Intentional Government Terrorism Behind Raised Gas Prices: The Weather Underground still working in the background

We know they lie; the government lied about Barack Obama’s birth certificate, which was proven a fake by Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The birth certificate that the Obama people produced was a digital one that could not have been made at the time of Obama’s birth because that kind of technology wasn’t available then. Even though Obama, who is still working in the background of the Biden administration, had his career start in the living room of Bill Ayers, a known domestic terrorist, we ended up with eight years of Obama and all his government tampering with markets that caused prices to go up on goods and services. I remember about Obama most about high gas prices and light bulbs that didn’t work. And the reason it’s relevant now is that people didn’t vote for Obama, honestly. He was pushed on us so our way of life could be stolen from us. So, of course, they did the same thing with a continuation of Obama, the Biden administration. They stole the election to go back to their attack on American infrastructure because that is precisely what is happening with gas prices. We learned the method during the Obama years; then we learned just how rigged the game really was during the Trump presidency. America is sitting on so much natural energy that it can be an energy exporter. So all the policies that the Biden administration and the Obama administration before have been deliberate attacks on us all, causing inflation and destroying our economy so that other countries could prosper and our wealth redistributed.   It would be one thing if people actually voted for these people, but in both cases, they didn’t or were misrepresented to the public to conduct the attacks we have been seeing.

I remember when Bill O’Reilly was the big man at Fox News in the old days. I never thought of him as a hardline conservative. He was just a guy who asked a lot of questions. And when he was still on Fox News during the Obama White House, he was constantly wondering why gas prices were so high back then.   Every time a turtle crossed the road somewhere, gas prices were going up, and we gave the oil producers and refineries the benefit of the doubt. But we learned later, during the Trump administration, that all that was nonsense. Gas prices were artificially propped up, the oil companies were able to jack up their prices because of government tampering with their market, and everyone got something out of the deal, except for the end-use consumer. Bill O’Reilly was pushed off Fox News during the early part of the Trump years. We saw much of the same kinds of lies, manipulation, and scandal go after anybody associated with Trump, unleashed with much more ferocity than occurred to put Obama in place the first time. But the game was obvious this time because gas prices were under $2 per gallon under Trump. They had been lying to us all along, just as they did, about our role in Europe, the real threat of Russia, North Korea, and many others.   Trump did a great job as president, and it ended up exposing just how much Obama and Biden have been lying to people to attack the core infrastructure of our nation for acts of climate terrorism once again. That was, after all, the core goal of Bill Ayers and his Weather Underground back when he was organizing violent terrorism against America during the 1960s. 

Gas prices have been an act of terrorism in reaction to a fake crisis in climate change to justify the theft of American wealth and industry for the specific act of terrorism against us all. The terrorists have shown us what they are willing to do in the past. As soon as they were able to get Biden elected with fake votes paid for by Facebook, they went right back to manipulating the markets to attempt to destroy the American economy. We would call this an act of war at any other point in history. But they have taught us in our public schools, which they control, that we shouldn’t judge and, therefore, that we should not have an opinion about the terrorist intentions of radical climate terrorists to attack the infrastructure of America. If this were World War II and the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, which was a strike against the mainland of America, then the nation would have declared war on the aggressors. But these enemies are not the kind of enemies we were taught we are supposed to wage war on. So the thefts occur outside the understanding of the crimes, just as was done to steal the White House several times now. We know they were willing to do it with Obama. And as if there were any doubt, they did it outrightly with Biden. With Obama, they used the fake birth certificate to get by the rules of becoming president. With Biden, so that Obama could be president in the background, they just changed the election laws so that fake ballots could be counted during a fake pandemic designed by all the people who wanted gas prices in America to increase for all kinds of terrorist reasons. 

The point of the matter is that the pain we are all feeling now at the gas pumps is the result of terrorist activity instigated by a government not properly elected by the people but by insurgents who want to destroy the concept of America in every way they can get by with it. It’s not an honest mistake in policymaking. It was purposeful theft of the American way of life. And as they did with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, and ultimately Trump, with the same lies they pushed into the public over the Obama birth certificate and the election fraud conducted to create a fake Biden administration, the crime is being done right in front of our faces. They are daring us to do anything about it. Because the implication is that if we stand up to it, then a worse fate will await us. At every level, the conduct is unforgivable and hostile in its intention. But these are not the days of Obama where we wondered about these things and whether or not they purposely lied or even if they would. Now we know they will and have. The birth certificate was always crucial because Obama didn’t meet the basic criteria even to be president. Yet, they did it anyway, and if we questioned it, they called us a racist. And because they got by with it, they have done much worse since then, leading to what we are seeing with Biden now. So think about that every time you get gas because we put up with it over all these years and gave these terrorists the benefit of the doubt. They have unleashed terror on America by directly attacking our basic infrastructure in ways that can only be viewed as acts of war. Many don’t want to believe that their government is so corrupt, but the evidence over the years has been overwhelming. There simply isn’t any other explanation. These are not people on “team” America. They are our way of life attackers, and they are out for blood. And blood is what we have at our gas pumps; intentional terrorists meant to destroy our way of life. And they think it’s funny because they continue to get away with it. Behind it, all is still the terrorism of the Weather Underground as they set in motion the schemes to destroy America, just as they started to do in the 1960s for all the same insane reasons. 

Rich Hoffman

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