The Brain Dead Losers at the IRS: And those idiots want to hire 87,000 more of them and give them guns to kick down doors to confiscate more wealth for a bloated, out-of-control government

Of course, there should always be a concern when we are talking about putting 87,000 dumb and inefficient people onto a government payroll and encouraging them to go door to door with guns to extract more money from the American population. It’s a plea by stupid people in the administrative state to feed the beast they have created. They can’t get tax increases passed in government, so they are looking to extract more money from the public to fund their gross inefficiencies with force. But they do so without dealing with their previous inefficiencies. Instead, they insist on creating a larger government with proportionally more lackluster effort without a care in the world to the incredible cost it would bring across our economic engine to society. From my experience, IRS agents are dumb as a box of rocks on a good day. In my life, I keep things very simple, not for my sake, but because in my previous involvement with the IRS, I find them such a stupid class of people that have difficulty understanding basic things if I can’t show my incomes on simple W2s then its simply not worth doing. I get investment offers for crypto, real estate, and business opportunities of all kinds several times a day, all days of the week. But I turn them all down because the opportunity cost of doing them likely would never exceed the pain in the ass required to deal with the IRS and the set-up for the audits that require hours and hours of time spent with some of the dumbest people on earth. I’d rather give up making millions and millions of dollars so that I could gain the riches of not having to talk to a box of dumb rocks who took a government job so they could be paid well to mask their lazy life and still have authority over other people as a representative of big, out of control, inefficient, government.

The audacity of the proposal to hire 87,000 more IRS agents is that the government is already grossly inefficient. Adding this many more inefficient employees to the government payroll is only pouring gas on an already blazing dumpster fire. Government employees of all kinds are some of the worst in the world regarding lazy economic generators. I have always talked about how horrible it has been to pay public school teachers what we pay them only to get the horrendous work performance that we get out of them, not to mention the political activism. When they ask for tax hikes to pay for their bloated services to the community, it is always my default mode to require them to lay off some of that inefficiency because that should always be the goal.   Efficiency is the first thing anybody dealing with money should be thinking about. But government always throws money at inefficiency to achieve their stated objectives. In this case, they want more money to operate the administrative state, so they throw more money at the same inefficiencies that caused the problems to begin with. So not only have they compounded those inefficiencies and now connected more labor to those inefficiencies, making the situation considerably worse, but they failed to deal with the root cause of their inefficiencies in the first place seeking to mask it with ominous authority rule. That has always been the joke of public education. But you can see it most notably at your local BMV, where slow, horrible service has become the accepted norm. If you want to drive a car, you have to deal with these slow-minded losers who show up for work brain dead and end their days comatose.   All government employees become some representative of a brain-dead lifestyle by the nature of their tasks. So the greater expansion of government services, the more zombies that we put into society and pay them way too much to achieve way too little.

Because government never wants to admit what a burden it is to society, they never measure anything in opportunity cost. Instead, their goal is to leech off effort and fuel their disgusting lifestyles off the opportunity of others. With the expansion of 87,000 IRS agents, the government intends to fuel itself off the efforts of others. But as I said, there is a cost to inefficiency; it can’t be hidden on balance sheets. It emerges in undesirable ways frequently. When employees show up for work at 8 in the morning and are ordering their lunch by 9 am. It arrives at noon. Then after eating it, they are done for the day and ready to go home. So rather than work the rest of the day, they play on the internet sending messages of nothing to each other until 5 when they go pick up their kids at daycare, then meander home to die a little bit each day in front of the television too tired from their day’s activities to lift a hand to do much of anything else. Then when they finally get to their weekend, they waste it complaining about how tired they are from the previous week. That is the life of the typical government employee who has lost the ability to think because they aren’t paid to think; they are paid to waste time, money, and intellectual effort, which is precisely what the government gets in exchange for their overvalued employment. 

I remember how it was in 2010; I was on the IRS target list for Lois Lerner’s targeting of conservatives by direct order from the Obama terrorist organization that had occupied the White House. They confiscated some of my videos and other Tea Party material as evidence, and I will admit to having some fun watching them view the material. It was like watching dogs turn their heads to some invisible dog whistle, contemplating things beyond their comprehension to grasp because they didn’t have the mental capacity to do so. It was beyond their range of understanding. I’m probably being too nice when I say that IRS agents are dumb as a box of rocks. They are actually worse than that, and that’s because the mismanagement of those resources starts at the top and flows down to all the field agents. So when we add to those numbers, of course, proportionally, we will get much more inefficiency when employees are added because we did not make a leadership change. That is just dry wood on an open fire regarding the administrative state. Adding more employees to an already inefficient government agency is a useless and more costly gesture. What they cost alone is excessive but minor when added to the opportunity cost that the IRS imposes on the culture at large, the many trillions of dollars of money that could have been made if government was just out of the way. Regular hard-working people would be free to do their tasks unimpeded. And that is the cost of the additional IRS agents. The shakedown of regular people is just the beginning of the problem. The real burden comes from things that don’t happen, ultimately worsening the world. It’s bad enough to think that giving such lazy and stupid people so much government power might be a solution the administrative state values, but it’s in what doesn’t happen that holds the real costs of their incursion. And that is what the brain-dead losers of the administrative state never consider because they don’t have the minds to think it. What they want, all they want is to consume off the efforts of others. And by expanding the IRS, they are just looking the squeeze the orange a bit more for a spoonful of juice in all the inefficient ways that have become the norm of government activity.    

Rich Hoffman

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