Bringing Evil Into the World with Vaccines: Understanding how Heinrich Himmler taught Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum to perform mass sacrifices across the world

To understand the bad guys of the present it helps to understand the bad guys of the past, and when it comes to world wars, the start of the United Nations, and desire for global domination, the occult drove it all, as best revealed by the evil actions of Heinrich Himmler. Himmler was the head of the Nazi SS and Hitler’s right-hand man for many years. Yet, he felt compelled to consult the dead kings of Germany at the Quedlinburg Cathedral, especially over the bones of Heinrich the Fowler from over a thousand years prior. Séances of this type were common among the powerful, who considered themselves “elite,” and this was especially true of the Nazi Party in Germany and the evil that came with them, which extended into many of the social classes of Europe even into the monarchy of England. The spread of Nazi influence worked, even in the face of great evil and mass exterminations, so of course, tyrants of all kinds in the future would look to what worked for Himmler and Hitler and duplicate their success story for future acts of evil and malice. And after reading the books of Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum and watching their many public comments, it is obvious that the same occult footprints are being used once again behind the green movement formed in Europe for the old task of global domination once again. Only this time, they traded in the Nazi propaganda for Climate Change and tanks for ESG scores. 

In 1898 Houston Stewart Chamberlin wrote the massive book that started much evil in the world over racism which is still obviously in use today around much of Europe and the political leftists who are obsessed with such things, titled Foundations of the Nineteenth Century. This would become the favorite book of Kaiser Wilhelm and later of Adolph Hitler himself, whom Chamberlin would deem was the German messiah. And Chamberlin never did claim he authored the famous book that started the process of killing so many people with the eventual Final Solution. Instead, he credited the work to the influence of disembodied spirits. So occult practices were at the start of everything, creating World War I, then World War II, the beginning of communism in Russia, another German export. Spirit world influence was at the heart of just about every activity, motivating leaders to do great harm to many people over the whispers of disembodies spirits for thousands of years. Once you peel back the layers of politics into what people believe and how they came to believe them, it becomes evident that most bad things in the world come about because of some person in a position of power reaching into the spirit world for advice, only to come away with instructions to conduct mass exterminations of innocent people through mass sacrifice and malice. 

When Alister Crowley, along with his homosexual friend, Victor Neuburg, roused the mighty devil, Choronzon, Lord of the Powers of Chaos, outside the desert town of Bou Saada on December 6th in the year of 1906, they sacrificed three pigeons to release the life energy and give Choronzon something to manifest into following a long tradition of animal and human sacrifice known from the dawn of history for just such purposes. Of course, things got out of hand. The event turned out to be a violent entry of Choronzon into the world that would go down in history, driving many more attempts over the coming years from the Golden Dawn cult that would eventually take over Hollywood, and Jack Parsons, along with his friend L. Ron Hubbard, who also founded NASA’s rocket program. Not exactly fringe people, but a couple of people who would start NASA and the religion of Scientology with the guidance of Crowley. Nobody talks about these influences because there is a term in occult study called The Boggle Threshold, which determines how much information a person can accept before rejecting all facts despite their relevancy. Spirit world contact and attempts at world domination by crazy lunatics fall well above most people’s Boggle Threshold, where their minds boggle at the very topic, causing them to reject all information thereafter. 

And that brings us to our modern occultists, like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, who are attempting to appeal to all the old pagan gods of German culture through the Green Movement. Of course, the crimes are committed beyond the world’s Boggle Threshold, but people see occult references to Bill Gates flying on Jeffery Epstein’s plane to sex island, and they have lots of justified questions, especially as this is the same guy trying to inject them with mandatory vaccines that their governments are strangely supporting without question and no legal recourse. Then we have drag queen hermaphrodite appeals in progressive politics supported by Klaus Schwab. People are hearing stories of blood cults in Hollywood, and Pizzagate, which involved the sex trafficking of children. Then there are open borders flooding America with illegal drugs that are killing many young people, and they are looking for answers. Then there is the crazy obsession with vaccines as if to create across the world a mass event to reach the spirit world and unleash powers only lunatics from Germany, like Klaus Schwab is, another mass extinction event all in the name of disembodies spirits from some ghostly realm of ancient European kings. And as crazy as all that sounds, it’s the only thing that makes sense behind the mandatory government-sponsored vaccine mandates that have obviously killed a lot of people. Covid, which the government created for the use of government in a lab in China by bioweapons research, has killed many people, and the treatment of the virus has been denied to people to make them victims. Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci are undoubtedly guilty of this activity when they denied to the world hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. But why would they do such a thing on such a mass scale? Well, just look at the reason why Alister Crowley killed those pigeons. Then look at the world around us, consider the mass-scale evil at work, and then wonder why.   The answer falls outside the Boggle Threshold of most people, like all of humanity, and that was the design of the crime in the first place.

The American Constitution is the answer for Americans to all this vast evil that is being placed upon us without our consent. It’s because of lunatics like we find in the World Economic Forum, the United Nations socialists, the communists of China, and elsewhere, that we have freedoms recognized in America within that unique document, and why we have a Supreme Court to enforce it as the rule of the land. As long as we follow the Constitution, the intentions of all the evil doers in the world will be negated to a large extent, and nations won’t fall under yet another spell of occult derision inspired by yet another European madman. Klaus Schwab is that modern version of a madman. His books, such as The Great Reset, were likely written under the same kind of occult guidance as Chamberlin wrote Foundations of the Nineteenth Century. Read that book sometime, and you’ll see precisely why the political left is always so obsessed with race and why the world wants the most diverse country in the world, the United States, to fall because of all its racial diversity. Evil likes to twist things out of shape, so confusion rules the day. But given the history of the world, it would be ignorant not to consider the past inspirations of much evil unleashed today on our nightly news as an occult strategy on a mass scale because it worked in the past. And for those modern menaces, such as Bill Gates clearly is, they’ll keep trying until these schemes blow up in their faces. Until then, they will always turn to the occult to give them power they don’t have in the living world, and they’ll sacrifice anybody and anything to have it.

Rich Hoffman

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