The Wisconsin Hit List that Mitch McConnell’s Name Was On: How evil spreads in the world

First of all, political hits like the one against Wisconsin judge John Roemer in Wisconsin are more common than they should be. Like election fraud, there is a level of this behavior that we have come to accept. We see this reflected in the Bret Kavanaugh case in Washington D.C. at the Supreme Court level. The threats of assassination, literal or socially, have been a form of judicial control for years. Suppose a judge comes up with an unpopular ruling. In that case, there is the constant fear that some assassin like Douglas Uhde, who killed Judge Roemer in his home tied to a chair with zip ties, before going down into the basement to shoot himself in the head only to die days later from the wound, will knock on our door. Unfortunately, judicial activism has been very common in political tides to persuade them to behave in ways that a criminal class desires. The threat of such actions as occurred with Douglas Uhde is meant to maintain control over their logic. Speaking from a lot of experience, I have known a lot of judges over the years like John Roemer, and I certainly have known a lot of hit people like Douglas Uhde. Most hit people are not slick, bold people like you see in the movies. Instead, they are low-level people with messy hair and messy lives with a personality type that allows them to desire that line of work because they are a little crazy. Stories like this killing are so common it would provoke the question of why this one made national news. After the police found Uhde’s body in the basement, they also found a hit list in his truck at the site with Mitch McConnell’s name and the name of Governor Whitmer in Michigan.

It’s not that a vast evil is in charge of all thoughts and deeds because what happened next was a baked-in imposition similar to the original intent of judicial activism. There happens to be a push by Democrats nationally to ignore inflation numbers and all the other debacles of the Biden administration and to do something on gun control legislation to give the hapless loser some kind of victory going into the midterms. Democrats have convinced ten pathetic Republican senators to sign on to some token gun control legislation after the media has essentially put every shooting on the news that has happened across the nation for the last several weeks to perform the task. The evil at play is baked into the system; it’s not a hidden message from Skeletor or Cobra from those old 80s cartoons like GI Joe, who are orchestrating all this mess. The evil is systematic, and the media knows what to do with it when they see it. Killings like this with the judge normally wouldn’t make news outside their local community. Still, this one had the name of two prominent politicians on it who are sympathetic to progressive causes, so this story was unleashed as a national incident. Reporters taught in liberal institutions guided by liberal financing know what they need to do to keep a job in the industry, and stories like this killing keep them relevant.   So the media picked it up to help the cases of Whitmer in Michigan, who is in a tough challenge for her seat to make her a one-term governor, and to work on Mitch McConnell on gun legislation in the senate. Even if he didn’t put his name down for support of gun control legislation, he wouldn’t stand in the way of it either. After all, his name was just found on a hit list. 

So this is how these stories of hidden menace manipulate our culture at the legal level and why many cry in the night for justice but never get it because the bad guys always seem to be in control. Silently, we accept this kind of injustice and harassment of our legal system, and instead of fighting back, we hide in our homes and hope that people like Douglas Uhde never come to see us. In my experience with these kinds of people, they are quite common, and law enforcement knows about them. They live in the cracks, often have deep criminal backgrounds, and messy lives in every way you can imagine. But they kill people for a living, and judges are careful with these types because they don’t want to end up on a list like the one found in Uhde’s truck. And over time, the more rigid we have become with gun control laws, the more we have chipped away at the Second Amendment, the more empowered people like this hitman have become in our world. And our media and legal system have accepted these terms to make way for progressive politics and consider the actions “collateral damage.” The best way to stay off such lists was to do what the thugs in the world want and not stand up to anything significant. By the nature of the killing of Judge Roemer, who was retired and trying to live his best life, the fact that he was tied to a chair before receiving a gunshot to the chest indicated a payback for a court case or a series of court cases. There was a person who fled the scene and called the police. When the police came, Uhde was still in the house and had no choice but to kill himself or go to jail. 

This is precisely why we have the Second Amendment. If the person who fled the house had stayed and fought off Uhde, we would have a different story. If Judge Roemer had been armed himself and had shot Uhde long before he was tied to a chair, we would likely be short one hitman in the world, which nobody would bat an eye at. Many people would have lived happily ever after. But evil in the world doesn’t want us to be happy or to feel secure. So they want to chip away at our right to defend ourselves with gun control legislation and use every violent occurrence to perpetuate our fears so that we are easier to control. To make us all into potential victims. That is precisely what the judicial branch has come to accept, even at the level of the Supreme Court. When deciding a case, they have to think about whether or not they might be killed for making it. So is a decision worth dying for? Is Roe v. Wade worth dying for because Chuck Schumer, who just pushed those 10 Republicans into joining him for gun control legislation to make Biden look good, also inspired violence toward the Supreme Court judges, which one lonely 26-year-old kid was just trying to kill Kavanaugh. He turned himself in before making the killing. But the implication was enough to get everyone’s attention, which was the reason for the threat. And sometimes, to back up a threat, sometimes the hit must occur. It certainly got Mitch McConnell’s attention.

Everyone talks about living in a “civil society.” Yet, we have an entire political system that accepts acts of violence and the maniacal lives of people like Douglas Uhde because it helps evil gain power in the world. That is how evil grows; we accept it in small bits at a time. Killers like Uhde exist. After all, they help corrupt politicians like Chuck Schumer and Gretchen Whitmer grow in power because they terrify the people downstream, especially local judicial judges like the poor Wisconsin Juneau County Circuit Court retiree. And ultimately, that’s why they want to disarm us all so that we might be tied to a chair and killed for not ruling in the ways evil desires. And that we would attack our means of defending ourselves, making it easier for evil to spread in the world because we have no other means of dealing with it but to yield to it and hope that a killer like Douglas Uhde never knocks on our door.

Rich Hoffman

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