Evil Brujos Threatened to Kill Pablo Amaringo: The vast, diabolical menace behind the cult of Climate Change religion

Defining evil in the world can be tricky business. Evil might be good depending on the relative position of the participants; what might be bad for one person may be great for another, depending on whether they are on the losing or winning team. So, I am always looking for good definitions of evil because if you can’t define it, you can end up feeding it in the world and not even realizing it. And to stand for what’s good and to live a life of justice, a society must understand what evil is. Understanding all that, I have turned my gaze, relative to the problems of the day, toward the beliefs of globalism and the specific religion of climate change to understand how evil works in our world today and how it shapes current events. At face value, it may seem like an easy problem. Climate activists will say mankind is bad for planet earth, so if we want to preserve the earth, we must change our ways. Mankind will say, of course, but constraining the human imagination and the nature of invention is bad for developing human consciousness, which is a natural process of the laws of the universe. And from that point of view, they would also be right. So how can anybody know what to do about anything in the realm between fighting for what’s right and how to avoid perpetuating evil in the world or in the universe? For those answers, I turned to the very interesting work of Pablo Amaringo, a little Peruvian shaman from a little village outside of Lima, Peru. Pablo is a hero of the left, a symbol of the United Nations. He is at the core of much belief that points humanity toward the climate change religion, getting back to nature, calling materialism evil, and thus, the United States. So it is with Pablo that I delved into the craze of taking Ayahuasca to see the spirit world and to get advice from them the way shamans like Pablo have for thousands of years. And ultimately came to understand that the political left of the world has everything all wrong and has interpreted a reverence toward nature for all the wrong and truly evil reasons that nobody has yet figured out, until now.

Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic drink that combines two different Amazonian plants into a brew that many call the Vine of the Dead because they believe it literally puts the user into communication with the disembodied souls of existence. Rock bands, anthropologists, academics of all kinds, and eclectic artists have discovered Ayahuasca and other hallucinogenic enterprises and assumed that by taking the drugs, they were getting back to nature and the real state of the world. Their assumption and promotion of people like Pablo were that the masters of nature had it right all along and that all the inventions of mankind were secondary to the magical abundance of the spirit world that was all around us, and that our goal in life was to get back to it. Not to grow away from it and develop individual lives and, thus, developed souls. In this way, the climate change lunatics have been able to attach the eternal aspect of a soul to the soup of a cosmic spirit world that is all around us all the time, giving us no real privacy. They are always with us, and by taking Ayahuasca, we could interact with them as they exist in a kind of hyper-reality beyond the known matter of our observable universe. Ayahuasca looks to rip away the filters that life puts on our brains at the level of the pinery gland and or the pituitary gland to make living normal life even possible. Powerful hallucinogens allow the brain to see what is always there and give us a glimpse into the spirit world that all religions refer to, but eliminate the normal role of a priest or government official as the mediator and take the user straight there. 

I am not and never will be a drug user. But if the answers to life’s questions go in that direction, I’m not going to ignore it either. In that case, many good books have been written about Pablo Amaringo that talk about his life, how he became famous, and what his art means with vivid displays, and I have read them. I don’t need to take Ayahuasca to get the gist of the experience. Pablo is the expert in the field, so by researching him, it’s been enough for me to become convinced that his well-intentioned actions as a village shaman have been abducted by evil in the world and used for the climate change movement to sucker in many weak-minded people to the alters of soul sacrifice. Sacrifice not just physically but at the fundamental essence of life. It was sold to them as moral conduct. I don’t need to talk to dead people to figure it out. I don’t ask for directions to the nearest gas station; I certainly don’t ask for advice on how to live life. So, from that perspective, it’s clear to me what has been happening with the United Nations’ push toward nature and the overall strategies against materialism and reverence toward climate change as a radical and diabolical religion. Something that I didn’t know, and apparently few do acknowledge even though they know, is that Pablo Amaringo was pushed out of the profession of shamanism by rival brujos (witchcraft practitioners) who act as hechiceros for their own personal needs or on behalf of paid clients. They told Pablo to get out of the shaman business, which he did. That’s how Pablo Amaringo came to paint his visions from his Ayahuasca sessions instead of continuing to do them as a shaman. Ironically, the world learned about Pablo because of this. But the evil brujos wanted to continue to operate in the world by manipulating the world of the dead behind the scenes without people like Pablo cutting in on their turf. Among these shamans in the Amazon rainforest, it was just another mob-like activity where they wouldn’t allow rivals to cut in on their racket. 

Yet, that racket was a very real thing; the hechiceros (sorcerers) promised Pablo they’d kill him either in the physical world or in the spirit world if he did not surrender to them, and being the nice guy that he was, he did. He took up painting and became pretty good at it. Now, if this were a western culture, I would say there would have been a fight to the death, like a gunfight in the street. Such threats are unacceptable, and resisting them is the fundamental belief system behind materialism and protecting the possessions acquired in life. But on a broader scale, what we see here is evil working its way under the radar, luring people to its cause where many hechiceros work behind the haze of Ayahuasca and other experiences to fill the empty minds of collectivism with the strategies of evil known only to demonic forces of ill intent. That makes the ritual practices we see today coming from the World Economic Forum types, the sex rituals, abortion sacrifices, drug abuse, vile violent music industry, family destruction, and homosexual agendas much more comprehensive.   Behind the veil of nature worship and protecting earth, evil uses this as a gateway into a realm they control. And once defenseless and vulnerable under the influence of drugs, they can have their way with you. Pablo Amaringo, with all his powerful skills as a shaman, shows the lost skills of previous cultures that have been lost to us over time through organized religion; we have seen a glimpse into this hidden world of evil and its strategies against all humanity. We are shown people like Pablo as the reason to journey into the grip of Ayahuasca and open ourselves to the wisdom of the hidden world. But when you get there, you find what Pablo found, a world filled with evil spirits who want to consume the souls of all humankind through mass sacrifice, and their intentions are barely hidden, especially when you pull away the veil of reality just a little bit. 

Rich Hoffman

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