How Crimes Are Committed in the Modern Age by Governments: The Boggle Threshold and the advantage it gives the criminal class

Everyone is wondering how so many crimes committed by government, such as Covid and the vaccine mandates, the theft of wealth through inflation, and the sell-out of America through privileged political hacks like Hunter Biden, can go unpunished. They see the crimes committed but nothing being done about it. Well, the political left has already provided the answer; the classic Cloward–Piven strategy is meant to overwhelm systems, then collapse them into a change state favorable to the attacker. Then there is John Kotter from the Harvard Business School, who will tell leaders to create a crisis, even if there isn’t one, so you can unify efforts to your direction. It’s a standard trick, and by now, especially among the college-educated, they have seen it done to them over and over through many years, and now as adults of their own, they unconsciously do the same thing to people they are supposed to lead. It’s the classic lie a parent tells a child, don’t go outside during a storm because you’ll be struck by lightning, with the intent to keep children safe in the house and under control by fear of what might happen to them. Many grow up and become terrified of several irrational fears because of such methods employed on them over a long period. And believe it, the governments of the world, the global criminals know this, and many of the crimes we are seeing now are happening because of their understanding of this modern problem of interconnectivity across political influence. They continuously seek to exploit the conditions to their advantage. 

Yet, the strategies mentioned, whether it’s Cloward-Piven or Kotter’s Eight Stage Process of Creating Major Change, have a more technical term for the conditions those strategies expose, and that’s the Boggle Threshold. When we talk about something “boggleing the mind,” we are talking about people reaching their Boggle Threshold, which is the saturation point where a mind rejects new information upon receiving it. The information might be perfectly valid, but the mind witnessing the information might be too consumed with other information to accommodate it into a change state reality. The Boggle Threshold is typically associated with paranormal phenomena, so it doesn’t generally get used to express political matters and everyday concerns. When the question comes up about ghosts, UFOs, or Big Foot, ordinary people are worried about gas prices, love lives, and whether their neighbor cut the lawn and don’t have room in their minds for contemplation about information outside their everyday experience. The criminal class, which was first most successfully used under the mob in Chicago and later captured by the favorite book of the left, Rules for Radicals, knew this about people and often hid their crimes behind it. They might murder people in the streets of Chicago. Yet, with all the other crimes going on and the rebellious nature of Prohibition in general, Al Capone knew he could exploit the Boggle Threshold in people to hide the mob’s many crimes behind his magnetic personality. People could relate to his charisma. But they couldn’t see the monster behind his façade because their Boggle Threshold just couldn’t contemplate such things. That’s why he was never convicted of the actual crimes he committed but was only found guilty of tax evasion because it was there that a conceptual idea of a crime could be conceived within the rules of tax policy—rules that everyone can generally understand within their Boggle Threshold. 

An example of the Boggle Threshold would be if you were walking along and found a dead body, then next to that body, there was a bloody knife; any rational person would conclude that that murder weapon had killed the deceased person. But, if the person who discovered the body was encumbered past their saturation point within their Boggle Threshold, then they might not see the crime scene so clearly. Perhaps they were in a fight with their spouse over who was going to drive which car to work that day, or maybe they were trying to find the money for the mortgage. Perhaps they were worried about something with their kids or some other series of details on their minds before discovering the dead body. How many people who witness a crash on the side of the road would stop to help, and how many would just drive on because they had a million other things to do and couldn’t afford the chaos of something out of their routine? When people are at their Boggle Threshold, they don’t have room for new information, such as election fraud, the origins of Covid, or that the President’s son is on hours and hours of video recordings of himself naked smoking crack out of a pipe. All those things are happening outside of people’s Boggle Threshold. People might observe those conditions but are paralyzed to pass judgment because they are past their saturation point for new information to influence their behavior. 

Just like Al Capone, but on a vast scale these days, and across the entire world, crimes are committed knowing that in democracies, most people won’t have the intellectual capacity to maintain a Boggle Threshold that can actually see the crimes being committed. This Boggle Threshold is hard-wired into our media culture and our public education, where one sets where that threshold is for everyday people. The other works to saturate people’s minds with so much useless information that they never have room for new information that may be much more important, such as the Wisconsin Supreme Court making a decision that none of Joe Biden’s votes counted from drop boxes were legal, and must be subtracted from the overall number, which would mean that President Trump actually won the state. People are worried about a recession, gas prices, and increases at the grocery store. My family ordered a pizza the other day, and the driver reported to us that the delivery charge was $4 now instead of just $2 because of gas prices. When you can’t even order a pizza these days without it breaking the bank, nobody has room to contemplate global election fraud that has put in place radical communists who want to take over the world. It might be accurate, but it’s beyond the Boggle Threshold of most, so the crimes go unnoticed and unpunished. A Boggle Threshold can be increased through intellect, but if people don’t know they should be expanding their personal limits, they aren’t going to make the conscious effort to do so. And knowing that, the criminals of our society are perpetuating their crimes with the understanding that ordinary people don’t have the time or mental capacity to deal with the ramifications of their crimes committed, so long as the crimes are hidden by a barrage of nonsense that fills up people’s minds and saturates their Boggle Threshold. However, the weakness of this strategy can always be uncovered by “intent,” the intent to commit a crime, which is evident to all, even those stressed out by the events of our day. Once you simplify matters into observing intent, then the Boggle Threshold gives way a bit, and people can understand the circumstantial evidence. But taken at face value, until “intent” is obvious, the crimes continue to be committed without the fear of prosecution or a society that will take a stand against them. 

Rich Hoffman

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