Mike Pompeo is a Great Person: The 51 CIA and other intelligence officers who committed voter fraud during the 2020 election

I had an excellent opportunity to meet Mike Pompeo recently at the Lincoln Day 2022 Dinner at the Savannah Center in Butler County, Ohio. Often when you do these things, the people you end up meeting turn out to be less than what you thought they were, but in the case of Mike Pompeo, he was much more than what we learned about him on television.   He has been the best Secretary of State the United States has had without debate. President Trump picked him because, as an executive, he valued the punctual nature of Pompeo’s briefings as the Director of the CIA from 2017 to 2018. So when Trump needed a Secretary of State, he promoted Mike Pompeo, and the rest was history. In just a few years, Pompeo went from running a machine shop to running and winning congress. Then under Trump, he skyrocketed in political relevance. Pompeo was successful well before he ever entered politics, and it showed in how he approached the jobs he did. The CIA was probably the best it had ever been during his two years, and that was clear when you got to talk to Mike Pompeo. He was very proud of the people who worked there and the job he did. But, my meeting with him occurred just as we learned about the 51 former intelligence officials, most from the CIA, who purposely misidentified the Hunter Biden laptop from Hell as Russian disinformation deliberately lying to the American public during a hot election. Then during the meeting with Pompeo, I received a text from some of my contacts in Michigan who were reporting that a jury had not found militia groups guilty of plotting the kidnapping and murder of Gretchen Whitmer, the radical governor there. The jury found that the FBI was baiting them into committing an act of terror, something that also has their fingerprints all over the January 6th investigations. So I had to ask Mike about his thoughts, and the pain was evident on his face.

Mike Pompeo will be around for a while, so his answer isn’t essential, especially in the media world we live in today. As far as I’m concerned, it was a private meeting in an intimate setting, and it will always stay private. I only bring it up relevant to this case of trust in our intelligence agencies and understanding just how bad they are. Mike Pompeo was very proud of the men and women in the CIA, and I believe him that there are lots of them who do great work and are keeping America safe. But, there are also a lot of them, in the CIA, the FBI, and other intelligence agencies who have let the power of toppling governments through subtle measures go to their heads, and they certainly do apply their methods to our modern elections. The bold letter from the 51 intelligence agents was undoubtedly a lie, and they knew it at the time. They openly worked to tamper with the 2020 elections, just as we learned Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, along with Jim Comey, had in 2016 to protect Hillary Clinton from the challenges of Donald Trump, which she lost anyway. The FBI then performed a coup during that election for most of Trump’s first term. And since they were the law, they had no fear of breaking it. Now we learn this, and in the presence of a man in charge of the CIA, Mike Pompeo was just as angry about it as the rest of us are. He’s beyond the tapestries of Trump Administration adornment, a man from Kansas. He is a loving father, husband, and man of his community. And it pained him terribly to realize just how corrupt some of those people he wanted to think of as good, have turned out to be. 

When we talk about the obvious election fraud in the 2020 election that gave us Joe Biden, the responsibility for the crime ultimately falls on our intelligence agencies. They knew it was going on, but they helped perpetuate the activity, consistent with the many alarming accusations that people have about them. And the evidence is in the Whitmer case in Michigan, and especially with these 51 mostly CIA agents who decided for the American people that the contents on the laptop, which indicate many terrible crimes that connect directly to Joe Biden and show compromise with other nations, that the CIA agents decided for us who we would elect. And they likely helped in other forms of fraud as well. It wasn’t just these two incidents. They knew what Mark Zuckerberg was doing. They knew China’s role in the matter and what the Desecrators of Davos were doing. And they knew the truth about Russia. And they aligned themselves with the powers that were working against America because they were attracted to the power of those attackers. This has been a problem for many decades, not just recently. We learned they do not respect the Constitution; instead, they favor a liberalized New World Order as its being presented because in that world, they will gain power as an administrative state, and that’s why they didn’t like President Trump or Mike Pompeo. They were outsiders, just as they see all of us as outsiders to the kind of administrative state they desperately want to serve. And they don’t see their actions as breaking the law because those laws are there to protect the people from the government. Not the government from the people, which was what Mike Pompeo and President Trump represented, a threat they had to get rid of. 

To say that Mike Pompeo was a wonderful person in flesh and blood would be an understatement.   He is precisely the kind of person we want in our government, and it’s no wonder that the Trump administration, with people like Pompeo leading it, was the best that America had ever seen. Pompeo is the best that America could produce for such a position. But what was clear from what we learned during the Trump administration is that just voting for figureheads to run these agencies isn’t enough. To drain the swamp, we have to sift out all the bad characters who are career deep staters and understand they can’t be universally trusted. They have ill intent in mind to work against the Constitution, no matter who is voted into the Executive Branch. Blind patriotism won’t be enough; we have to do the work of scrutiny and punish those who break our trust even if it hurts us too. And as optimistic as Mike Pompeo is as a person, that pain on his face over that question I asked said it all. It showed just what a great person he truly is, but he also knew the truth. We can’t just put Trump back in the White House because they will still work to topple the elected vote for their own preservation. Instead, we must punish them unsympathetically when we catch them doing wrong. All 51 of the names on that list lying about Russian disinformation regarding the evidence of the Biden laptop, broke the law. They should at least be fired and lose their security clearance. Perhaps they should face much worse than all that as well for their crimes. Other people out there can do the work, just as Mike Pompeo proved. And we can’t sacrifice the work that needs to be done to protect America and the people in it from ill intention just to preserve the seniority levels of the members of the Administrative State who will do anything to protect their seniority, including breaking the foundational laws of our nation and to overthrow the pick of the people in elections without remorse. Until such people are dealt with, who we elect won’t matter because the underlings will always laugh at their authority and await the next election for which they will control as they have all the nations of the world where they have performed similar tasks for much lesser reasons. 

Rich Hoffman

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