The Occult and Washington D.C.: Understanding how secret societies mean to attack the concept of individuality to protect their natural timidity

Few people know that if you stand on the terrace of the Capitol Building and look east on August 10th toward the White House, at sunset, you will see the sun dip down below the earth aligned perfectly with Pennsylvania Avenue. And at a half an hour after sunset, the stars Regulus, Arcturus, and Spica show themselves as the first lights in the night sky, capturing within their alignment the constellation Virgo. From that precise perspective, where you would be standing represents Regulus. You could look down the mall at the point of the Washington Monument, which is unquestionably Egyptian in its reverence, and see a representation of Spica. Then, of course, the White House represents Arcturus, which we see layed out in the middle of the great capital city of America, called The Federal Triangle, for which everything else is built. This is a dedication by the Masons who essentially founded Washington D.C., starting with General Washington himself, to the goddess Virgo, which in astrology has come to represent all the powerful goddess characters such as the Egyptian Isis to the Christian Virgin Mary. A lot of trouble went into the various architecture of Washington D.C. to pay tribute to the secret power of the stars, which is a religion that predates Christianity by many tens of thousands of years and can be seen in all the great pyramid alignments around the world, particularly those at Giza, in Mexico, even in Ohio in the various mound cultures. Or even Stonehenge and all the monolithic mysteries on the earth. 

Even fewer people know that on August 12th at sunset, the sun dips down over the horizon by clipping through the point on the top of the Old Post Office, which is now the former Trump International Hotel which many were so upset about the Trump family owning. The sun, following the same trajectory for which it travels through the White House on the 10th, actually passes through the point on top of the tower, which was built precisely to the height it was to give that perspective from the Capitol Building an emphasis on that same constellation of Virgo at sunset, which the entire city is dedicated to. So when I see pyramids of power like the one shown on my blog site here, it doesn’t surprise me at all. People naturally assume there is a danger to their intentions whenever groups of people operate secret activities and conspiracies. And my experience would indicate that their purposes are often malicious, and there is a good reason for people to be concerned about them. But, I would also say to people who worry about groups of conspirators, like the Committee of 300 and the Crown Council of 13, along with the various think tanks, such as the World Economic Forum and the Chatham House in London, they all are built around the same kind of ancient religions that we see in the Masons who built Washington D.C. In all those groups, there are elements of liberalism that make them weak and vulnerable to the kind of government we created for ourselves in America. The American Constitution allows us to keep those groups’ influence out of our lives, so there should be nothing to fear from them, so long as people follow the American Constitution. 

But now you can see why so many people were upset that President Trump owned the Old Post Office at all, even though The Trump Organization just recently sold it, due to a lot of pressure. The government spent years trying to find a use for the old building, which was obviously built to fulfill its secret role on August 12th by the original plan for the construction of the Federal Triangle, the embodiment on earth of the goddess Virgo, but the government, of course, failed, as they fail at everything. Trump came along, fixed the old place up, and made it something extraordinary into the Trump International Hotel. The Masonic types and people in those various groups, The Builderbergs, The Rothchilds, and the various corporations who have evolved as cults of their own, couldn’t have a crazy guy running for president owning one of the critical symbols of their mystical machine to capture the star power of the heavens to give control over humanity on earth through the spirit world, and into all our lives. The crazy Trump believed he was the beginning and end of all things, as American individualism always assumes, and members of those groups were apocalyptic about it all. Then to make matters worse, Trump’s election didn’t show up in the various horoscopes that were done; the stars did not predict the Trump presidency. So there was vast, unreasonable hatred of Trump and his sudden ownership of such important real estate in the city of Virgo that the Never Trumper movement did use their power of groups to attempt to set things right in the world, based on their ancient religions. 

So yes, the secret societies exist, and you can see the proof for yourself in Washington D.C. on August 10th and 12th, or anywhere along Constitution Avenue and the various architecture of the city. You don’t have to become a Mason to understand just how much there is a tendency among the lazy, group-oriented types in the world to seek spiritual aid when they could just live their lives and put forth their good effort toward causes for justice, instead of hiding their anxieties behind social networks. Trump’s presidency was the scariest thing in the world to the various cult groups because it showed them that even with all their efforts at manipulating the spirit world to their cause, they had no way to stop Trump from becoming president. They intended to unleash power from the stars, and by owning the Old Post Office and its important relationship to the constellation Virgo, Trump was a threat. Even though Masons also designed the American Constitution, for a yearning they had to free themselves from the tyranny of Europe, America has evolved away from its original superstitions. America became its own power, and the best that America produced found they didn’t have to look to the power of the stars for success in life. They had that power in them all along. This is the big secret why so many organized groups desiring to rule the world to cover their insecurities hate Trump and the MAGA movement so intensely. When you see how much effort went into the Federal Triangle project, to build the tower on the Old Post Office just so high, and from just such a perspective to line up the sun in the way of the ancients to important ground markers, you realize how much work people are willing to put into superstition as opposed to taking responsibility for themselves. They believe in supernatural power much more than they believe in themselves. And what all those power groups have in common is that they are populated with just such superstitious people who would rather hide within them than be judged outside of their safety. So to answer the question that so many have these days as they learn about all these powers, no, they aren’t that powerful. If they were, they wouldn’t be hiding in those groups, to begin with. And for the enterprising rebel of the modern age, that’s all you need to know. Follow the constitution, and everything else will fall into place.

Rich Hoffman

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