The Liberal World Order Attacks Populism at Mar-a-Lago: The intent behind going through the underwear drawer of Melania Trump to show power over President Trump

It could easily be said that the federal government intended to desecrate the underwear of Melania Trump, the most beautiful First Lady America had ever had. For all the theater presented when the FBI raided the home of President Trump at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida under cover of gathering evidence for a phony federal trial meant to keep him from running for President once again, there was more to this raid than just court proceedings. Empowered by the radical Jeffery Epstein connected judge Bruce Reinhart, who thinks a lot of the communist economist Robert Reich and liberal journalists like Dan Rather, the raid was signed off on purely with political sabotage in mind to be shown to the world many times worse than Watergate was ever conceived of. And all caution was thrown to the wind in the act of desperation. Of course, the attack was meant to hide the mounting controversy of Joe Biden’s many family problems, most of which is the relationship his crack-addicted son Hunter Biden has with China and known prostitutes, which everyone has by now seen filming himself doing illegal drugs with. Then there is Paul Pelosi’s DUI which has put Nancy Pelosi in a public relations nightmare. Add to that the complete global failure of the Liberal World Order as the Desecrators of Davos have been selling it, and John Kerry is connected to it through the Biden administration. The high gas prices, the inflation, the open borders, the high crime, the complete destruction of American life advocated by the political left, and what was most on their mind on the day of August 8th, 2022, was the underwear of Melania Trump which they searched through for over 9 hours. 

Scum bags that must be defunded. The FBI is a criminal organization meant to protect a massively corrupt government

The Trump lawyers were kept out of the rooms that the FBI searched. Essentially the FBI took over the residence of the President of the United States, who was legally elected twice but only allowed in office once by the same perpetrators who were conducting this August raid. The intent was a classic one, to desecrate Trump’s life in the way that many pillagers of the past would rape the wife of a hated rival in front of them before ultimately killing them as the final blow to their social footprint and to remove a menace to whatever order was conducting the latest evils upon the world. The raid was meant to let Trump know that he wasn’t in charge and that the federal government could do what it wanted whenever it wanted, and there was no power on earth that could stop them. And if they wanted to go through his wife’s private things, they would, and nobody could stop them. The FBI went into Trump’s private place and office and even broke into his safe just because they wanted to show their power over Trump. After all those hours of ransacking one of the most beautiful estates on earth, the FBI took 12 boxes and whatever else they could smuggle from the residence and left the place a smoldering heap of disgrace. The raid was a message to the world that their populist leader was helpless and could be brought down just like anybody else. An evil, corrupt government hijacked by the worst that politics could produce had shown itself in all its ugliness, proving so many conspiracy theories right in the light of day. Only now, the political left no longer cared. They were out for blood and were intent on finishing the coup they started before Trump was ever elected the first time, and they were done fooling around. 

The FBI has a long history now of helping crime succeed and covering up terrorism

Watching the proceedings, I found it astonishing that the secret service allowed the raid to happen at all. That is the difference between good people who still believe in the rule of law and those who are willing to take advantage of people who do to get the drop on them. The Biden administration had to sign off on the raid, and they managed to get a liberal judge in Reinhart to cast it forth, and the good people, the Trump security, and the political figures in general figured there was an election coming, and that rule of law was worth supporting. I suppose that’s all true. As far as I’m concerned, the FBI lost its legitimacy over the Lisa Page, Jim Comey collapse, which I talked about on CNN at the start of President Trump’s first term. I was right then, and I was even more right now. The FBI is no longer a relevant body that serves the people of our republic. Instead, they are a hit squad for the Democrat Party intent to protect the implementation of the Liberal World Order. And they aren’t hiding it from the public anymore. They are evil, from the top of the ranks down to the field officers. The culture of the FBI is bad, from recruiting to the daily culture in every American city. They are not the good guys. I don’t know that they ever were, but especially over the last few decades, going back to 9/11, what they allowed to happen in that terrorist attack should alarm everyone. Also, their investigation over the Oklahoma City bombing should further raise concerns. Who was the third terrorist, and why hasn’t the FBI or CIA been more forthcoming about that element? During the 90s, it all seemed like conspiracy theory when we used to have a lot more trust in the FBI. But looking back on it now, the third terrorist conspiracy looks more fact than fiction. Then we must consider the FBI’s bizarre reaction when they allowed the media into the shooter’s apartment in Pasadena during that terrible Christmas shooting, where it took way too long to announce to the world that the act had been a terrorist act not a case of workplace violence. The FBI let the media into the house just a few days after the mass shooting at an office complex, which destroyed a lot of evidence and is a major no, no in any investigative work. Yet the FBI tried to cover up the terror act by Islamic extremists for some mysterious reason, and that was before we even knew Trump was running for President. Then we learned so much more. 

The raid comes straight from the White House. Far worse than Watergate

All this and more makes the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago an attack by a hostile enemy rather than even a political hit job. It certainly isn’t an investigation. It’s a crime committed by the government to protect itself from a growing population that trusts it less and less. This act was meant to put fear into the population and desecrate a very popular First Lady by showing that nobody is safe and implying fear to an entire population that still flies Trump flags in their yards, on the back of their trucks, and from their boats. A criminal class was now in charge of the American government, put there by hostile foreign forces, like China through the compromised Biden crime family. And even the reaches of the Jeffery Epstein mystery machine were still at work through Judge Reinhart, showing the controls of the criminal class rooted in liberalism runs deep. We are in a civil war; only the battlefield is not defined traditionally. It’s hidden in the halls of law and order. The terrorists are hiding in procedure to take advantage of good people who follow the law, by people who have no intention of following the law but exploiting the gullibility of the law-abiding so they are forced to stand around and watch as the FBI ransacked the underwear drawers of Melania Trump and show their power over her and the President for all to see and send a clear message to the world that the Liberal World Order is in charge. If people didn’t know that from the recently stolen election, then this raid on Trump’s home would seal the deal. And they could care less who was insulted by the act.    

Rich Hoffman

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One thought on “The Liberal World Order Attacks Populism at Mar-a-Lago: The intent behind going through the underwear drawer of Melania Trump to show power over President Trump

  1. And in case any members of the public still believe in the rule of law, know that the IRS is now empowered to hire almost 87,000 gun carrying IRS agents.


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