My Thoughts on Roe v. Wade: Families First will Make America Great Again

My thoughts on Roe v. Wade were always that it was wrong and incomplete like it would be overturned at some point. It was a mistake made in a time of turbulence, which is always a strategy of the political left in hindsight. Some of those Nixon-appointed judges had never seen anything like what they had seen in the 60s, especially in 1968, and they were scared. The Watergate trial was unraveling at the time, so there were many things in 1973 to shake their opinions and rule from the bench because they didn’t want radical lunatics coming to their homes and killing them all in their sleep with a lynch mob. And those were the conditions of the judicial activism that came from the decision of Roe v. Wade in the first place. It was never law based on constitutional concepts and, as I have talked about before, was part of the socialist incursion into America, driven at that time by the Soviet Union, to undermine our rule of law and topple our country from within. This kind of activity has been going on for a long time, and the dumbest and least secure among us, who grow up to become Democrats, fell for the ruse and joined the agents of chaos to undo America in many ways before many of them were even born. It was a plot of mass extermination that could only have been conceived from the outset by sheer evil. There is nothing logical about abortion or the policy of legalizing murder. It was always wrong and rooted in evil. The judges were suckered into it at the time out of concern for their very lives, and that is no way to make or uphold law and order. 

I am old enough to remember what life was like before Roe. I watched during my early childhood many things that were deliberate attacks on what I call the “Eddie’s Father,” or “Andy Griffin Show” America that we were and to turn us into this free love life broadcast directly from the KGB straight into our schools by attacking our youth. Nobody knew better; this was the first time America had seen such a thing. And a decade later, after Roe was known as the law of the land, I entered my teenage years, and the results were obvious. Sexual lifestyles were open, dates were expected to provide sex, and if a young lady became pregnant, then abortion on demand was the way to go. For guys, it was the first time in our history where if a girl got pregnant, you wouldn’t be expected to marry the girl, as it was in the previous generation just 20 years earlier. Now, all you had to do was take her to an abortion clinic and erase the mistake. And the door to immorality had been kicked open and sexual promiscuity was now a way of life that I have watched get worse and worse and worse over the next 40 years. Speaking as a grown adult who has been married to the same woman for over three decades and had sex many thousands of times, I can say to the people coming up in this new generation that sex just isn’t worth it. None of the mess that comes with sex is worth anything if the activity of building a family is not attached to the process. I’m not saying that out of religious zeal, but from living a good life and coming out of a youth, that was one of the wildest and most reckless that anybody could hope to live through. There is nothing about sex that is worth the garbage that comes from messy lives entangled with other people who are only experienced through sex. It was a bad idea to loosen sexual proclivity, and it was introduced to us by our enemies at the time to destroy us. And it almost has several decades later. So I always knew at some point that the Supreme Court, and America in general, would have to take a moral stand on several fronts, abortion being one of them, and that “A” Supreme Court would have to set everything right. And it appears that this current one is the one to do it. 

Much of what progressives have brought to America has been with ill intention and malice, and its coming unraveled. As I watched the various pro-choice protests with such young people in the crowd, obviously corrupted by public education from their youth, with parents too busy in their lives to guide them, you can’t help but feel sorry for them. In their youth, you can’t yet tell them that all they were fighting for, the death of children and the guilt that comes with it, would ruin their lives if they went down that path. I have known many people over the years who had abortions and tried to bury the effects in their lives, and they never really ever got over them. Even after the effects of the abortion came the psychosis of all those start-up relationships where sex isn’t consummated in marriage but from some loose dinner cheapened at the end of a night, a perpetual feeling of being unhinged emotionally turned out to be the common result. Knowing that the attackers of America before Roe v. Wade ever was a decision in the Supreme Court, they wanted to destroy the concept of the American family. Modern progressives are apocalyptic at the idea of ever losing the ground they have gained over the years; the loss of the family experience has been something that Americans want very much to return to. Progressives have had a few generations to make their case, and the people of those generations are looking for a correction. The guilt that comes from living a progressive life when the knowledge of a better way of doing things was always there in American culture has led people to this MAGA movement, and it’s spreading, and that spread is now showing up in our courts. 

The only real purpose of sex is to make a baby. Anything less than that is to cheapen the child’s potential life but to ruin the concept of the family that is created by having that child and starting a family. Being in a family and starting a family of our own is one of the strongest instincts any of us will ever have, and artificially replacing those actions with social falshoods of the pleasure without the pain was never going to be a satisfying concept. The effects of these decisions don’t often get talked about in the time of the deed but are reflected in generations speaking to generations, as we are now. The Roe v. Wade decision is one of those decisions where millions of lives were killed, and society was thrown into a rot that many are so ashamed of that they don’t even want to talk about it. But their feelings come out in elections when they are alone in the voting booth, and they reflect on their lives and think about what was worth it and what wasn’t. What wasn’t worth it was a two-week relationship from the 1980s that resulted in breaking up because once you’ve had the sex, what else are you going to do as a couple if you aren’t going to start a family? So you’d like to break up, but a pregnancy results. Rather than work it out and do the responsible thing, the young girl would just get an abortion, and that would be it. And as millions of those relationships came and went and the products of the sex failed to join them in marriage, our society has faltered, and people aren’t happy about it. This Roe v. Wade decision by the Supreme Court of 2022 goes a long way to rectify that mistake, and that is an excellent thing for the American idea, not just in making America Great Again, but in doing it by making Families First.

Rich Hoffman

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