Liberal World Order has impressed itself into culture is finding themselves suffering through negative growth. And the Biden team hopes to hide their failure in the failures of the rest of the world suffering for all the same reasons. In that way, they certainly hope to redefine the definitions to conceal their lackluster performance. But the evidence is obvious, and people feel it at the gas pumps, in the reductions in commercial options, supply chain failures, and how the world has slowed down.

Even though people are returning to work after the many-year Covid haze, they are not as good as before the lockdowns. Workers have lost their edge, their competitive spirit. They have been sung a lullaby of death by the Desecrators of Davos, the European attitude of sleeping through life and not being driven by any sense of urgency.   We are living in a world of the Great Reset, as Klaus Schwab and many global progressives like him intended, and the economy is reacting worse than they initially thought. That is because they listened to all the loser economists that the university system produced and started their measurements with the wrong assumptions. And now we have a recession in America and around the world. But worse, we are headed for a long depression, and that depression will last until the government is removed from the money-making process. And not before 

Rich Hoffman

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