The Younger Dryas Calamity: Climate Change is not about science. It’s all about control, and its a scam in every way

The next time you interact with a climate change zealot, just mention the Younger Dryas cataclysm to them and ask them to explain it to you. Ask them why 12,800 years ago the earth went from a reasonably mild climate coming out of the Ice Age to suddenly being plunged back to the height of that period of 18,000 years ago with freezing temperatures. Then ask them why, over the next several thousand years, temperatures rose to where we are today. There were no coal plants during that period, no known effects of human-driven climate change, yet the oceans rose over a fairly short period of time, over 400 feet. There are tremendous ocean fronts from that period where humans settled which are deep underwater, erasing the cultures of their existence forever, never to be known again. Ask those climate crazies at the United Nations what caused all that when humans were supposedly not even a factor possessing any technology to invoke climate change of any kind. Of course, they won’t have an answer for you because their climate change religion isn’t based on science; it’s all purely on speculation that I increasingly refer to as a religion, not a scientific concern. The science they use to articulate their position is the same nonsense that drove Covid into our culture; all meant to create fear which would change governing policies. Made up statistics, phony alarmism, all the same methods that caused the world to shut itself down economically over a cold virus converted to a bioweapon in China to cause economic wealth redistribution from a western-based economy to one in which China would become the world’s leader of monetary value.  Just ask Larry Fink from BlackRock.  And it’s the same lunatics who have been saying that climate change is something we need to address with the same flimsy science. 

About 12,800 years ago, it looks like a massive piece of a comet hit the earth in several places around the world. But most notably, it struck Michigan while glacial ice covered the area into what would become the Great Lakes. The sudden impact was so intense that it created Saginaw Bay and launched debris all over North America, sending chunks of ice and rock into Nebraska and the Carolinas. The craters from these impacts and the trajectory of their origin are clearly seen today by air. The elongated oval shape of the impact craters giveaway the impact’s original location, and they all point to Saginaw Bay, Michigan. When the comet struck, it brought with it so much heat that the glaciers there melted instantly, and flood waters raced for the oceans. No wonder there are so many myths around the world of sudden floods. In a very short time after this Younger Dryas cataclysm, the world’s oceans instantly rose 6 feet to 13 ft, a massive amount due to the global impact of so much water suddenly filling the oceans simultaneously. But as such a colossal object hit the earth, it punched a hole in the atmosphere that brought all that frigid space air with it. Hence, as massive forest fires erupted worldwide simultaneously, a massive deep freeze suddenly froze everything in its tracks, leaving some animals frozen solid into a block of ice while they were eating. It was an extinction event for most life on planet earth, which appears to happen much more frequently than science has previously admitted to. The earth goes through its cycles, which have nothing to do with human beings, or any other form of life. Life happens despite these cataclysms. They certainly aren’t caused by the local coal plant. 

Climate change, as it has been politicized today, is all about imposing the religion of earth worship to our modern means of administrative management. The science has been manipulated to satisfy the cult-like desires for mass sacrifice to the pagan gods of the primordial world, and for all the dumb reasons they always have attempted such things. Climate change has nothing to do with science, its 100% the religion of a cult that believes in sacrifice to those same primordial gods and is just another form of cataclysm that inflicts the human race with tragedy after tragedy during all human existence, no matter how long that span of time has been. I would argue that humans have used this brief 10,000-year window to claw at the edges of space, but this hasn’t been the first time. Based on the behavior of life historically and the rate of erosion that occurs on all civilized impulses, much of which is buried under that 400 feet of ocean front today, this nonsense has been going on for many hundreds of thousands of years. I always point to my old friend Giambattista Vico and his great book, New Science from 1744, to talk about the Vico Cycle so wonderfully put to imaginative practice in the great James Joyce literary classic, Finnigan’s Wake, when we say that humanity always reverts back to primitive assumptions over and over again. It’s a cataclysmic force, much like the Yellowstone volcano erupts every 600,000 years. I just recently visited there with my family, and it’s quite clear that it is poised for yet another explosion that could end the world instantly, at least the life on earth. The earth will continue to do what the earth has always done, following the forces that drive the solar system, the galaxy of the Milkey Way, and the universe in general, or the many universes that exist outside the one we live in now. The earth is not concerned with human invention; it is driven by its own cycles, and cataclysms are part of its geological cycle; you could set your watch to them every 10,000 years or so. That might sound like a lot to the soccer mom trying to run her kids all over town in a busy human life, but geologically, it’s nothing. Humanity gets a small window to escape earth, and usually, if a global cataclysm doesn’t wipe them out, they do it to themselves politically following the Vico Cycle to their own modern demise and cling to the rocks of their origin stories, once again. 

That’s what we are talking about when we discuss climate change with the radical crazies from the United Nations. It’s a religion to them to fill some psychological impediment that is in their own minds built on timid natures and flawed views of reality, for which they have attempted to hide behind science with the same flimsy data points that they used to sell the deadly effects of Covid, which the governments of the world manufactured to gain more control over their populations from an administrative state perspective. Climate change is the same kind of lie that those same governments have created to gain control over the human race, which is now poised once again in history to flee earth for destinations beyond the control of terrestrial influences. There will be more comets, more Yellowstone volcanos, there will be more Ice Ages, and mass warming periods, even if we all crawl back into a tent and cook our food over a campfire and achieve a zero-emission existence, which the insanity of the World Economic Forum losers have been stating is the goal. It’s a dumb goal and one that has nothing to do with science but 100% about controlling the world’s population for a lazy and stupid administrative state that wants to be in charge without doing the work of earning the right. And when you run into one of these fools, just ask them about the Younger Dryas calamity and watch their eyes go blank, just as they do when hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin are brought up regarding Covid. They don’t have an answer because their beliefs are not based on science but on control. 

Rich Hoffman

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