RINOs and Freemasons: Slow to adopt to a changing world

I will admit that I have a soft spot of sympathy for even the most treacherous characters in politics. When we talk about “draining the swamp,” which we must, some of the scum that will go down the drain are people who didn’t know they were part of the mess. They thought they were following the universe’s rules and doing God’s work as civil servants. And they see the freedom movement as the work of the devil because it is shattering institutional norms, and many of these people believe much more in the institutions of mankind than they do in the human spirit, which is pushing, manifesting, and striving for individual freedom with every cell of their bodies. Of course, the more these institutions feel they are losing control of this process, the harder they are attempting to clamp down on the behavior, which leads directly to the mess we have in 2022 politically, spiritually, and socially. I’ll be the first to call a squishy politician a RINO, someone like Mike DeWine and his supporters. But when I have a chance to meet people like that, I usually don’t have anger toward them but sympathy because, in reality, they have the crises and are suffering the most. What they believe has been wrong since their birth, and this new world is scary to them. This world of Trump and the MAGA movement, like the Tea Party that came before it, operated without any real leader but purely out of self-initiation. 

It used to be and was that way for many thousands of years, that if you were a good boy or girl, a member of your community would seek you out and initiate you into a secret society of some sort, like the Freemason movement which is in almost every community. Or the Rosicrucians might be another that went underground the more institutional and politically connected the church became. Of course, if you were an outstanding Freemason starting in the year 1776, the same year as the American Revolution and the publication of Adam Smit’s Wealth of Nations, you would be sought out by the Illuminati, who are the content of lots of movies and conspiracy theories, usually by rival factions of Luciferians and Satan worshipers who also think their quest for mankind is the correct one. The Illuminati thought to operate a shadow government beyond the kings of Europe and defeat them behind the scenes instead of having to engage in actual battlefield wars. During their revolution, they got into trouble in France and had to go further underground and indeed moved to America. Aaron Burr was part of the Illuminati movement as I’ve told the story of his duel with Alexander Hamilton before and how he fled down the river of the Ohio to seek help from his Illuminati friend at Blennerhassett Island. They would go on to attempt to create a nation against America to overthrow it from the Mexican territory. It was all very dramatic. Then there are members of the Cabal, the followers of Isis. Some of these groups would form organized crime groups and other social mechanisms of menace. When the mobs were destroyed publically, they went underground and became part of the government. History is filled with such characters, and when we wonder why nobody ever gets prosecuted, well, it comes down to these swampy connections with police, mobsters, civic leaders, and the bonds they form in initiations that go well beyond the laws of nations in their minds.

I know all about the skeletal remains of a skull and two thigh bones that include a white cloak buried within just about every Masonic temple scattered around the world. Initiates who get high enough in the ranking learn about these esoteric mysteries, which essentially reveal the hidden books of the Bible that were not included in the Roman censorship that took place after Emperor Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. That episode was just an early form of cancel culture where the Romans were pushed to undo themselves by adopting the values of the person they crucified. We see the same tactic now as we always do with the Vico Cycle. Now it’s issues of racism, transgenderism, and guilt of any kind that can be used as a weapon to destroy culture from within. Rome didn’t last long after it made Christianity its official religion. But secret societies would continue to teach the original material, such as the Book of Enoch, which talks about the life and times before Noah built the ark to survive the coming deluge.   The Masons felt it was their task to help teach the light of the world to the uninitiated masses, which is how America really got its start and why there are Masonic symbols all over Washington D.C., our money, and just about every community. George Washington was a member of the Freemasonry movement, as were most of the Founding Fathers. But then again, so were Karl Marx, Engles, and Lenin, the blistering communists who have all but destroyed the world with their dumb ideas about economic management. When you learn about the kind of political movements that we have been dealing with for thousands of years, you learn pretty quickly that they were formed out of these secret societies, where the members thought they were smarter than everyone else and had hidden knowledge that they could then teach the public at large and facilitate the development of mankind in what they thought was a positive direction, as decided by them.

But what they didn’t know was that humanity would get to freedom with or without them. President Trump was not a creation of theirs; he resulted from the human desire for freedom. People didn’t need or want guidance from the Masons, the Illuminati, or even church leaders; they would get where they wanted to go whether or not someone told them it was acceptable. They would learn what they wanted despite whether someone initiated them into one of these secret societies. But it used to be if you were invited and became a Freemason, a path to civic society would open doors for that member.   They might become a great politician, judge, or a commissioner and be forever respected as members of the community. And that is where many RINOs find themselves now, in the post-Trump years and everything that was exposed during that first term. Society had outgrown group associations of all kinds, and the trajectory of thought was still moving in the way of freedom. This has panicked those who live off group associations, especially the government, which bent the rules for years toward the wisdom of the orders. But that hasn’t impacted the human race’s need for decentralized management of their lives. Even if Freemasonry was instrumental in creating America, like a sad parent who has raised its kids, the kids had no more need for the secret societies to live their lives. People don’t want the controls of the Skull and Bones products like George W. Bush and John Kerry, who share membership with that society from Yale. They want someone to free them from people like that, such as Donald Trump. So, the RINOs in the Republican Party, who never really understood the role of government in civic life, who thought that if they were a high degree Mason, the public would respect them for the rest of their lives, have been in for quite a surprise. And in that way, I feel a little sorry for them. The rules changed as the freedom movement matured, and they were now outcasts when they thought they would be perpetual insiders. But that is how it is with all group behavior. If a society doesn’t want to be crushed under the perpetual weight of the Vico Cycle (theology, aristocracy, democracy, anarchy), then it must function from individual achievement, not group consensus. And that is what is happening in the world whether or not the functionaries of collectivism get it and can learn to live with it, to avoid their own destruction.

Rich Hoffman

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