Mike DeWine’s State of the State Speech: He is the Dr. Fauci of Ohio and the leader of the lockdowns

It was a good reminder of just how bad Governor DeWine is for Ohio to see him at the statehouse in person at his State of the State speech in Columbus, Ohio.  Of course, DeWine canceled the public speech over the last few years because of Covid, which he led the nation in following Dr. Fauci’s advice, so this was his first speech since his first one, which was in 2019, a time when the world was somewhat normal.  Since then, BlackRock and other money managers have attacked the Ohio power grid with progressive intention and knocked out several politicians who had been powerful during that first DeWine speech.   On DeWine’s watch as governor, he has let the Desecrators of Davos in the backdoor of Ohio to shut down coal plants and advocate in favor of solar and wind, just as Al Gore has always dreamed of which has cost all of us a lot of money.  Ohio is number 1 now in corruption, which seems to follow DeWine in every office he has ever had.  But worse than all that, the destruction left behind because of how Governor DeWine behaved during the Covid pandemic.  He was the leader of the country in following United Nations sustainable development using health concerns to advance progressive causes in worse ways than any Democrat would or could have.  He was the leader of the lockdowns as he was the first to open that door, for which many blue-state governors followed.  Yeah, Mike DeWine has been a disaster in every way that a Democrat would have been for Oho, but worse, because the damage was done while people had their guard down thinking he was a Republican. 

Jennifer Gross, my Congresswoman, has openly endorsed Jim Renacci even though there has been a lot of pressure to back DeWine

This all came up as I spoke with Republican friends at that speech in Columbus and in the days leading up to it.  They asked me if I would vote for Mike DeWine now that he signed Constitutional Carry in Ohio and other Second Amendment types of legislation leading up to it.  It astonished me that they asked, but then I remembered that not everyone remembers who was responsible for Ohio’s terrible reaction to Covid, which took the nation into the lockdown frenzy that destroyed so many lives and is just now being calculated in terms of sheer destruction.  Many of these Republicans were more conventional put their finger to the wind types who only measure things from four months ago.  And DeWine is counting on that shallow memory to squeak him by in this primary that is supposed to happen in May of 2022, where Jim Renacci is polling well and, depending on voter turnout, could remove DeWine as the next option for governor.  As I told them and to everyone who has an ear to listen, DeWine only signed the Constitutional Carry bill because of Renacci’s pressure on his leadership.  He didn’t do it on his own.  If there wasn’t a serious Trump-like challenge to DeWine, he would be fighting against the Second Amendment, not signing things in favor of it.  But DeWine is hoping to use these last-minute Second Amendment red meat topics to hide his past, which I’ll never get over.  And seeing him in person trying to worm up support ahead of the election only strengthened my anger at him over what he had done to Ohio in just four short years, destroying so much industry, traumatizing so many lives, and allowing corruption to sink deep roots into our energy infrastructure that is unforgivable.  Rather than defend FirstEnergy and the progressive attacks on coal plants, he joined progressives in attacking other Republicans in a ploy to really remove them from power so they couldn’t challenge him later.  Mike DeWine has his own Game of Thrones going on, and it is evident that he hoped this State of the State speech would put all that into a distant memory.

The Great George Lang

The most significant danger of Mike DeWine is that he is essentially a carbon copy of Dr. Fauci.  Both were polling very well during the Covid pandemic, which we now know was created in a lab in Wuhan and released by China for all the intentions of creating an economic reset by the Desecrators of Davos people.  Hindsight has given a better vision into Fauci’s behavior with Bill Gates paving the way with money manipulating the media in favor of their global scam of progressive change state using the Covid virus to give more power to the Administrative State.  And the first person to fall in line with this “New World Order,” where the United Nations conducts all our local affairs at the state and county level and the World Health Organization was to become our new community doctor; Mike DeWine was the first to sign up for this new brand of tyranny which he imposed on Ohioans with a smile on his face and all the maliciousness of a power-hungry dictator.  The ultimate insult to all the Republicans who voted for Mike DeWine as an establishment type was that he did the unthinkable by putting Amy Acton, the abortion supporter, onto his staff to run his health department.  He followed her right over the Fauci cliff, making the lockdowns possible and leading the country in submission to the CDC and WHO, giving them power that no bureaucrat should ever have over people’s individual lives under any condition.  Not all states were as stupid as Ohio.  Ron DeSantis was great in Florida, and the results are easy to see looking back upon the last two years.  DeSantis resisted the Covid power grabs, whereas Mike DeWine fully embraced them.

Thomas Hall, the Future is Bright

I told my Republican friends that there was no way I would ever vote for Mike DeWine, even after seeing him in person trying his best to make everyone forget.  I had been on several conference calls with DeWine as he spoke to business leaders in Ohio during the lockdowns, and I will never forgive him for what he did to people, all in the name of safety.  DeWine attached himself to Dr. Fauci, and now that time and distance are starting to show how ill-advised that was, there is only one option.  With Jim Renacci, we have a Trump supporter who has promised to lead Ohio in the way that Ron DeSantis has in Florida, and that would be great for everyone, even liberals.  Always at public events like the State of the State speech, there is a ceremony-like atmosphere that focuses on all the positives that we want to feel.  But in truth, and this was obvious by DeWine’s over-emphasis on things that he does when he speaks in public to people he knows want to metaphorically cut him up into little pieces and feed him to some pigs someplace for the villainy he has conducted behind the scenes, the fluff about Intel, about spring, about his love of Ohio were thin masks to the administrative tyrant that is at the core of his personality.  Mike DeWine will go down in history as the arm of Dr. Fauci in Ohio, the mindless bureaucrat who punted Ohio’s fate to the gods of the World Health Organization, and ultimately the money of Bill Gates’ influence.  DeWine didn’t lead; he followed, as he does on all issues, including Constitutional Carry.  He thought the pressure from Republicans on other issues could be reduced if he gave them something they wanted.  And that is how we got into trouble in the first place, because DeWine wanted to make the Dr. Fauci types happy, the tyrants of the United Nations, and ultimately the economic terrorists who are behind it all who need people like the governor to give them power into all our lives.  No, I won’t be voting for Mike DeWine under any conditions.  To vote for DeWine is the same or worse than voting for a Democrat. 

Rich Hoffman

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