The Key to Being a Ghost: Why the EPA ruling by the Supreme Court will matter for many decades to come

Ghosting is my personal management style and the one I find most valuable given all the problems that are in the world right now. My book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, is all about and is very different from the typical ways we measure leadership.   And in many ways, this blog site is my most effective way to ghost, to manage so many areas of need across the world, when in essence, I physically can be only in one place. I learned the nature of the media networks years ago, as I used to be a frequent guest on WLW Radio and other corporate media. But I found that the focus was too narrow for all that needed to be covered, so I turned to the blog site and personally controlled media to reach what I would call the “ghosting audience.” Most of my audience would like to stay anonymous because they do have jobs in that corporate media world. Of course, they are like everyone else, looking for fresh ideas that they can go on a major television show or radio program and talk about for 1 to 3 hours per day. So my goal is to provide some fresh perspectives to those types of people and, in that way, get out a message that otherwise would never get talked about. Many of the names who visit my site daily you would recognize. But that’s not the point; the point of spreading ideas is to be a ghost and to be present in many places, in many minds, in many times all across the world, at the same time. For instance, I have many followers on my Gettr account who are fighting as we speak in Hong Kong and other such places for their freedom and are curious about how to frame their thoughts. To reach them all, there must be some method to speak to so many diverse people. My method is in ghosting, where you are never defined by the title you are socially given but exist outside the administrative state’s definition for people to control their behavior. By living outside those definitions and limits, a lot of very good work can be done that otherwise would never happen. 

With that in mind, the most frequent question I have received over the last several days has been, what was the most important of the various Supreme Court cases they ruled upon in 2022 before they went into recess at the end of June. And much to many people’s surprise, it was not the Roe v. Wade ruling. Rather, I would say it’s the EPA ruling, and here’s why. As I gave that little introduction to strategy, one reason I have moved more into a ghosting direction is that corporate media, while needed and is very necessary for communicating information, I found that hour-long shows dedicated to one or two topics were never going to solve all the problems that need to be solved at the rate and content they needed attention. And also, I don’t do panic about anything. There could be a rain of comets bombarding earth and destroying all life on it, and you would never find me in a panic over it. I don’t freak out about anything, and that doesn’t make very good television or radio. But to people who have jobs like that, if they can get a massage done in a way that reassures them of a specific strategy and then put it in the context of mass media, then maybe we can get some things done. And to me, this is a lot of what the Supreme Court EPA case was all about. The Administrative State, or Deep State as we have been calling it, lost a lot of power by what the Supreme Court ruled on in 2022, and the ramifications will last for many decades, perhaps centuries. Its something that needed to happen for a long time, and because of the political climate that we are in presently, where a lot of change for the better is happening, the Supreme Court ruled in a way that put the power of the Constitution back where it should have been all along. And some people in the media understand it, where perhaps a few years ago, they just wouldn’t have. 

The key to American life is in the Constitution, which is designed to give individuals personal power and limit the administrative state’s powers to impose centralized authority. Of course, those who want communism and socialism find this objectionable. But that’s good. So long as America follows the Constitution and does not fall for the schemes of globalism, then a recovery of the American way of life into making America Great Again is always possible. China has been used as an example of how to get things done because a gang of thugs essentially runs them, a criminal underclass who used the work of Karl Marx to impose centralized control over their population, which the other lunatics at the World Economic Forum find very attractive, to their delusional minds. It’s a complicated topic, too complicated for news segments, usually. But finally, many of the better ones are starting to get their minds around the ideas of why America has been so prosperous and why the China model is doomed to fail if America doesn’t fall to them with massive debt and cultural surrender. And at the center of that scheme was a way to trick America into giving up its power and influence to an Administrative State that was backdooring the American Constitution because of the belief that America had to compete with a propped-up China and abandon its Constitution to stay relevant because the American Constitution was a check on power and activism from centralized authorities. It’s the key to success, not the hindrance. 

Of course, we saw the nightmare of Administrative State control unleashed by Covid. Health Departments became their own authority violating the American Constitution out of fear of a virus and surrendered all authority to the United Nations-controlled World Health Organization.   The same has been happening with the radical climate change religion; the EPA has acted without congressional authority to impose all kinds of rules and regulations that would artificially hinder our economy. And they never had the authority to do so and have been acting as a government within a government unaccountable to anybody but the goals of foreign interests for years now. When the Supreme Court ruled against this practice in 2022, it essentially gave that power back to Congress, which is about to turn back to the conservatives for a good reason after the midterms, setting up a situation to roll back all this lunacy we have been seeing regarding climate change. And because of that precedent, we will see the same type of case law applied to all other Administrative State measures in all government branches. So for those who are in Hong Kong and get these articles from my Gettr feed every day and all the nice notes you send me, the way to beat the administrative state, whether it’s in China, or Sri Lanka, or even in the European Union, its through legislation that takes away central power. Not in laws that give them more power. If given the freedom to act out of their own self-interest, people will make a good society, much better than what any bureaucrat can come up with. And that is the key to the future, no matter where in the world they may be. Yet the most potent means of delivery of that concept is not in the titles that the Administrative State provides to people to keep them neatly separated. It’s in the managing method of ghosting, being everywhere at all times to everyone, even the very rich and powerful. By not getting hung up on the trappings of success but by focusing on the power of the message, much more good can get done, and that momentum is happening as we speak. And the most important signs of good things to come are in the American Supreme Court ruling against the power and control of the EPA because it’s a significant blow to the administrative states of the world. When they lose power, the rest of the world will find its way in a good way, and based on that; there is a lot to be excited about regarding the future of politics.   History will remember who did what, and it will be worthwhile. Don’t concern yourself with the Administrative State’s awards because as long as they can make you care about such accolades, they ultimately control what you talk about and why. By being a ghost, you take that power away from them and can then do much good in the world in a way they can’t stop, no matter how hard they try.

Rich Hoffman

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