How Dr. Fauci Knowingly Committed Mass Murder: The diabolical details of Lancetgate

The biggest problem with Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health is that it’s too good, it’s too well researched, too hard-hitting, and way too voluminous for the average person. Although it is very assessable, I bought my copy at my local Barnes and Noble. I saw several of them recently at the Books A Million in Dayton at The Greene, and they are routinely on the shelf at Walmart. But the book itself is about a long history of medical topics and how they entwine with politics, and the information just isn’t very narrative. As most of the books are that come from the Children’s Health Defense group, whom I personally love, they have an edge of anger about them from a world that is clearly functioning from a lack of justice. Kennedy is undoubtedly one of those angry types. He knows too much about the corruption of medicine to soft-sell his outrage, and for many readers, where every page of a book is laced with something that could lead to years of congressional testimony and death penalties for intentional murder, his case against Dr. Fauci legally outlined in his book is solid, consistent, and ominous. I’ve read the book about seven times from November of 2021 when it first came out, and I have watched society sort of slow drip to the eventual conclusions about the massive corruption scam that Dr. Fauci has been running for years as the head of government medicine. Partnered with a globalist radical like Bill Gates, the spawns of Dr. Fauci are far worse than what even the most crazed conspiracy theorist could have concocted. Truth is clearly stranger than fiction. But to help the information along, I’m going to do a series of articles like this one to sort out the conviction from the chaos because literally hundreds of legal cases against Dr. Fauci and many others could be made from the Kennedy book. But lawmakers and other influencers who read my articles daily need some help sorting through the fog to get to the good stuff, the prosecutable stuff. And an excellent place to begin on that endeavor is with Lancetgate.

So here’s the case with Lancetgate that should send chills up the spine of us all. The level of evil in just his case should be a termination offense in any civil society. It’s so bad that many of us can’t get our minds around just how bad and evil it is. But here it is. As of this writing, we know that Covid-19 was created in a Wuhan lab in China. Dr. Fauci knew about the gain of function research through an email he had in January of 2020, before any lockdowns or government emergency policies started by the Trump administration. We trusted Dr. Fauci, although it’s not clear why he wasn’t fired for all the deaths he caused during the AIDS crises of the 80s and 90s with his pharmaceutical commitment to AZT, which stripped away the T Cells of the patients and killed with a slow death. It turned out that HIV wasn’t the killer part of the disease; it was the drug AZT to treat HIV that was killing people. There was so much concern over the vaccines for this recent government-created pandemic, Covid, because of Fauci’s history with AIDS. The trust in Dr. Fauci was lost by those in the know long ago. The public wasn’t aware because the media deliberately propped him up for various reasons. But the skeptics from the outset were understandable. Dr. Fauci shouldn’t have overseen anything, yet he was, and he knew about gain of function in China and that the virus had broken out of the Wuhan lab. 

At first, nobody knew much about how serious Covid would be. President Trump played along and did what Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci recommended: shut down the economy to slow the spread. It was a sucker punch in an election year, but Trump did what the professionals recommended, as most people would. In March of 2020, the government health people said we needed to stop everything for 15 days to slow the spread and allow hospitals to get in front of the virus. Trump went and did all the things the Fauci doctors told him to do. We looked for masks, made ventilators, spread resources where we thought they would be needed. The entire world shut down because of essentially Dr. Fauci and America’s reaction to the virus. America leads, the rest of the world follows. So in that aspect alone, Dr. Fauci was ruling the world with Bill Gates sprinkling money around to media to get favorable coverage. This went on past the 15-day mark, of course. It was always planned that way, and once the shutdowns went beyond Easter of that year, Trump was getting impatient. This whole Covid thing was killing the US economy, and now Fauci had painted him in a liability corner. He couldn’t reopen anything without Dr. Fauci’s blessing because every death would be blamed on the administration. So, Trump looked for a solution outside of Dr. Fauci, and he started talking about hydroxychloroquine. We now know that if we had allowed American society to use the known drug hydroxychloroquine, Covid could have been brought under control within a few months, and we could have reopened our entire global economy by the summer of 2020. And many, many lives would have been saved. 

This wasn’t good for Fauci and Gates. They needed the pandemic to spread, for all the economies of the world to respond to their commands because they had a plan for getting the entire world to take vaccines, untested vaccines at that. And there were, of course, the Desecrators of Davos who were counting on Fauci and Gates to give them an opportunity for a Great Reset which I have talked about extensively. All that is well known now. But what Gates and Fauci did to keep the virus going isn’t. In May of 2020, Gates and Fauci started talking about a Surgisphere study that came from 11 Illinois employees, two of which were a science fiction writer and a porn actress. And that study found its way into the prestigious medical journals Lancet and the New England Journal of Medicine. Gates looks to have funded much of the media coverage directly and indirectly. The Surgisphere study was a hit piece on hydroxychloroquine that once discussed in the Lancet convinced the medical community that using that drug to treat Covid was dangerous. So nobody wanted to touch it, again out of fear of liability. Politicians turned to the medical journals as well as the media to turn away from hydroxychloroquine which then pushed treatment of Covid off for another year, well past the 2020 election. In hindsight, we know that ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine are incredibly effective treatments for Covid. And Dr. Fauci knew it at the time. Still, he acted purposefully to prolong Covid for the strategic designs of an international progressive movement, and if people died to accelerate their cause, they didn’t care at all. 

A few months after the study had been released, the Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine had to issue a retraction of the Surgisphere study, which was completely bogus. Then shortly after that, Surgisphere disappeared from the public. It was a complete creation of Bill Gates money for the strategy of Dr. Fauci, to mold public sentiment toward the government science position, which under an emergency superseded the elected president of the United States. So the crime was not just the tampering of evidence under an emergency pandemic in a conscious effort to prolong the crisis for political reasons. The biggest crime is that they denied helpful medicine to people who were dying of Covid so that the death numbers would benefit their eventual cause of partnering government with the pharma companies producing a vaccine that they weren’t sure at the time would be even ready in the foreseeable future. Bill Gates knew what he was doing; the money trail is obvious and well laid out in the Kennedy book. And Dr. Fauci knew he denied medicine to people, purposely keeping them sick and some dying so that he could grab more power himself in the process, just as he had done years before with AZT and AIDS. And knowing that, just think how many murders Dr. Fauci knowingly committed. Lancetgate is just the beginning. This story you can read for yourself in the Kennedy book on Pg. 29. 

Rich Hoffman

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