Christian Values Stand in the Way of the Progressive Death Cult of Abortion: Why there is so much political turmoil over Roe v. Wade

Based on the behavior of the pro-abortion crowd in the wake of Roe v. Wade, there is a lot more going on than just the argument of “my body, my choice.” Without question, abortion for the political left is all about the destruction of the American family by desecrating one of its most sacred unions, sex. When the currency of sex is cheapened and given away freely without consequence, the institution of marriage is destroyed, and the wish-fulfillment of progressives can begin. Sex without consequence and without value so that government can replace the central roles with authority figures is at the core of their strategy. The idea under attack was that if a man managed to get a woman pregnant, that he would be obliged to marry her and raise the child under marital bliss was the core tenant of the progressive attack. The rest of the marriage might progress under sexless circumstances and the couple only being together for the benefit of the child, and lots of resentments would ensue. But, if abortion could wipe away all the responsibility, then government could replace the pressure with a cheapened version of relationship building and then could introduce all kinds of perversions, such as gay relationships, gender-neutral lifestyles, and the eventual destruction of masculinity to make way for a mass collapse of society allowing for it to be rebuilt under new gods and authority figures, all from the radical point of view of the political left.

However, based on the reaction of many after the Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court to abandon the activism of the court in the first place and to return the issue of abortion back to the states for resolution, there is obviously more going on than just a policy decision. The ability to have an abortion has meaning to progressives that go far beyond the strategic ability to destroy the concept of family and replace it with government. Watching the behavior and anger of many in the wake of the Supreme Court decision, there is only one conclusion that could be made by comparing that behavior to what is known in history. And that is that many in the progressive movement are looking to abortion for further strategies that aren’t being talked about but are at the center of their belief systems and ones that paint them as evil and vile concerning the needs of the human race by allowing for the idea that the progressive left’s belief in abortion as a social norm, that there is an occult element to their desires that extend well beyond political policy. Considering the past of Alister Crowley and the Golden Dawn radicals, who were spinoffs of the Freemasonry movement coming out of Europe, the seeking of blood sacrifices, as was common in most city-dwelling societies throughout history, then suddenly abortion makes much more sense within the view of a massive death cult political in nature. Its always been the belief that sacrificing humans and releasing their life energy, the fuel that makes a human life live, that agents of the spirit world could be conjured up and used for maleficent practices. The belief persists in many cultures and over vast periods and has always been a part of liberal culture. There is no reason to conclude that the practice suddenly went away in the 20th and 21st centuries. Instead, it became stronger and much more widespread. Only now, the sacrifices were being done on a mass scale before a child was physically born from a mother creating the opportunity to kill many more lifeforms to appeal to a massive global desire for a blood cult to be satisfied for mass ritual conduct. 

It doesn’t take long to learn that many of the gods of the progressive movement are not of the Christian kind. Religion centered around the teachings of Jesus Christ has been attacked for many decades by these liberal groups. Now, with the strange obsession with gay sex and the in-your-face insistence on drag queens in public education, we are now seeing desires to incorporate insane perversions into mainstream life; we are witnessing rituals designed to appeal to the pagan cults of yesteryear hiding behind the mask of climate change and coming out of Europe where Celt beliefs and other gods of nature were worshipped and appealed to for cultures over many thousands of years.   So given the antagonism that the political left has for Christianity and their reverence for “mother earth” worship, it’s only logical that abortion to them is a mass sacrifice to the collective nature of humanity as a global civilization that is viewed as secondary to the power of the planet itself. And if those sacrifices can occur before there is an actual, “defined birth” while the child is still in the womb, a more consistent sacrifice can be made to those gods of progressive belief, on a much more vast scale, and that they can get the medical community to commit the deed and give the malevolent spirits of existence energy to feast on and conduct great injustice on the concept of the world created by Judeo-Christian belief, that mankind is dominant over nature. For the progressive, the goal is to return mankind into subservience to nature and ultimately appeal to it with a blood cult of death and destruction on bended knee. 

Given the propensity of weakness in the liberal view of the world that has no answers or desires for them toward a creative world of mankind’s domination over nature, for nature to serve society, it is evident that all roots of progressive politics point toward mass collectivism, where identities are stripped away and lives sacrificed to the demons of the underworld for reverence to ancient characters in worship to the earth. Liberals are enormously insecure creatures, so they perpetually seek to hide themselves in group associations. To best serve that cause, appealing to those long dead or dying energies makes perfect sense. They are not interested in a society that produces answers and build material wealth. They see all that as an assault on their mother earth and the spirits that fuel it all toward the safety net of history where they can hide their timid personalities behind blood sacrifices literally on a massive, global death cult. Abortion, to the progressive, is the essence of their religion and the reason they are so upset over the Roe v. Wade decision. It’s not just a policy decision for them; it’s a religion that defines life and death in eternal aspects. And for the mind of the Christian, which they hate for the standards upon society that were molded from it, they desire evil, and destruction and a return to the world of the pagan primitive, to the gods of nature, and to put all decision making into the reality of the supernatural. They view the minds of humanity to be corrupted by their desire for a material world, and their goal is to return humans and all of history back to nature for it to do what it will. And to prove it, they have a blood cult of abortion to appease the old gods with reckless, pointless sex, and when that sex produces a pregnancy, then another sacrifice can be made to those ancient evils that have always feasted on the flesh of the innocent. And so long as that Christian world is there to judge them for their vile behavior, they will never sit unattended for schemes of malice and destruction.

Rich Hoffman

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