J.D. Vance is Right About Women in the Workplace: The corporate job was not worth destroying the American family

I think the J.D. Vance comment about women in the workplace was a very smart thing to say, even though it was apocalyptic to the progressives in politics. Apparently, it’s still a very controversial thing even to question women’s role in the workplace; even now, in 2022, where we are re-thinking just about everything politically in American society. In a Tweet at the end of June, J.D. Vance said, “If your worldview tells you that it’s bad for women to become mothers but liberating for them to work 90 hours a week in a cubicle at the New York Times or Goldman Sachs, you’ve been had.” He said that in reaction to comments made in the wake of Roe v. Wade, which was overturned by the Supreme Court, leaving progressive politicians apocalyptic because it attacks a basic premise of the Democrat Party over the last 100 years. The assumption was that women were equal to men; to prove it, they needed to be in the workplace, paid the same, and expected to be the same in every way possible. However, now we see something I have been saying all my adult life. I’ve never been on board with the progressive premise for women, and the facts have proven the pitfalls more than valid. The question isn’t whether having a career makes a woman equal to a man or socially viable. The real question in society is whether a career is the priority over building a family and who does what task to maintain the social priorities within a marriage.

What is amazing about this specific time is that the MAGA movement, which J.D. Vance represents as an Ohio senate candidate, is about questioning the basic assumptions regarding all progressive positions made over the last century. It’s not enough to be a conservative; the new Trump emergence of MAGA conservatives is to question what we have seen and done as a country and to define what actually makes America Great and how we can do it again. And increasingly, we are asking these kinds of questions, which were off the table in progressive political discussions. Women in the workplace and the death cult of abortion are taboo subjects at the center of their entire political platform. But I have argued for years that women would have gained the right to vote, the right to own property, and many other issues of equality because of the American Constitution, regardless of socialist, progressive politics sticking its noses into micromanaging family life in the United States. Yet, at the core of the progressive movement was something much more sinister, becoming apparent to many more people over the last several years, especially since the Trump presidency challenged progressives in ways they were never prepared for. Progressives were intent on destroying the concept of the American family. The goal was to put a husband and wife into a corporate job and let the state raise the children. And now we see with the push from progressives to assert gay rights, to have drag queens in public schools, and to start teaching sex education under the third grade, there is a sinister reason that they wanted moms away from their children and slaving away at some ridiculous job as J.D. says, 90 hours a week so that women could earn the respect of their peers at the next wine tasting. 

Women are second-guessing everything now that we’ve seen a few generations of this behavior, and many women are starting to question whether or not it was all worth it openly. They went out and obtained their degree, worked in the power job, and played the corporate game. But then their kids grew up resenting them because they weren’t there and were always busy. They had a nice house to live in, cars, and food in the refrigerator. But that nurturing family environment that all humans crave was left lacking, and the government could not provide a viable substitute. I’ve watched this trend, I know quite a few power couples, and many of them have turned to the housewife life for their own survival of marriage and family. Those who could best afford it have put their families first, and that often means having someone in the home who runs it like a CEO runs a business. There is a lot to running a family, and the trend emerging now that we’ve seen past mistakes is to put family more as a priority in the future. My mom was a stay-at-home mom in the heart of the 70s when the social pressure to get out into the workplace was incredibly brutal. I watched her be tormented for her decisions all her life. I married a woman who wanted to stay home with our kids, and we’ve now been married for over 30 years, and it was worth it. It was even more challenging for her. But recently, with Melania Trump making the same decisions in a high-profile White House that people could see was running correctly, a lot of younger people like J.D. Vance and his wife, who jumped through all the hoops, went to all the right schools, are asking themselves if the career priority life was worth it. And for many, it just isn’t. It’s a path to an elderly life of misery and lots of regrets. 

This is just another doomsday scenario for progressives, which under the pressure of the MAGA movement, do not have good answers to any of these questions. We’ve watched corporate influence on humanity spiral out of control, especially in the wake of Covid, where the government game became very apparent with the vaccine mandates. If you wanted a job, you had to get the jab, and this opened the door for homeschooling options and to protect the home by having the woman in a family stay home to protect it and the children. The corporate/government alliance was just too much, and people saw the ugly face of it too quickly, which is where we find ourselves today. People are more than validated to start asking questions about all things progressive. Was it all worth it to put career before family so that you could tell your friends and neighbors that you had a powerful job and were equal to men in the world? For many women, it’s not enough. Corporate life has led them to a miserable life, and they are now old enough to cast an opinion about it in the voting booth. And J.D. Vance understands this problem very well. If you want to make America Great Again, do you start with a priority for the American family, or do you stand by the corporations so they can have easy access to labor, who have just sold us all out to the Desecrators of Davos dedicated to the same progressive causes that have destroyed the fossil fuel industry and cost us all many more dollars at the fuel pump for basic necessities? In the hundred-year march of progressive politics, they moved toward our destruction with a steady drumbeat until 2016, when President Trump was elected, and MAGA became a real  political platform, which rattled progressives. And over the last six years, they have accelerated their plans, especially with Covid, and it has instigated a tipping point for many people where they are now prepared to ask the kind of questions that J.D. Vance is asking. And for many women, the answer is no. The cubicle job has not been worth it at the expense of their families. They were promised by progressive politicians, like Hillary Clinton, that they could have it all. But now reality has set in, and they have buyer’s remorse. And they are voting based on the result. 

Rich Hoffman

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