A Million New Voters for Republicans: Learning to be winners, and making “playing nice” a thing of the past

First of all, if a political party like the Democrats continue to point to “the popular vote” as a measure for election victory, then you will continue to see the intent to cheat in elections. The popular vote is not how we elect people because it was determined early in America’s foundation that it was too easy to stack up voters in isolated, controlled areas that did not represent the country as a whole. And this is what Democrats have built their entire political party around, the concept of cheating with the popular vote, with blue city giveaways, illegal immigration, allowing anybody to vote without voter I.D. so that they could artificially prop up the voting numbers in places like Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York City. That is why when you look at a map of the United States where Republicans are represented in Red and Democrats in Blue, you will see that the blue areas are relatively small and are concentrated in the dense city areas. Republicans have run away from Democrats for a long time and filled in the states in the rest of the country, leaving vast areas of red in much less populated areas. So when election time comes and all the voting impropriety is thrown in for consideration, Democrats appear to have more voters when they have been illegally consolidated into small areas where Democrats control the voting process. It is not an honest way to conduct elections, which is precisely why there is an electoral college. When the attackers of the American idea conjured up their schemes of election fraud and representational dishonesty, they assumed that they could lobby on behalf of the popular vote in the same way they lobby against constitutional limits on government. America has backstops in its legal system to quell the enthusiasm for criminal conduct that other countries don’t have, which is evident in the difference between the popular vote and the electoral college. 

But there is more bad news for Democrats, which they deserve, which is an accurate measure of their overall effectiveness. This is important to those who worry that Democrats have some magic power to continue winning elections. Much of what they have done for many years is artificially prop themselves up to look like they had more support in America than they really had. They are overly represented in the media culture, arts and entertainment, fashion, and the visible things people see on television. But those views are not represented in what people actually believe, especially away from the very blue cities on the coasts of North America. As I say all the time, if it weren’t for deceitful practices, such as election fraud and the desire to hide this reality from even themselves by stacking the vote with illegal aliens, ghetto giveaways by Democrat politicians to bottom feeder types looking for a free ride in life, and downright fake votes like we saw for Joe Biden in 2020 where the people counting the votes just made up around 40 million votes to give him the win and expected everyone to just take their word for it and call it a certified election, Democrats would never win elections at all. Americans aren’t that liberal in nature. They aren’t even “just right of center.” I’ve been all over the country, and Democrat politics are not in their hearts. And now, in the days after Trump has left the White House and Democrats have given the world Joe Biden, the loser in chief, Republicans have gained over a million new voters, according to The Associated Press, which is hardly a conservative outlet. 

A million voters switched to Republican over the last year. According to the Associated Press, those people had been sitting on the fence all along or voted Democrat because of the Never Trumper sentiment. These scared suburban moms thought Trump’s mean Tweets were “unprofessional” and “beneath the high office of the President.” But now they are paying 100 bucks at the gas pump to run their kids all over town to be with their friends, and maybe those mean Tweets don’t look so bad anymore. And this brings up something I explained to the Ross Perot family in their company’s parking lot the night before the election in 1992, that most voters will crawl through broken glass for a winner. If a political candidate can show wins to their voters, then voters will always tend to vote in favor of them. Trump knew this early on through his television work on NBC and his work with the WWE. People will put aside personal flaws in character if wins are the result. We see it in sports all the time, and now we certainly see it in politics. As bad as the world has been politically, all the wins come from the Republican side. All Democrats have are protests and riots in the streets. They have nothing else, and now that the bandaid has been ripped off the scab, Democrats showed their ugliness in 2020 with lockdowns, riots, and election fraud to the point where America is now rooting against them as the villains in the play. And there is no plan for Democrats to repair that image. They are the party of big government, open borders, drag queens, drugs, and crime. Like Trump would say, other than that, they are very nice people. 

Republicans have become the party of victory, and new politicians like Ron DeSantis, Marjorie Taylor Green, and Lauren Boebert have learned from Trump that spiking the football is something that voters want to see.   This notion of keeping politics in the realm of polite society is the way to allow the Democrats to continue pretending the nation is with them with the popular vote because they have convinced the other side to stay home, and they call that a win. I call it cheating, and that’s the context of what I told the Perot family the night before the 1992 election, where he was a third-party candidate who pulled 19% away from the establishment candidates the next day. That is how we ended up with Bill Clinton, but that’s also how we learned the truth about our politics over the next few decades. Perot became the founder of the Reform Party. By the end of that decade, Donald Trump was thinking of running for president against Pat Buchanan for the Reform Party ticket, which never gained enough steam to make it official. So, this discussion didn’t just pop up out of nowhere in 2015.

Instead of starting a third party, Trump and many others learned that the way to win elections was to give voters what they wanted most, representative victory. Not fake numbers and propped up population centers to make an argument against the electoral college with a popular vote illegally obtained. The Democrats have only been able to make themselves viable by splitting the Republican Party and hiding scandal behind polite society. If the voters started to get restless and angry, then Democrats would never have a chance, and they know it, as does the media. This news of over a million people switching their voter sentiments to Republican is devastating to Democrats. Because it reveals a secret that has been long suppressed, that our nation is not a 50/50 country, as it’s been sold to us. And suppose Republicans get to the point where they start embracing winning. In that case, nobody will beat them, and they will gain vast majorities in the House, Senate, and Executive Branch for many decades because voters don’t vote on policy arguments. They vote on who wins and loses and who sells those wins to the public with a spiked football. And it looks like, finally, that understanding isn’t regulated to a third-party position, but the mainstream Republicans are poised to win everywhere and often for perhaps the next century to come. Liberalism has failed in every way we can measure things, and without the ability to conceal that fact, Democrats are doomed and deserve all the losses coming their way.

Rich Hoffman

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