Middletown BMV Closes Due to Government Stupidity: The bad service they give you with smiles on their vengeful, lazy faces

It’s bad enough that Biden managed to twist a few Republican arms to get his radical lunatic Supreme Court Justice approved. The 5th Circuit Appeals Court kept Biden’s ridiculous executive order on Covid vaccines alive. Even though an illegal president obviously created both those things, now that we see the evidence of election fraud in 2020, Biden was not elected by voters but was inserted by an investment class with goals from outside our country. So Constitutionally, Biden isn’t qualified to make any decisions. The war with Ukraine and Russia is Biden’s fault. The inflation rate is Biden’s fault. The high gas prices are Biden’s fault. But we can typically ignore some of those things to some extent. The worst thing that is the fault of Joe Biden and the progressive losers of doom in his administration is essential government services like interactions with the IRS and our local BMV (Bureau of Motor Vehicles.)  When Democrats run the government, the benefit you get is much more like when traveling Europe, where service is terrible. There is no motivation to serve. And everything is lackadaisical. Since the massive mismanagement by the Biden administration on Covid, the employment force of America has deteriorated tremendously. In their quest for student debt forgiveness and a socialized universal wage and minimum wage increases that are preposterously too high, the Biden administration has polluted the workforce to the point where few people want to work. We can see this in local instances, such as what has happened near me, where a local BMV is closing in Middletown, Ohio, due to staffing shortages. Their employee attendance is so bad that they just closed that agency as a reaction. 

This Covid impact on the employee workforce is entirely the fault of the Biden administration. The Trump administration wanted to have everything in our economy back open after the initial 15 days to slow the spread. Remember that? Trump figured out that Democrats wanted Covid to harm the economy and get him out of office, so he pushed to open our economy by Easter of 2020. Of course, the Democrats fed by Bill Gates money had captured the airwaves and convinced everyone that people would die if we reopened our economy. Well, people did die, but not because of Covid; it was because Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci deliberately kept medicine to treat Covid-19 from the public, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, which allowed the virus to spread to virtually everyone, and kept our nation locked down for an additional year and a half. In that period, a sector of our economy was permanently destroyed, never to recover. Because of the government policies of calling off work for every little sniffle, and the stay at home quarantining, the work from home concept, the push for a “new normal,” what we have now in 2022 is a workforce that is poorly engaged, slow to meet market demands, and much worse than even the most complacent unionized worker who just meanders through their day only to collect a paycheck, but cares nothing for the work they do, or why they must do it. What we saw with Covid-19 was government-sponsored terrorism that was intent on destroying our economy in America for all sorts of nefarious reasons. 

I have a few cases I’m working on that deal with large sums of money tied up by the IRS that are over a year late because the ridiculous tax-collecting agency indicates they are still short-staffed due to Covid restrictions. They have never been able to get a full IRS staff back to work, so their tasks are as slow as frozen maple syrup, and they expect us all to be okay with their cumbersome response. They think it’s acceptable to hold on to our money interest-free for ridiculous amounts of time and to like it as if they are doing us some kind of favor. Dealing with them is like dealing with some snooty waiter at an outdoor street café in Paris, slow, playing on their phone during the entire service, and not caring how you feel about your experience because they don’t get a tip in Europe, so they don’t care about the service experience. Government is the same way, they are just there for a paycheck, and they don’t care how your service experience goes. And when pressed, they all point to the White House, who has general jurisdiction on these kinds of matters, as the pacesetter.   Dealing with the government on any matter is embarrassingly painful; the incompetence is unbelievable, and that was before Covid. Now, Covid is the excuse of their industry. We were all supposed to accept this “new normal” life that the Klaus Schwab Desecrators of Davos losers created for the illegal Biden administration and have brought to America. 

It really hits home when you need to go to an agency office like the BMV in Middletown to get new plates for your RV or to conduct some title work, and the place isn’t open. It’s closed because of government mismanagement in handling the fake pandemic of Covid, created entirely by government stupidity, only to produce more government stupidity which you then have no choice but to interact with. Now all that work that Middletown used to handle, which is closest to my house, must now go to a neighboring city that has become more crowded with crybaby employees sitting around lazily telling you to take a number. They’ll get to you when they get to you. Nothing says liberal like that phrase, “we’ll get to you when we get to you,” where personal constraints are never managed, embracing laziness. We can talk all day about the foreign invasion into our country by the Desecrators of Davos and their schemes in finance. We can talk about the spying that goes on with China into stealing our intellectual property. We can speak of Russian cyberattacks and other acts of terrorism worldwide. But the worst of all has been the destruction of the American workforce and productivity during and after Covid, such as this closing of the BMV in Middletown, Ohio.

The government isn’t even trying to get better; they just close down a branch of service because they can’t staff it and make doing business with the government even worse and think that’s acceptable. It makes it evident that Covid was never about health and concern for the human race; it was the exploitation of fear to make the lazy feel more equitable in the world. It was just another form of desecration, just as the transgender issue has been introduced to us by the same lunatics, the concept that we no longer have men and women. Still, we can make up anything we want along the way, depending on how we feel. Well, I feel like not paying taxes anymore. Or I feel like I don’t want this government representing me. Or I feel like the government owes me millions of dollars in lost opportunity cost. If we are going to base everything on liberal feelings, well, that’s a door they can’t afford to open. And as bad as everything truly is, the true measure of that disgusting inefficiency that we see so often in government is when they close a BMV because they just can’t manage the location because their management methods are so terrible. In the end, we are the ones who suffer as they just collect their paychecks, play on their phones, and bring detriment and destruction to the American workforce with vengeful smiles on their lazy faces. 

Rich Hoffman

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