Problems with 5G: The occult of Apple, neutrinos, and non-ionizing radiation from Wi-Fi networks

Up until this point, I have not thought much about 5G technology. After all, I support technological innovation. But after Covid and watching the behavior of the big tech companies regarding Covid and election fraud during 2020 and how they took active roles in subverting truth, I’m not so sure that they have our best interests in mind regarding 5G technology. It looks to be great for them, but not so good for us. And that was the feature of a conversation that I was in at a public meeting where there was a lot of justifiable concern about wireless networks in public schools and whether or not they should exist and expose children to ridiculous amounts of non-ionizing radiation, which we know emits from Wi-Fi networks. The compromise was that schools should spend the extra money to hard wire their internet devices rather than rely on wireless networks that broadcast all this information all day, bombarding young bodies with lots of unknown particles while in schools. Of course, there were snickers about this suggestion; we have all grown to accept wireless internet technology everywhere we go; it’s in our homes, at McDonald’s, our shopping complexes, everywhere. We are all bombed with non-ionizing radiation constantly, all hours of every day, all year long, and we don’t know the damage it causes us over such lengthy durations. In a post-Covid world, I am much less friendly to any tech companies and tend to think it’s good to have internet blind spots, places on earth where we can get away from “them.” We accept certain risks because it makes our lives more convenient. But then again, do we need to be plugged into their internet system all the time, all over the earth?   Maybe not.

Even though they are a liberal company, I’ve always liked Apple products. I was a fan of Steve Jobs and the geeky types who were part of the tech boom that exploded in the 90s. I always liked Bill Gates, for that matter, and have been a huge fan of Microsoft Office. When I would hear stories about the Apple logo having occult references or the box icon for Microsoft pointed toward supernatural impediments, I would laugh them off as overactive imaginations. But because of their conspiracies with Covid, the way they seamlessly integrated with the strategies of the World Economic Forum, the Desecrators of Davos desire to rule the world from a centralized government controlled by the United Nations, with vaccine passports and edited news that denied hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin to dying patients, so that statistically they could have the death counts, and not the solution, I don’t trust any of them. I do not trust Apple news sites. I don’t like the way we have to rent everything from them, like Apple Music. It fits right into the Klaus Schwab tyrannies of world domination from a financial point of view. And I now think that the founders of Apple were lying when they suggested that the Apple logo was just some innocent invention referring to an Apple falling and hitting someone in the head with an idea. Based on their behavior, the occult origins of the logo make much more sense, that it represents the apple that Eve ate in the garden of Edan. The bite represents the fall from the garden, from the grace of God, which we are all supposed to strive to get back to through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

Regarding the non-ionizing radiation, we tend to think that “they,” meaning government and the tech companies, would not want to kill their customers, so if it were dangerous, they would let us know. But after the push for the vaccine mandates that have harmed people with blood clots and even death, and then to witness the mass cover-up and the government deal with pharmaceutical companies to not hold any of them liable, we need to rethink this relationship altogether. It brings to my mind the very modern problem of what we know about neutrinos, which are bizarre subatomic particles that interact with us constantly. They are passing through us all the time as if we aren’t even present. They even pass through the earth, not slowing down in the slightest. We can’t see them, and they have no knowledge of us, yet we constantly interact with each other in mysterious ways. We only know about them because they occasionally crash into each other, and we can see the result. The persistent science points to these particles as aspects of quantum entanglement, which could point to particles that travel faster than the speed of light, breaking Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Scientists aren’t ready to accept that premise; yet another hundred years of research, it’s likely that we will eventually have to admit such things to ourselves. Meanwhile, neutrinos exist and affect our world. Add these mysteries to the unknowns of non-ionizing radiation, and we could be causing lots of problems.    

The bottom line is that the trust in technology companies has been broken, and we should not assume that they have our best interests in mind. They have shown they are committed to making “the administrative state” more powerful for centralized governments in a relationship they have to be at the center of all that control. They want to constantly monitor everything we do, what we read and think, and what we see. So in that regard, 5G serves them much more than it’s a convenience for us. In the same way that they give us apps for every little thing, the tradeoff has been to extract information from us that they can then use against us. So we have a lot to pound away at culturally to solve some of these problems. And where we can, we should reduce wireless networks, especially in schools. Kids don’t need easy access to Snap Chat and Tik Tok when they are supposed to be learning in school without a supercharged wireless network with no dead zones. That non-ionizing radiation impacts us in ways that we don’t understand, and based on the behavior of the people who advocate for 5G technology, we obviously cannot trust they have our best interests in mind. Instead, we should expect malicious intent from them and the worst that human nature can conduct as a behavioral standard. As we learn more, occult practices of a non-Christian nature are at the core of everything they do, which is why many of the leaders in these organizations have turned to the religion of climate science rather than Christ-based religion. The central tenet of Christianity is dominion over nature as all things are in service to mankind. Yet we see this pagan push from governments and the tech companies to make everything subservient to nature which points back to the motivations of the Apple logo itself as an Anti-Christ reverence, where a fall in the garden is preferred.   When you add their behavior to the push for the religion of climate change and the intentions of the globalist types who sincerely believe that the earth is overpopulated, and if mankind can’t be controlled in every aspect of their lives, that the death of people is acceptable to obtain the greater good as “they” interpret it, then we have significant problems and must limit how much control over our lives they really have. And that starts by limiting the effects of their 5G technology and where it can reach and when—then knowing that the debate of 5G in our public schools has a lot of merits.

Rich Hoffman

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