Mitt Romney is Wrong, Joe Biden is Not a Good Man: The collapse of the Liberal World Order as shown on the Family Guy

Mitt Romney’s article in The Atlantic was remarkable in many regards. It reflects the view of The Liberal World Order, as they call it now, and their perplexed quandaries into the nature of political existence. It sums up their coastal assumption that peer pressure was always going to be able to pull everyday Americans over to their view of things and that they would end up as the masters of that liberal society as the borders of American thought came down and the rise of international globalism would replace old ideas of nationalism. Their entire premise was like asking fans of the NFL to cheer for the football organization instead of any particular team within it. Instead of having a favorite team to go to a stadium to advocate for, the Liberal World Order believed that people would cheer on the NFL itself.   They believed that after all their liberal educations, top-down management style, and tampering with markets with their slow and cumbersome ideas, people would cheer on this Liberal World Order and would like it. So they are bewildered as to why President Trump is so loved and why there are still investigations into election fraud from the 2020 election, even two years later. It was just announced that Maricopa County in Arizona rejected the election results of that 2020 election, which is taking us historically into new territory; more will follow. And on that same day, Wisconsin declared that drop boxes were illegal that were used during Covid to steal votes for Joe Biden. And that those drop boxes were illegal during 2020, so all votes counted by that method must be rejected, which would give the state to Trump naturally. The Liberal World Order is watching all their schemes fall apart and see how much they are hated, and it’s shocking to them. However, they only have themselves to blame. 

Over the 4th of July, I was looking for some kind of White House celebration, which I couldn’t find. Biden did give a speech, obviously to his progressive base urging people to hang tight, that things would get better. But the contents of the speech really weren’t aired until the next day. Not even ABC News, owned by Disney, showed it. Yet what I did find on television was a 2019 episode of Family Guy that featured Peter Griffin working at the Trump White House. I like Family Guy, and even though they are typically a very liberal group of creative Hollywood types, their humor is usually funny. But this particular episode was obviously filled with frustration and hate toward the Trump family and a direct shot at the people who elected him. It was so filled with hate that I wondered who at Fox, who aired the program, did they think made up their audience. Satire is one thing in comedy, and usually, with a show like the Family Guy, that is where the laughs come from. But this was an episode I had not seen before, and they were showing it as a repeat on the 4th of July, which seemed like a pie to the face of America. It was interesting to watch, especially in the context of Mitt Romney raving in The Atlantic about how a return to Trump’s America would essentially be the end of their dreams of the Liberal World Order. After all, that was the view of that Family Guy episode. They didn’t make it for the general public but for their progressive viewers, whom they think are the majority. But only now do they see that they don’t have a majority, and they never did. They are being rejected wholesale and aren’t sure what to do or think about it.

What’s different now as opposed to times in the past is that they have let us know during the Trump years what they really think of us. And now that the information is out there, they’ve created this awkward society where the truth about how we feel about each other is known.   For many years, just like the Family Guy show, we put up with their liberal viewpoints because we wanted some entertainment. So we gave them the benefit of the doubt so long as everyone was generally polite with each other.   But after we elected Trump, and they failed to secure the election for their pick, Hillary Clinton, they felt entitled to make fun of us and use all methods of peer pressure to drive us toward their Liberal World Order, which was never going to be an option. Yet they thought it was.   That much was evident in art like what the Family Guy broadcast. Before we knew just how much they hated us, we could join together mutually over popular entertainment or good food. But once they revealed how much they hated Trump and his voters, there was no way to put those sentiments back into confinement. The problem was always their intention to take America someplace it didn’t want to go. The frustration from Mitt Romney and his good friend Joe Biden is reflected in that mentioned Family Guy episode. It was a joke to their kind of people, the Liberal World Order. It’s an inside joke only they understand because it’s their view of the world. To us, it seems like some foreign sentiment that is not American. And now that those battle lines are clear, we do have a different kind of society, and they realize just how much in the minority they have always been.

When Mitt Romney said in his article that Joe Biden was a good man, he clearly was out of step with the rest of the world. According to Joe Biden’s daughter, the two showered together. That isn’t a “good man,” that’s a pervert, a scum bag by every measure. There is nothing good about it. And knowing that, it’s no wonder that Joe Biden and his wife raised a bunch of screwed-up kids, especially regarding Hunter, a known drug addict and sexual deviant at best. The Biden family was selling out the highest office in the land for years and got rich off it. They are what the Liberal World Order intends for a specific class of elite rulers Mitt Romney wants to be a part of. But Joe Biden is not a good man, by any measure. Yet that is what that side tells us, and when we refuse to see things their way, they feel entitled to attack us, just as a group of Antifa thugs harassed Bret Kavanaugh at a local restaurant upset about Supreme Court rulings. These same Liberal World Order people who run The Washington Post, The Atlantic and make cartoons for the Family Guy will deny that Antifa even exists, as they have burned down cities. But they seem upset when they see the wrath of MAGA as they steal elections because it’s the only way they can attempt to prop up their world order that nobody but them wants. And they are in the gross minority, yet they appear to have just discovered it. I would say to them, they would have seen this reality earlier if they didn’t steal elections to maintain power. Because the people are not with them. They have never been. Any assumptions they have made about the nature of American life were made in a bubble of their own creation. That is a fault of their own; their failure to acknowledge reality and assuming progressive peer pressure games would shock and awe ordinary people into following them. They never liked us; we used to work to get along with them. In entertainment programming, we have put up with their jokes against us until we realized they were serious. And now they have to deal with our anger, which they made. That means for the Mitt Romney types out there that Liberal World Order is collapsing under the many mistakes of the left, and it’s not coming back. That fault is their own, and certainly not from MAGA and the Trump voters who were always in the majority no matter how much smoke and mirrors, with the help of media, attempted to hide it.

Rich Hoffman

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