The Biden Purposeful Failures Dedicated to the Neo-Liberal Order: People hate globalism more than Vladimir Putin

You might have noticed that Joe Biden is much more at ease when talking overseas, such as during this most recent trip at the end of June 2022. While on this trip, he complained about our Supreme Court and continued to blame high gas prices and inflation on Russia’s Putin to a supportive crowd. And do you know why that is? Well, he’s talking to his people, the globalists in Europe who have been plotting and scheming for over a hundred years for a New World Order, and by their measures, Joe Biden is the best president in the history of the world. The collapse of America is what they want to see happen, and Joe Biden is delivering. But unlike in the past, whether it be Iraq, Lybia, Afghanistan, or even the two World Wars, the propped-up wars against communism in Korea and Vietnam were always intended to stack the deck in favor of communism and show that the “imperialistic” America could be beaten and embarrassed on the world stage. Now the strategy that has always been in play from the beginning is clear. It’s clear because Joe Biden doesn’t do a very good job of hiding it, and you can see the praise for him in a more obvious way now that he has taken on Vladimir Putin the way he has. Back when wars were fought with American participation, we all put aside our differences and joined behind the effort for the good of the country. We might have scratched our heads at the motives, but if the stars and stripes were involved, we rooted for the good guys. But with the obvious United Nations game with Ukraine and the way they provoked Russia to attack the country so that they could attempt to bring down Putin the way they have so many world dictators in the way of globalism, this time has a different feel to it, and more people see the truth than ever have before. 

Remember when Fox News had wall-to-wall coverage of the invading Russian army going into Ukraine with miles and miles of tanks traveling down a single road to take control of the cities of Ukraine? That was many months ago, yet the coverage made it look like Ukraine would fall to Russia within a few days. And the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, wasn’t that long ago a comedian playing the piano on stage with his pulled-down pants using his penis to replace his hands. He’s a complete joke which was put in place by the same Desecrators of Davos types who rig elections with electronic machines just to show they could. They put Zelenskyy in power to shut him up and use him as the pawn piece they always intended him to be when the crises would come, the crises they would create. They put Joe Biden in office, too, for the same reasons. And when Putin came to reclaim their border territory, Zelenskyy, the entertainer, would know precisely how to expand NATO and the grip of the United Nations on the world and attack all concepts of nationalism directly.   Russia was being baited so yet another nationalist ruler in the world would fall to the intentions of globalism. But Russia was never ready for the war, which showed in the troop movements. Now months later, Ukraine is still intact, Russia has not taken over the country, and the globalist types have put all the blame for changes happening in the world on Vladimir Putin. And in that game, Biden has been successful. They love him in Europe as a good dog who has sold out his country for the goals of the Desecrators of Davos, and he finds the pats on his head from his masters rewarding. 

Remember, these are all the same characters who were involved in the first Trump impeachment attempt that was orchestrated by Nancy Pelosi and abused the authority of the House of Representatives greatly. In that scheme, they used their propped-up Zelenskyy as the fall guy of corruption even while many from the Democrat Party, including Joe Biden himself, conducted all the corruption they were attempting to blame on Trump. The targets in these cases are the nationalist types of rulers or presidents who stand in the way of a borderless world run by the United Nations. And when they can get them and the people of their countries fighting each other, the goals of globalism expand. This is how it’s been for years until the Ukraine attack. Russia never had the ability to take over the country, so with Ukraine sort of flopping around in the wind as it is, with a propped-up comedian as the president, the parade of centralized government types who have come to support Zelenskyy as they have, to a threat that was mostly propped up camera work on television, revealed the whole effort for the sham it always was; what nobody planned for was that Vladimir Putin would still be around in the summer of 2022. Remember when everyone was calling for him to be assassinated? Yet the people of Russia like what Putin is doing. There are no riots in the streets. If you understand Russia and the way their minds work, they’re OK with a little inconvenience so long as they get a chance to win at something. And none of that was predicted by anybody in the beginning. Well, I predicted it, of course. But nobody else was. 

There They Are, All Together, the People Who Think They Run Your Life, When They Can’t Even Run Their Own

Now the media is panicking; those extensions of the global liberal order that has been built by these same Desecrators of Davos groups see the whole thing falling apart. People in America are not uniting behind the Putin message, as they were suckered into with previous wars in Iraq and other places. This time is different. It’s not like they are ready to invite Putin over for a party any time soon. But they aren’t rooting against him either because they can see, maybe for the first time, that the whole situation with Ukraine is a global scam meant to sell climate change religion to the world the same way the Crusades were meant to reclaim the Holy Land for Christianity in the Middle Ages. Only this time, people see the enemy as the globalists, not Vladimir Putin. We may not like Putin as a person, but at least he’s fighting for the borders and values of his country. Ukraine is a creation of the United Nations for the goals of corrupt politicians. The t-shirt-wearing Volodymyr Zelenskyy is the fool in a card deck being played as the front man for a grand globalist scam. And it’s not working. The invasion has gone on too long, and the characters foolishly showed their cards too early. They have not functioned well under pressure, revealing what the real game has always been. The bad guy has not been Russia’s Putin. It’s been Joe Biden and the characters who have been seeking to destroy America from within by tricking us all into extending ourselves into globalist causes that would ultimately topple us and for our country to unite with the United Nations under a one-world government. And Ukraine was their latest plan, which hasn’t gone as they hoped. Now everyone is stuck in a purgatory of sorts, which is precisely what I said from the beginning was going to happen. But the truth is obvious now. What’s not so obvious is what happens next.   It does put things in perspective for the crime nobody has yet paid for, except for the people who lost their lives over Bengahzi.  Remember what happened after those attacks, they were blamed on a YouTube video, and we were supposed to believe it.

Rich Hoffman

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