The Failure of Globalism: Their version of Mechagodzilla as they lose control of the monster they created

I think the best way to understand what is going on in the world in the year of 2022 is by the ending of the movie Godzilla vs. Kong, which came out in 2021. Everyone, I would assume, knows who King Kong and Godzilla are. If not, they are giant monsters fighting in cities and turning them into rubble. At the end of Godzilla vs. Kong, the bad guys in the movie had built Mechagodzilla, a giant mechanical robot, to defeat the monsters. It was controlled by a central pilot who acted as the creature’s brain. Well, during the big end fight, the actual brain of Mechagodzilla took over, killing the pilot and the bad guys lost control of the giant robot. The technological marvel spun out of control and became a menace to everyone. It took Godzilla and King Kong to join forces to beat Mechagodzilla and, thus, to save the world from complete destruction. It was a pretty good movie; I loved it. My kids and grandkids loved it as well, and it remains one of our favorite watches. But its also the best way to explain Russia, China, and the massive failures of the Administrative State that are being run by the Desecrators of Davos, behind the goals of the United Nations. They had their big NATO league of nations, Mechagodzilla of progressivism, that was supposed to bring the world together under their power, but they lost control of the thing. They have created a battle between globalism and nationalism that they didn’t know would occur. And it’s kind of funny to watch. 

Now there is nothing funny about the poor people of Taiwan who expect China to attack them at any moment. Nothing is entertaining about the poor people of Ukraine who are suffering between one bad government and another. But keeping in mind the big picture, most of the world’s problems are caused by out-of-control big central governments. That is why in the United States, we say that “freedom” is our highest priority. We want freedom from bad government, and we generally have it. Even with our terrible government that we have under Joe Biden and a dysfunctional congress, a sold-out senate to every foreign power that there is, the intentions of the monied aristocracy, Americans are still generally free of the burdens of bad government. They still watch their sports. They go to the movies. Go out to eat. They typically ignore their bad government because they have freedom from it. But the rest of the world isn’t so lucky. When their government goes bad, they directly suffer, forcing them to leave their homes, break up their families, and lose children to sex trafficking. There is nothing funny about bad government and its impact on innocent people. But after all the schemes and mechanisms of the Administrative State over the decades and all their clandestine activities as they rose to power in the world, it is good to see it all falling apart. I have been warning about them for so many years. And now they have announced themselves, and everything that we thought bad that would happen because of them and to them is unraveling as we speak. What we are seeing happening in the world is the massive failure of globalism as a concept as all their plans go up in flames. 

The best example of this failure can be seen in Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates actually. They are two representatives of the Desecrators of Davos mindset who used Covid-19 for all kinds of malicious intentions. Millions of people died because of them, and trillions of dollars of lost economic value that is lost forever because of just those two people, which is a dire warning about the Administrative State in general. When you only have a few bureaucrats and money managers running everything, a mistake on their part can cost millions of lives, as Covid did. The debate about Gates and Fauci’s intentions is just getting started. Did they do everything on purpose, or were they just greedy, power-hungry, or stupid will evolve as more evidence comes out. But what we know now is that they knew hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin were suitable for treating Covid, and they worked to suppress that information. They purposely pushed global populations to seek a vaccine treatment that they developed with Big Pharma, and they were caught doing all kinds of terrible things that ruined so many lives. That was their Mechagodzilla that they lost control of. Murder is still murder. Even if that may not have been the original intent, it was the ultimate result. And because of that failure, the administrative state that wants to rule the world through globalism tactics have compounded their problems with ten more problems to solve the original issue. 

Suppose Covid was unleashed from a lab in China to stop Donald Trump in the 2020 election, which the evidence indeed points in that direction. In that case, all these cascaded problems that have spawned into the debacle of Ukraine presently are the total result of trying to keep a lid on the matter, so people don’t see the obvious. The Desecrators of Davos run by Klaus Schwab and the gang at the World Economic Forum have been saying that populism is the biggest weakness to their plans and if anybody saw the rally in Russia in support for Putin recently, its quite clear that there isn’t anything the “global community” is going to be able to do to stop Russia from doing whatever it wants or China for that matter. The NATO strategy of high school politics, of saying, “we won’t talk to you at your locker unless you go out with Mary Jane,” isn’t working. Russia doesn’t care if the United Nations likes them. China doesn’t care either. They have turned to nationalism, and that was never the plan. When we talk about election fraud in America, it’s not hard to figure out who was behind it. The globalists wanted the Desecrators of Davos to unleash their Mechagodzilla of economic sanctions upon the world and control everyone with fear.   But what they saw in the states is that people still love Trump and would prefer him right now over Biden, which nobody in the Beltway understands. And Putin and Xi have seen this and are pushing populist revolts of their own. 

All this is a collapse of globalism in front of our faces. All the United Nations 2030 stuff is still a threat, but people are now aware of it, where they weren’t a few years ago. When people thought globalism would be the wave of the future, they held their noses and adapted, which is how so many CEOs allowed themselves to get pulled into all the woke politics. But now, the world is changing, and it’s changing forever. Ukraine was a creation of the United Nations. When they can’t stop Putin from attacking it and taking it over then back into the Russian fold, the world will see that the United Nations was always a toothless tiger, and the Desecrators of Davos, a bunch of crazed lunatics corrupted by the religion of climate science that is as crazy of a cult as the Jim Jones society in Jonestown. People are not going to drink the poison. Especially now that they see the carnage left behind. And to the way I see things, that’s a good thing to have to happen. People were already suffering under the failures of an Administrative State, such as what we saw over Covid, which is worse than 10,000 Ukraine invasions. But now, people are aware of what’s been happening, and they are picking nationalism over globalism for the first time in the modern age, which clearly was not the plan from the outset.

Rich Hoffman

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