Nothing Would be Happening without Truth Social: The Trump media platform is the next big thing on the world stage

Truth Social has been that critical element to the whole political puzzle in so many ways. Before it came along, developed by the Trump team after the radicals removed the president on Twitter, a lot looked bleak on the communication front. In 2020, during Covid and the election, it is evident that the political left had set up all communication in America like a Berlin Wall as we had seen in Germany. And this is the problem with all communist-oriented political philosophies; they must have complete control of everything before thinking of achieving their goals. Liberals and everyone on the political left are working toward communism. Communism is a dirty word in America, so they avoid calling themselves by those types of names. However, the behavior is the same; to get control of the population and keep them from having access to information is to control all that you see and hear.

I can remember the stories of people trying to escape from the communist East Side of Berlin over into the socialist West. People would be shot and killed on the spot. That is essentially the same thing that the political left has shown in America on the communication front. The tech companies that control most of our entertainment communication want communism. They admire China’s control over their population, and they wanted to bring that to America, which they did through corporate culture. They have shown their cards, and now, a few years of all that activity being out in public, the results are starting to settle. And Americans have not behaved the way that things were planned. That isn’t a surprise to me, but it has been to the political left. They are starting to realize that there is no hope of taming Americans in the way they planned. But then again, what did they expect? It never worked anywhere, but foolish as the endeavor was, they thought that if only they could have global communism, where nobody had any choices, finally, the works of Karl Marx might work. Truth Social has been that final dagger in their wild fantasies of global control, and it’s becoming evident to them now.

Yes, the Elon Musk activity on Twitter is interesting, if not revealing. Twitter was always about controlling populations psychologically, as was Facebook, which has operated in the background with its seed partner DARPA since the beginning. Mark Zuckerberg and the other tech communists didn’t become so wealthy so early in life because they had a superior product. They were offering a free service, so where did all that money come from? The alignment of communist-oriented governments, around the world, with the tech companies was intended from the beginning to do what we are now seeing and hearing coming out of their mouths. This past week, the Biden administration named Nina Jankowicz to head the Department of Homeland Security’s Disinformation Governance.   Former President Obama articulated the need for more controls of free speech because they know domestically and internationally that if they can’t control what people see or hear, their ideas of communism will never work. They have been planning in America for a kind of Chinese version of communism since the 1950s, even earlier. And when Elon Musk made his move to buy Twitter and make it more of a free speech platform rather than a population control device, the political left understandably freaked out. 

Yet, nothing would be happening if there wasn’t Truth Social. If the Trump team hadn’t moved in that direction, the pressure we are seeing now against the intrusions of the political left would not be happening. In the year of 2020, a few alternative media companies were emerging to displace Fox News as a communication device of conservatives, or should we say more appropriately, constitutional supporters. Communist liberals were ecstatic early in 2021 when Rush Limbaugh had died, President Trump was removed from office with international election fraud, and Fox News had its board being run by New York liberals who were moving in a Never Trump direction. The January 6th protestors were jailed against their constitutional rights. The left-leaning media talked about rounding up people who didn’t think like them and sending them to re-education camps. It was a very scary time. All the things that Cleon Skousen warned about in his excellent book, The Naked Communist, were coming true, and people were shocked, even nonpolitical people. What we would see happening over the next 18 months was terrifying. Many thought nothing like the government controls that we were seeing from the Biden administration would ever happen in America, but of course, it was happening. The government was forcing vaccine mandates. Woke corporate culture was getting rid of people who didn’t think the way they did. We saw the kind of open hostilities toward traditional Americans that we had seen communists apply to victims on the East Side of the Berlin Wall or in Cuba, China, or Russia in the most obvious days of communism during the Cold War. 

But without Truth Social, Elon Musk would not even try to buy Twitter. The pressure of an alternative and one with the Trump brand forced all these characters to change their plans. Truth Social has been the driver of the change because it made all the world’s media companies realize that they weren’t going to be able to control content. There would be no control by Nina and the gang at Homeland Security. There would be no communication monopoly. Since those early months of 2021, many media companies have arisen to challenge the former power brokers, such as Real America’s Voice and the social media site, Gettr. I almost exclusively use Gettr these days for all my news feeds as you can stream directly off their site-many of the broadcast news that formally would be consumed on cable news. President Trump considered joining Gettr, which Trump people formed, but he elected to join a platform that he had direct control over, which is how Truth Social came about.

Truth Social has the potential to become the most significant player in communication globally. I’ve been on it from the beginning, during the Beta testing phase, and I have found it much better than Twitter ever was. And regardless of what Elon Musk can do with Twitter, it doesn’t change that Twitter now has a branding problem. It is seen not as a platform of free speech but as a hindrance to it. Elon Musk might be able to change that culture to some extent, but he won’t be able to change what people think about it. Twitter is old. Truth Social is new and growing. And more importantly, Truth Social is a great lesson to all the woke companies that have tried to adopt communism for the global intentions that have always been there. That communism cannot compete with competition. Once competition is introduced to any culture, overt controls by centralized authorities will never succeed. And as the political left thought America was going to fall, primarily upon the death of Rush Limbaugh and President Trump being removed from office around the same precise time, it will never again be that easy for them. That was the closest that the communists would ever come to controlling America. With Truth Social launching and having an immediate impact on the free speech marketplace, the political left can see where all this is headed. And they are panicking, which they should be. They have been stopped and caught. Of course, for them, there is no plan B. 

Rich Hoffman

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