The Committee of 300, and Their Assassins of the Spirit World: Fear is how they rule you, so take that weapon away from them

I think all this is great; I’ve been telling people for years what is just under the ocean’s surface, and only now are people starting to listen. It’s always scary to think about all the sharks and massive sea monsters just under the water when you are in a big boat out in the middle of the ocean. It’s much easier not to think about those things, but your imagination can really run away from you if you find yourself swimming in such a vast and deep body of water with no land nearby, and only your head is above water. You start thinking about the possibility of sharks coming and biting off your legs hidden beneath what you can see. And that is what many feel when they think about The Committee of 300, The Olympians as they like to be called, which is a secret society of globalists involved in politics, commerce, banking, the media, just about everything. When you start talking about the Desecrators of Davos, my preferred name for them, you begin to think about all the monsters operating just out of our visual world. Secret societies like the Illuminati come to mind, along with all the confined aspects of Freemasonry that always have people so ill at ease. The concealed parts of these operations make people weary, which is part of the strategy. We don’t understand what is hidden, so we fear it. We trust our visual reference too much, and we then find ourselves ruled by fear of these secret societies as a result. But if we are going to solve some of our modern problems, we have to decipher why we have some of those problems. And to defeat the Desecrators of Davos, we need to see what is under the surface and deal with why they are in secret societies, to begin with. And from there, we have to deal with the crazy occult beliefs they have and understand why they are so detrimental to the human race.

So as a disclosure on this topic, I have spent many thousands of hours thinking about it. I like to know what’s under the surface of our reality, so I don’t get my legs nipped at. Rather than get eaten by the sharks concealed under the water, I prefer to make shark skin boots out of them, not to be their next meal. With that said, there is nothing about secret societies that worry me. Even in Freemasonry, those who think they are working for the light are essentially group-oriented collectivists who get just about everything about life wrong. What makes them dangerous, especially on the Desecrators of Davos side of things, is that their incorrect assumptions about the rules of morality in the universe are wrong and built on their insecurities as collectivists. You don’t find rugged individuals running around in the Illuminati or the high degree Masons. You find followers looking for ancient help from the spirit world to help them meander through life and destroy their enemies in the fight for what they think is justice. In the case of our modern globalists, they have turned Climate Change into a cultlike religion. Their beliefs are nearly identical to every primitive culture that mankind has produced, including the Mayans. Sacrifice to the spirit world in hopes that assistance in the present world can be obtained. You might be surprised how even the most well-educated banker in Switzerland believes in the occult, essentially because they are insecure people who seek help in life and are afraid to stand on their own, equipped with the strength of their own intellect. 

What do these people in the occult do when they can’t traditionally kill an enemy, by poisoning their water or food or killing them with a knife in the back or a bullet in a dark spot in a parking lot when they think nobody is looking, they will turn to the spirit world to chant against your name hoping to kill you at the level of your DNA. You might find that a day of bad karma is not by accident, where you get hit by every traffic light or forget your phone in some strange place, interrupting your day with a barrage of inconveniences. You might even find yourself in a car accident or hit in the head by some random falling piece of wood at a construction site. I’m speaking from a lot of experience when I say that I’ve had many enemies who have turned to the spirit world to bring me great harm. I was entertained when I found an ultraterrestrial spellbook in Roswell, New Mexico recently, at a very esoteric bookstore which is my favorite. Its called Rituals of the Men in Black, and it shows quite openly how some parts of our society seek aid from the spirit world to manipulate our material world in strategic ways. Without question, members of these secret societies work day and night to create similar spells onto the world described in that book.   Ultraterrestrials are living creatures that live in parallel dimensional planes of reality. They live with us but typically don’t interact with us directly. You can sometimes see them when your brain registers vision outside our normal spectrum realm and hear frequencies beyond the normal. Like the ocean, just because we don’t know what’s under the water doesn’t mean it’s not there. I’ve had many enemies drink menstrual blood and do the blood chants against my name, hoping to ruin me from such places. Obviously, I’m still here, so it doesn’t mean they are successful just because the attempt is made. 

In so many ways, these occultists who have been using these kinds of supernatural aids to whisper in the ears of our government and corporate tycoons for years are coming undone with the pressure that the Trump administration brought to global politics and the kind of people who voted for him. For the first time in history, much like my own experience with the occultists, the positive energy of President Trump was not defeated on a large stage. The secret societies that have relied on the power from the spirit world to help them rule the world are falling apart because people are losing their fear of that unseen world. All the occultists really ever had was fear; when you know where the sharks are, you can kill them. Not knowing where they are or when they might strike is the fear that most people live with constantly. They worry about spirit attackers destroying them in a nightmare or not being able to manage a string of bad luck given to you like some voodoo spell chanted over a star of Lucifer outlined by candles and blood spread out for all to drink for supernatural power. Yes, that nice balding businessman from London believes that if he drinks the blood with his fraternity friends, that he might have success in life, so he drinks it. He says the chant, looking for his bank account to fill. The world is full of such weak people, and they fill countless chapters of secret societies worldwide, and they actively seek help from beyond the grave. But aside from fear, there isn’t much they can do to any of us. And the presidency of Trump proved it and forced them to come out of hiding and not to be so secret. And just like when it comes to the sharks when they start jumping out of the water to eat you, that’s when it makes it easiest for you to defeat them. When we can see them, that is the time to strike. And that is what we see more and more. The Olympians are desperate. The Desecrators of Davos are looking for answers. And when they do turn to their chants and blood rites, they find that their ultraterrestrials are more scared of us than we are of them. Their only power is concealment, which has been ripped away, leaving them all very vulnerable.

Rich Hoffman

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