We Have Lost 7 IQ Points Since the Year 2000: The purposeful attack on American culture by the new slave masters

When some education person starts yacking on about more government pre-K education programs, just consider that since the year 2000, human society has lost 7 IQ points. It used to be through most of the previous two centuries in America, people were free to develop their intellects and were actually encouraged to do so, civilization increased in IQ. Of course, IQ is developed in many more ways than just education. But especially since the time of the year 2000, as global competitors have looked to America to harvest its wealth, the old slave mentality of old has come into play. The people who want to rule the world do not want a bunch of smart people running around thinking for themselves. They want human capital to shut up, do the human labor, and to do what they are told for the rest of their lives. And the only way the Desecrators of Davos characters can get such a compliant society is to dumb down the world so that people would no longer think for themselves. If the evidence for such an intent was ever in question, just look at what has happened to America and society in general since 2000. Since the Bush, No Child Left Behind bill that essentially just empowered the teacher’s union to take control of the public schools and ruin them into communist propaganda branches and political think tanks for all leftist causes, we have seen this downward trend in general intelligence.   If you are someone who wants a compliant workforce that looks to you to do all the thinking for them, then you have been successful. But if you want a world of innovation and free thinkers driving society and culture in positive ways, this IQ report is a disaster.

That’s not to even consider the amount of IQ we have lost over the two years of Covid that miraculously went away as the Ukraine war with Russia started. Just about the time, hmmmmmmmm, what could it be? Since the publication of Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health came out, people are beginning to understand it. That book implicates many factors of the medical profession, the money guys, and climate activists like Bill Gates. The government brokers who distribute funds to everyone, like Dr. Fauci, the pharma industry that only has an eye on their next quarterly profit forecast as publicly traded companies, a media industry of prostitutes in the literal sense of the word, who will do and say anything depending on who is paying them. The book presents a disaster of a culture, and it brings the evidence in droves. Yet the gist of it all is that such exploitations could have only occurred in a dumb society, the kind of society where the government says, “wear a mask to slow the spread” of a made-up virus that the government artificially propped up for the power grabs of government. Then there were actually people who were driving around in their cars with the windows rolled up by themselves, wearing their masks. That is the result of a low IQ society. The fault I would point to is the Desecrators of Davos who have been trying to build the world toward globalism since the progressive John Dewey came up with our current education system as a socialist propaganda arm of government to breed enslaved people for the new masters who were above all the world and looking to control labor and the governments of those people with a heavy hand and a parental eye to direct all behavior as if we were all four years old again. 

Yes, the Desecrators of Davos knew they were doing just as what was done to enslaved people in the past; they cut off the feet of slaves who kept running away to keep them in the fields. And they certainly didn’t teach them to read because if they could, they would figure out what was happening to them by the enslavers. The best thing for maintaining human labor was to keep them dumb and thoughtless. The slave masters needed the muscles of the human capital, not their minds. And that is essentially how those types of people have shaped all education systems for well over one hundred years. That is also why we have lost 7 IQ points since the year 2000. That is what the Desecrators of Davos want, those cryptical losers that everyone calls the “elites.” People like the progressives John Kerry, Al Gore, and Janet Yellen. People who can’t survive American politics but have found a home among the World Economic Forum and those who call themselves “globalists.” They are the ones who want to take kids away from parents as early as possible, to put them in pre-K classes as “free babysitting.” But the real intent has been to ruin the minds of the young people and keep them from learning anything for the next 13 to 14 years while the parents slave away for a big house with a dual-income so that men and women can be equal in society and both make the same amount of money. And those same parents start saving for college for those kids while they are still in pre-school, only to lose those children to a Marxist professor who is there to destroy what’s left of the child and turn them into a compliant hack for whatever corporation hires them. That is the wheel that the parents are placed on to run until they drop dead from some illness that the pharma companies keep alive long enough to make all they can until they are no longer useful. Now we have a society that won’t even call a woman a woman. You see where this is going. You’d have to be an idiot to accept such a ridiculous premise, but it’s what they think of us and what they expect us to know and accept. 

Meanwhile, the kids are turned into drones for the Desecrators of Davos while the parents are busy with their lives, serving the state so that they can pay their taxes so that the government can waste money on sheer stupidity, to pay losers like Dr. Fauci to tell us to wear a mask in our cars with the windows rolled up. It’s not for our benefit. It’s not for public health. It’s to torture and abuse us so that we will never run away from our role as human capital to not just our government, but what our government serves, the Desecrators of Davos. The new enslavers in the world who intend to rule us all with low IQs and a smile on our faces because we are too stupid to think of it expect compliance to the rules they come up with. It is easy to control dumb people, and these globalists have always wanted us stupid. They don’t want us thinking for ourselves. They want to control all thought and action in every way possible. That has always been their plan; just read what they say. They think they are so much smarter than the rest of us because they know what they’ve done to our education system. They don’t believe we are smart enough to see what they are doing and what their intentions are. The low IQs were purposeful. And if we lost another 7 points just over the two Covid lockdown years, it would not surprise me at all. And it also wouldn’t surprise me to learn that was part of the plan too. A dumb society is easy to conquer, and the attackers, in this case, want the infrastructure. They don’t want to kill us; they want our labor. But they don’t want us thinking. They have purposely dumbed us down and intend for us all to be the newly enslaved people in the world serving the masters of globalism who wish to rule as the new “elite.” What they have done has been on purpose, it’s no accident, and now after a few decades of their true intentions coming to the light of day, we can see the results in our lowered IQs.

Rich Hoffman

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