Why Does Bill Gates Want More Money: The Desecrators of Davos use wealth as a weapon and we are all on their target list for global domination

It has been the crime of the century, really of our lives. As the smoke has cleared this year in just who was to blame for Covid, for the election fraud of 2020, and the detrimental conditions around the world, a clear pattern has emerged. There has been a billionaire coup in the world, a desire to pull all the governments and currency of every country under their control as viewed by the lunatic globalists who meet at the Chatham House in London and other places like Davos and Dubai. In the echo chamber of their own minds, it made sense. And the crime was so bad and fanatic that ordinary people couldn’t even get their minds wrapped around the idea of what they did. Bill Gates used his vast wealth to buy up research results essentially. Most of them are made up to effectively steer everyone toward vaccines to control the entire world population from a medical perspective. Dr. Fauci was brought in to sell the narrative. Of course, George Soros covered the investment of radical politicians in critical positions to undo law and order from within America, so there would be no resistance to their efforts worldwide. He and others financed color revolutions in the streets of America during Trump’s last year to push people into wanting a change in leadership. His open border society would blend all the lines and topple political boundaries; it was intended as a global kind of gerrymandering. Larry Fink and the money asset managers like BlackRock have been undercutting American companies at the executive level and replacing them with extreme radical progressives who will bend the knee to woke culture and eventual stakeholder capitalism concepts. The results of this work can be seen in the Disney Company, now long lost to the menace of these villains. They wanted to destroy the American concept of family, so they attacked that company, and the results are currently on the daily news. Then, of course, Mark Zuckerberg and others from the tech sector would finance and perform the act of election fraud to get rid of President Trump and destroy the populist uprising in America and around the world. There were many others involved, of course. Still, those are essentially the five coordinated paths that were established to attack our country and all of us in it for what has become a global revolutionary war.   Put all together; I call them the Desecrators of Davos. 

In that way, we have to begin to sort out a means to destroy these attackers of our country and save for the world America as the beacon of light that it represents to everyone. The attack is confirmed; the criminal conduct is ostentatious, and it has been hidden from us because we have not learned in our lives to see villains like this. The biggest problem they have is in understanding  the nature of their evil. For instance, Bill Gates had all the money globally he could want; he couldn’t spend it all on luxury items if he wanted to. So what’s in it for him to use his money only to make more money with partnerships with Big Pharma and force governments to put their product into over 8 billion people around the world. To understand how to fight these new global terrorists, ordinary people need context even to begin to know what we are dealing with. Most people think a million dollars is a lot of money and would do anything to get their hands on it because it would mean they would not have to worry about the silly things in life, like a car payment or house payment. That they could take any vacation they wanted without thinking about it. Since Bill Gates has all the money a person could ever want, even Dr. Fauci is an exceptionally highly paid government employee with hundreds of thousands of dollars a year as a salary, why would they be so interested in making even more money? Why would any of the Desecrators of Davos? Well, the answer to that question is the first step in fighting this war and understanding the kind of people who have always been on earth and salivated for power over other people. It’s the reason we have an American Constitution and why our society thrived as a result of the jealous minds of the world plotted in the Chatham House to retake control of the world and all the people in it for several centuries now, since travel around the world became more accessible with boats, planes and the internet. 

Gates doesn’t care about money for what money can buy. None of the Desecrators of Davos do. They have so much wealth that they can’t imagine the concerns of ordinary people any longer, the things that money can buy to live life. From the perspective of Gates, money is a tool that the entire world desperately wants, and most people will do anything to get their hands on it. A lonely writer for some internet news site may not be a bleeding-heart liberal. But they need to pay their rent and possibly get a new car. Their editor has been told that Bill Gates needs a puff piece for some Bill Gates-funded research to destroy the public notion the public has that hydroxychloroquine might save them from a Bill Gates-funded bioweapon called Covid-19 that was being let out of a lab in Wuhan, China so that they could be blamed for the outbreak. But Gates needs someone to talk up the vaccine in the media. Would you do it? Would you do it if Gates, through many hands of established media, would give you a million dollars? Well, most people in that situation would do anything for a million dollars, including crawling naked over broken glass, if it meant they would not have to worry about making money again. Gates and the other Desecrators of Davos have learned that the essential aspect of their money has been to exploit people like that poor writer and use them for their cause of attack and desecration of American culture. 

And much of the sheer evil we have seen over these last few years have been of this nature, desperate people exploited by the vast wealth of these billionaires to advance a global progressive platform. Much of what we see and know about everything in the world, like thinking of China as the enemy, or Russia, is to direct our intention from the real menace.   If the Desecrators of Davos were eliminated from their tampering in the world, we would find that much of the trouble we all feel all the time would go away. And Bill Gates is one of those menaces using his vast wealth not for good as he attempts to mask it for the world through charitable foundations but to get control of every person to fulfill some deep-rooted insecurity. He has an insanely insecure personality and has a maniacal need to rule over others, just as many madmen have over the last several thousand years. The vaccine obsession for Gates has nothing to do with health; he has a 30 plus year track record of destruction, with the vaccine partnerships he has had with Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma that have killed many hundreds of thousands of people in the way that Covid did, by aggravating other ailments with the vaccine and plunging people into death months after they took the untested medicine. The pharma companies weren’t asking questions; they just wanted to sell their product. Fauci had the same problems of control as Gates, so he acted as the money man and the government backer who learned he could make presidents of the United States do anything he wanted them to do, just by convincing them that if they didn’t support vaccines, that people would die. Fauci played this game with Bill Clinton, George Bush, Obama, and Trump. But for Gates, the concept of a one-world government starts by making all the people of the world do the same thing. Vaccines that stripped away the immune system would make everyone equally needy of a government for their basics of survival. He knew that people would do anything to survive, just as people, in general, would do anything for a million dollars or even a hundred thousand dollars. And it is there where we must begin to untangle this web of deceit and menace that we are facing in World War III. Not a war in Ukraine which is purely a distraction, but the war for our very lives home to home, all across the world. The Desecrators of Davos are using their money as weapons, and they have us all on their target list. And in this war, there is no sitting on the sidelines for anybody.

Rich Hoffman

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