Joe Biden Using Covid to Hide in the White House: The Lazy, unproductive, and losers of the world have now become the rulers of the zombie apocalypse

I’ve said it from the beginning, and I’m saying it now, Covid was always a hoax made up by government in a Chinese lab as a bioweapon meant to usher in the Great Reset for which the United Nations planned to use a health crisis to grab power and sovereignty from the world over fear of death.   I would even go so far as to say that Covid was and is a weapon of terrorism, terrorism in the extreme. It was meant to make people afraid and to cleave to government in unhealthy ways. But it was never engineered to be a killer virus. It was only meant to be a fast-spreading cold and what made it terrible were the new rules that the CDC unconstitutionally implemented to deal with it, which was a radical leftist plan to destroy all economies in the world and to run over anybody who stood in the way. Sure, some people have adverse effects with Covid, just like any cold or allergies. But Covid was made and distributed for reasons the global administrative state wanted. They didn’t necessarily want to kill everyone; they just wanted to control them. And with that said, I always said, and many have joined me in saying, that Democrats were going to try to use Covid to steal another election and to expect them to resurrect it just before the fall elections of 2022 to open the doors for massive cheating, and to minimize the damage they were about to see in the midterms. To back up my statements, I would refer anybody to the Children’s Health Defense books and others who have told the story of how Covid came about and how it was managed in destructive ways. It’s not a secret or conspiracy. It’s hard for many people to admit to what suckers they were and how they allowed such a dumb scam to be played on them massively. It’s the biggest story in the world, but it’s also the biggest embarrassment, and many people don’t want to admit to how stupid they were in reacting to Covid, now that the truth is quite clear of what it always was.

Right on time, President Biden came down with Covid and locked himself in the residence of the White House, hoping to inspire a national concern for his safety. It was meant to do two things, get him out of the bumbling around in public that had been killing his poll numbers with gaffes literally every day, falling off bicycles, tripping over stairs, walking like someone has stuck a stick up his caboose to keep him standing straight, the constant embarrassments coming out over Hunter Biden’s crack use with illicit whores on video and the FBI helping to cover it up. Covid was meant to tap into the fears, and concerns Americans had just gone through and that they might feel sympathy and concern for the old man in the White House, which might help his polling. But, Democrats cannot win an honest election; they have no platform that people want, they stand for the destruction of America, and their game plan is in full action now, and people can see the evidence for themselves. Bread costs too much. Gas is outrageous. And we are told that climate change is the biggest threat to our lives, and to drive that point home, they need something to remind people that life could be snuffed away from them at any time. That there was something worse than everything they could see around them happening. They needed to dust off the Covid virus again and make people afraid of it once more, as they did in 2020, to change the political landscape into something they could regain control of. So Biden, over the last few weeks, has come down with Covid several times and has remained locked up in the White House as his handlers work on some public relations activity to boost up his opinion sentiment with the public. 

But it wasn’t working. As all the mainstreamers tried with great diligence to scare people back into a Covid frenzy, people are done with the masks, the lockdowns, the vaccines, and all the big government nonsense. The only people who still want Covid around are those who put it in play, to begin with, the lazy, the stupid, and the agents of the administrative state. Because when you look back on the CDC “recommendations” (they are not laws, and we do not have to follow them), you will see the dream of the average bureaucrat know-nothing. Covid gave them cover for their laziness; it was a free get-out-of-work plan where they could keep their jobs but stay home for days on end to stop the spread. Covid protocols were the most ridiculous socialist concepts since Karl Marx wrote his dumb books. Covid was designed to make the lazy look brilliant by following big government orders and changing the entire value system of society at large. It put the weak losers of life in charge of the thrifty and industrious. And now that Joe Biden is attempting to use Covid to hide from the public behind a controlled wall White House façade, many around the country are using his example to get falls positive tests that get them out of work for the same reasons they always have, because they are too lazy to work. They wish to hide their behavior behind a made-up public emergency. 

I’ve never been a supporter of a “doctor’s note” as a reason to get out of work. There are legal obligations to follow those types of social norms, but I’ve always thought of a doctor’s note as an intrusion by some medical bureaucrats into the business of life, and they had no mandate to intrude themselves on anybody’s life. When an employee brings a doctor’s note to work to alter their work schedule in some way with reduced duty or time off, it says to me that that person doesn’t want to work. I’d be looking for employees who don’t bring in doctor’s notes because those who do are liabilities against productivity. Government has stuck its nose in private business too much on many issues, and the doctor’s note is just one of those terrible incursions. And Covid was meant to play off that culture built by government over many decades of acting as the mediator between the big nasty employer who is just too evil to accommodate employees’ personal needs when they are sick. It is socialism that Karl Marx would be ecstatic over, and it has always made me sick to see. But Covid exploded that culture into ridiculous proportions, nearly turning our entire society into the zombie apocalypse. Covid as a policy has been the dream of socialists and communists everywhere, it has empowered the worst of our society into gaining merit through compliance, and the payoff for them is to get out of work under the protection of government making employers utterly helpless in the process. And what Biden did by using Covid to stay home and play in his residence was to remind all the lazy and worthless who exist that Covid is their get out of jail free card. And you can believe it; they are using it.   In the end, that will be what people remember Joe Biden for; he empowered the lazy and punished the hard-working. He led through fear because he was so incompetent that he had nothing else in the toolbox, which was the point of Covid all along, to give those like Biden merit in the world through the terrorism of fear and the unearned control over everyone’s lives by the administrative state.

Rich Hoffman

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