College Was Always a Dumb Idea: The creation of an ‘expert’ class in America has nearly destroyed our country

I have an article that has been one of my most popular over the last 12 years titled, The Most Successful People Who Didn’t Go to College, and it’s a long list. Looking at that list, it is quite evident that college doesn’t make people successful. Honestly, it likely hinders success; it holds people back. It doesn’t advance them the way it was intended in the socialist novel for which college educations are based in America, Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward, written in 1888.   Knowing what we do now, with over a hundred years of the scam fully deployed, we can see what that mode of attack was and how effective it was for the wrong things, the creation of a class system in America, of a corporate expert class that was more of a European concept than an American one. Clearly, now, America’s workforce and the people of the culture were far better off without college. The greatest economy in the world was created with the most diverse people populating it. But the scam came in much the way that the Federal government tried to backdoor Covid vaccine mandates. They made a tiered system for which they managed to get corporations to play along. Go to college so you can get a good job with some big corporation. Go to their liberal-controlled schools. Pay them extraordinarily high fees. Replace the parent by sending the kid away from the family and let the liberal institution become the next influence on the young mind. Do all these things so that corporations could get a nice compliant socialist, a top-down “expert.” And the same companies who are now woke, which is about everyone, were the first to sign up and say that they wouldn’t hire the right people for the right job; instead, they’d only hire the person with the degree even if a better person was available who didn’t go through the liberal meat grinder. 

As a result of this government/corporate alliance, we have ended up with an army of expert bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci due to this misguided approach to education. You can go to just about any major company, and populating their white-collar culture is an endless parade of Dr. Fauci types. These mindless bureaucrats bring socialism to their culture and hold the company back. They certainly don’t help it because they have learned all the wrong things. I have argued for years that the college experience was not worth it, that America would have been far better off not participating in that European mindset. College was sold to America as a globalist idea. We didn’t need it. In America, hard work and intelligence were the criteria that capitalism rewarded. If people wanted to be successful, then they could get there through hard work and perseverance.   College told students that a degree would make them successful, and a countless stream of do-gooder parents got suckered into the scam. After all, who wants their children to have a bad life? The college concept told them that their child would have an open door to a good, high-paying job by paying for college. And corporations are obliged only to hire college graduates. It was, in essence, an early version of a Covid Passport concept. Because they were so successful with the college concept, the Desecrators of Davos thought they could get away with the massive Covid scam that killed millions of people and destroyed the lives of many millions more.   The people who Covid easily suckered turned out to be all the college graduates who have their professional work environments decorated with symbols of their alma mater. They were the ones wearing their masks in their cars with the windows rolled up during Covid. They were the ones so easily suckered by the expert class, and in the aftermath, they were the ones most damaged by what happened. 

I say all this as a person who knows a lot of people with advanced degrees. The process does not destroy everyone. I know several people who have Master’s degrees and doctorates, even multiple doctorates.   But I don’t see that it has really helped them become smarter. A real education never stops; it involves knowing many things very well. And it can’t be purchased. Most people in any field of endeavor, including the medical occupations, would do better in apprentice programs than in what they learned in medical school. For all the lawyers out there who put so much effort into law school, we saw recently how great legal minds like Rudy Guiliani were treated, even with all the academic and professional bells and whistles. If he didn’t play ball with some institutional desire, his BAR Association membership could be removed instantly. That has made a compliant class of adults afraid to rock the boat against the established order, which isn’t an American idea. Most corporations are filled with people who were taught in college to get along to keep their jobs, so they check their opinions at the door and never speak up. We also saw during Covid where doctors had the threat of their licenses removed from them if they didn’t get on the Dr. Fauci bandwagon of denying hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid instead of pushing the pharmaceutical approach with vaccines. Kids learned in college that the usually liberal professor sets the ground rules for passing the class. Colleges taught students what to think, not how to think, and that basic premise is the foundation for everything that went wrong during Covid. College graduates, especially at the corporate leadership level, were too quick to abandon critical thinking and instead did exactly what the government told them to do. And too many people did it without question.

I’ve put out the alarm for many years. I went to college, and I thought it was terribly stupid. It was a worthless experience. I was always learning and thought of education as reading books in a Waffle House at 4 AM in the morning, which is how I spent most of my twenties. I never learned not to think and pursue knowledge, and the only use college did have was getting an opportunity to interview for a big job. My wife went to college as well, and it was also useless for her. We were never compliant people, so college ran against everything we stood for. Those most successful in college have turned out to be those least able to innovate in the world or think for themselves when needed. They demonstrate institutional compliance but not critical thinking. And the walls all came crashing down regarding the concept, with Covid showing where all the cracks really are in our society. The idea of an “educated class” in America has no real place in our free and open society. It has been just another socialist experiment gone wrong. It created a culture of worthless expert class losers who have ruined everything they have touched and driven America into the arms of globalism, which has been detrimental. And the price is obvious now. It’s hard for people to admit how suckered they were for jumping through all the hoops to accommodate the college degree scam, but it’s time to have an advanced discussion about the worthlessness of the college experience. It has not been suitable for American life. It’s the wrong idea for developing a workforce and has been a dismal failure. Institutional mechanisms can’t purchase education. It must be lived, and there is no substitute for experience. And it’s time to reevaluate the whole process for the sake of our future needs in an America First world. 

Rich Hoffman

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