Where the Evidence Leads: The spirit world of Ayahuasca and shamanic life of Pablo Amaringo

You must go where the evidence takes you, and the truth is, many of the categories of a profession that we organize in our lives are primarily designed to conceal the truth of things so that an elite subculture of human beings can operate in leadership positions.  They maintain this illusion by keeping large sections of mankind busy on trivial tasks that keep them in siloed thinking, designed to conceal the reality of what truly is from their eyes.  But if you really want to know what is going on and who is pulling the strings in our physical reality and behind the veil of humanity from the same spirit world that many find comfort in praying to, you have to think out of the box for the answers.  Many never question to whom they pray; they do it trusting that whoever answers is friendly and wants to see good done in the great fight against evil.  But, what happens if it is evil answering and playing the classic wolf dressed up as grandmother only to find that the big teeth are meant to eat you with?  Then what?  Well, those are the questions of our day where vast evil has shown itself not just in our governments of the world, but in Covid and the medical industry, and the mass hypnosis that is invoked through our mobile devices that keep us in a tech-trance not in our control, but by the mysterious input of Silicon Valley geeks and Revenge of the Nerds losers.  Yet they have power over humanity; why?

Increasingly, the ideas of the political left and the religion of climate change itself, if looked at for their roots, point to occult practices predating Christianity.  I’ve never been one who has taken drugs of any kind but growing up, I was very interested in all the brightly colored posters they sold at Spencer Gifts to be displayed with black lights.  I always saw the psychedelic drug wave given to America through the KGB as destructive, yet you can’t just look for your car keys under a light when looking for answers.  You may have lost them somewhere else.  But most people in life only look for answers where it’s most convenient for them to look.  And for me, if the answers to the current problems of mass spirit world involvement in our political existence is a real problem, and if that communication was happening by way of political sacrifice, mass rituals to appease those spirits, and the way to communicate with that world was through cultural intoxication, then it became very obvious to me, while I was dining with some friends at the Agave & Rye in Liberty Township.  Looking at all the bizarre Ayahuasca-inspired artwork there, perhaps the answers to most modern problems weren’t in the physical world, but in the spirit, where all kinds of crazy creatures existed outside our visual spectrum, perhaps in the realm of the neutrino, in particle activity that defied the physics of relativity and was faster than the speed of light.  Only a drug-induced brain could see and communicate with them, which is precisely what the latest drug cult of Ayahuasca, a mixture of two plants found in the Amazon River basin, induces upon the mind.

For about ten years, the name of Pablo Amaringo came up in my reading about shamanism in Peru, but it took the activity well outside my comfort level of curiosity.  But those who take Ayahuasca consider it sacred and a direct communicator with the spirit world.  So while I was in a book store I love a lot in Dayton, I decided to go over the deep end and buy an art book called Ayahuasca Visions by Pablo Amaringo, which was the last book he put together before he died in 2009.  There is another taco place I like a lot called Condado at The Greene in Dayton, and there too is a lot of street art all over the walls that look modern but are displayed like the Ayahuasca art shown in Pablo’s book.  So I bought the book, studied the pictures, and read what Pablo said about them.  Now, Pablo was a nice guy who lived in a very remote part of the world.  They didn’t even have a TV in his village.  Their only entertainment was playing music in their thatched huts in the evenings with their families.  So there was no way that some of the images that Pablo painted in his paintings came from a conventional, modern resource.  Yet he paints about all kinds of crazy monsters, UFOs from other planets, and wild plant life brightly colored remembered from his Ayahuasca visions as a shaman to heal members of his community or speak to spirits there who talked back to him.  These were live conversations with entities not of earth.  They weren’t hallucinations induced by DNA coding deep in the wiring of the human body created through chemical reaction because the interactions were just as live as if he were talking to someone on a street corner.  So I have accepted the science that Ayahuasca strips away in trained users their filters to reality and allows them to interact with hyper beings on another dimensional plane, and that the spirit world is very much a real thing, and that it is interacting with us every minute of every day, much like ultraviolent light does, or the wind.  We can see neither, but their effects can certainly be felt.  And thus, Ayahuasca gives users a feeling into a realm they typically couldn’t see, and Pablo’s book gave people a chance to see into that world without having to take the drug. 

And in reading about various shamans all around the world, especially in remote cultures not trained in conventional ways of looking at the world, the spirit world is interactive.  There are good characters and bad characters everywhere.  And knowing that much, especially the way the drug culture has been thrust upon us by elements of the world that would like to destroy the concept of America, you can see why they would work very hard to raise an invisible army in the spirit world to make a menace of all our lives, from places we couldn’t quite reach by conventional means.  Before Covid-19, I might have laughed all this off, but after and seeing the sheer level of evil that people like Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci have been capable of, there is no earthly explanation for their behavior.  The only things that start to make sense are to gaze into the world of Pablo Amaringo and to look for the keys where they may actually be hidden, in a place nobody expects us as human beings to go.  By visiting some of these crazy taco places, it is evident to me that our human culture perceives the problem at a remote subconscious level, and they are looking for answers in drugs, specifically Ayahuasca.  And even some of our most popular restaurants are starting to reflect that deep desire for solutions from which all the evil of the world is operating, just beyond our reach.  But we must reach it, and to understand it; we must be able to see it.  And by reading Pablo’s very unique book, Ayahuasca Visions, I am getting a much clearer picture, which is the key to solving these kinds of problems in the long run. 

Rich Hoffman

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