Aaron Rodgers and Ayahuasca: The way liberalism hides behind ancient religions and masks of goodness

As if the raiding of President Trump’s home wasn’t enough, or the collapse of the global economy, the perverts who run public education and are a far greater menace to children than the potential danger of school shooters, or the purposeful deaths created by government in reaction to the government creation of Covid, then the mismanagement of it, the Aaron Rodgers story about taking Ayahuasca during a trip to Peru might not seem like such a big deal. But really, it is. It shows the undercurrent of a massive, global sentiment toward drug use to fulfill the religious needs of globalists and their reverence to mother earth worship and ancient taboos meant to control mass society. I have only said, all of my long life, that any government that is permissive to drug use is one that wants to dumb down its citizens so they are easier to control and less of a threat to their eventual power. That is certainly the case with the latest Ayahuasca drug cult that has been emerging for a while now, not just in global cultures but specifically in America. I would point to musical groups like The Doors as part of that ceremonial tribalism that had in its always intentions worship of the dualist goddess cults that were constantly plaguing the earth with stupidity and mayhem. The use of psychedelics to “open” the mind to new experiences is not a new thing, and I do subscribe to the current theory that it was through plant-based psychedelic diets that caused mankind’s consciousness to expand into what we see today, something capable of creation in mimicking and possibly even surpassing what was viewed in the shamanic visions induced through various drugs. Ayahuasca is a plant-based brew that is specific to the Amazon rainforests and has been used by shamans there for thousands of years to communicate with what they call the “dead.” So along comes aimless Aaron Rodgers, a guy who is at midlife without children, even without a wife, searching for meaning. So he went like a lot of people do in his condition to Peru and sought out the advice of a shaman, and what he learned was the advice of an undercurrent religion to which the United Nations is dedicated entirely, the worship of the earth and understanding that nature has dominion over mankind, not the other way around as it says to us in the Book of Genesis. 

Liberalism has always come to us disguised in music, movies, drugs, and essentially all aspects of artistic culture. It never announces itself as a religion, but once you peel back the layers of all secret societies which operate in the background of our culture, specifically politics, it is then discovered the old religion of dualism, which essentially states that all things in the material world are evil. The only good thing is to sacrifice yourself to the spirit world and live for everlasting life, life without a body. That means that all things created in life, regarding material flesh, wives, children, houses, things that the American Constitution protects, are to be discarded in favor of a spiritual life oblivious to material comforts. This is where the dumb ideas of fasting come from: living a life of celibacy and material denial in service to religious objectives. But under all that sacrifice is the duelist notion of living as plants do; when they die, their seed reproduces and spawns again. If you cut off the limbs of a tree, it grows back. And in that way, nature represents everlasting life and is the most essential thing in the world to work for. That is what Pablo Amaringo would say, the famous Peruvian shaman who has been celebrated around the world for his fantastic art regarding his Ayahuasca visions. For this reason, I have been talking about this culture for a while now, well before Aaron Rodgers announced his experiences at the start of the 2022 football season in using it to secure his MVP title the year before. 

I kind of like Aaron Rodgers; I know he’s a reader and is thoughtful about things, at least for the athletic jock types. He’s unusually intelligent. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know when he is being played by the undercurrents of mass society in general. He is very much plugged into the corporate world through his many endorsements, and he got himself into a little trouble last year when he stood up to the NFL push to mandate vaccines. In the way things work, this Ayahuasca thing is a bone thrown toward the globalists because they love the idea that a popular media figure like Rodgers is promoting drug use for psychological alignment and mental health. That is music to their ears. And the fact that liberalism has seeped into Aaron Rogers’ life in many ways can be seen in his new girlfriend, Blu of Earth. They now have matching tattoos that have all the symbols of dualism contained in it on their forearms. What they call a spiritual journey is essentially the same dualist religions that have been with the world since the beginning of time and are certainly pushbacks against the latest religious invention of material culture as we know of it in Christianity and god giving men dominion over the earth and everything on it. 

We know that the goal of the KGB when they were planting seeds of destruction in American culture through our universities in the 40s and 50s was to create a society not of warring cowboys and gunslingers, as America was at the time, but a bunch of tree-hugging hippies smoking dope, taking LSD to find themselves, and to embrace love, not war. That is, of course, what the enemy would love. In the modern context, it makes the globalists very happy to see a great warrior of America, an American football player talking about seeking love in his life and living peacefully with existence. And from Aaron Rodgers’ perspective, I’m sure the pressures of performance on television week in and week out have their own challenges, and managing that pressure requires thinking outside the box. When you don’t have a wife or kids, and those parts of your life feel like they are leaving you behind, of course, it’s easy to find meaning in earth worship and ancient religions that speak against materialism and spiritual fulfillment. The caution should come from any culture in knowing what the undercurrents are to the sentiment, the reason that Ayahuasca is being suddenly shown as a solution to the world’s problems. I personally think there are scientific benefits to Ayahuasca and that what it does is benefit the human brain in pulling off the restrictor plates in the visual spectrum that we currently have. But I don’t think it’s a miracle drug or the great boon of existence. Instead, the benefit is in seeing the influences on mankind that often hide in the shadows. We misdiagnose them as “spirit guides” when they are likely demons, “tricksters,” whispers of doom and destruction who use famous celebrities to spread their message of wickedness and destruction behind presentations of peace and love. Ayahuasca can allow us to see those maniacal creatures and to deal with them. But the danger is in thinking they are here to help us. And behind the religious intentions of globalists, this is their ultimate plan, to submit all of mankind to the gods of nature and to destroy the materialist concepts of Christianity forever. It’s a plan with all the elements of evil we might fear and then some.

Rich Hoffman

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