The Honesty of Deception: Biolabs in Ukraine, Covid murders, and the Desecrators of Davos wanting to rule the world

Often the best propaganda in the world is the truth. Obviously, someone like Vladimir Putin would know that and use it to his advantage, which is the case of the leak from Russia about the many Biolabs in Ukraine that apparently have sponsorship from the United States and were a concern during the invasion. Things haven’t been going as well as Russia would like in that war, and Putin needs to change the story in his favor. But the guilt of the Western socialist countries trying to play chess with the former communist country turned pure statist allows for information warfare to be utilized by an opposing party, and its clearly working to Putin’s advantage. Putin also knows that the American government does not represent the American people; that has been the problem with globalism in how John Kerry believes in it. As Kerry said to Klaus Schwab’s Desecrators of Davos group, the politics in the United States is volatile currently, so climate religion will have to be fought by the United Nations and the World Economic Forum. So we have an entire political class in America that hostile foreign actors have captured, whether from the Desecrators of Davos, China, Russia, wherever who are off and doing malicious things to America without the voters supporting them. That’s the volatility Kerry talks about as he represents the Biden administration. Putin knows this and sees this.

Just as he did during 2016 when Russia knew bad stuff about Hillary Clinton, that information found its way into Wikileaks and eventually the media in general. I was a part of that. I actually had the opportunity to be at the Ecuadorian Embassy in England where Julian Assange was held up during all that information warfare, so I saw it close. The information may have come from Russia, but Hillary Clinton conducted the villainy just as these Biolabs were kept secret and are now exposed to the world by Russia. It’s good to know about them; our own government has been lying to us. Russia is exploiting that information to make them look like good guys. But he’s only helping us with this information to justify his own actions. That doesn’t suddenly make him a good guy on the world stage. 

Many people don’t know that the entire Democrat Party in America was created by the Russians and their massive network of disinformation warfare that has been going on to take down capitalism since 1919. The party platform of Democrats is essentially a KGB creation meant to destroy America during the Cold War. Today they have aligned themselves with the Desecrators of Davos, who are now at war with Russia over the Ukraine matter. Russia is fighting for nationalism as the Desecrators of Davos are fighting for global domination. But they are all bad characters and always have been. Bad, in this case, is determined by their hatred of the American Constitution. Anyone working against that should be said to be a villain in the world. Having Russia tattle on the illegal and malicious work of our government in Ukraine may be helpful in the goals of American national preservation. Still, it doesn’t make the MAGA movement of Trump suddenly aligned with Putin. It just means that the creation of the KGB for a century is suddenly working against the interests of Russia’s desire to maintain national power. China and Russia are aligned on this topic with the MAGA movement in the United States for the same reasons as the Democrats, and the Desecrators of Davos within the World Economic Forum are aligned for mutual benefit. The United Nations are the most obvious threat in the world presently. Information warfare thus can become the most confusing element in society because it is happening by almost every faction, and for ordinary people, it’s impossible to tell what’s going on. 

Not to sell my book at every opportunity, my Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, but this is precisely why I wrote that book. One of the strategy aspects I point out in it is understanding the American game of poker very well and learning to master the elements of deception, which comes naturally with all human interaction. Poker is a game about managing risk and rewards through the manipulations of information warfare. Are the other players bluffing? Do they have a good hand? Are they going to go all in, or will they fold? Poker is a great game that I play every day. I have a poker table set up in my professional office that I play every day. And the people I deal with all the time play it with me. It’s not about wasting time when people should be working in life; it’s about teaching the arts of deception and making the elements of the games of life work to your advantage to win in those engagements. But by becoming proficient with poker, people can then train their minds for the deception that comes with all elements of the human race. To ask the world to be honest and straightforward is too much. Humans are not inclined to such behavior. That’s not to say they aren’t genuine. Putin, in his revelation of the Biolabs, is being honest. Putin and Wikileaks were sincere about the Spirit Cooking from John Podesta’s email where his password was easy enough, “password,” to discover. The Clinton campaign was involved in a scandal against Bernie Sanders and the DNC that year. All that was true. It wasn’t Putin’s fault Hillary was crooked. He exposed it for his advantage, just as he’s doing now with the Biolabs. But the value of the exchange comes from the chips that are on the table in the games of life. Deception is honest if you know how to read it, and that’s why I teach all those around me to understand the American game of poker. Its all about managing risk while understanding value based on the level of deception the other players are throwing your way. They may not tell you what they are up to, but you can tell by the way they bet, by how they shift in their seats, and by how they hold their cards. Yes, as I teach in The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, poker is a great way to defend yourself and grab an advantage in a deceptive world run by deceptive human beings who use their creativity for malice at every opportunity. 

The trick is in not expecting the other players at the table to be honest, but to react in their own self-interest and see the honesty of that preservation as the indicator of the truth. The Desecrators of Davos don’t get to rally all their enemies behind them against Russian nationalism by showing a constant flow of children dead in the street, as Dr. Fauci contemplates retirement on the propaganda networks hoping to put the mistakes of Covid and their mass casualty policies behind them. Russia may be putting out an all-out assault of information warfare, hoping to create a Civil War in America to keep a unified front off their borders. But the United Nations is a more significant threat and was the originator of the mess in Ukraine, to begin with. The Desecrators of Davos types have brought so much corruption to that country and set off the global conflict. But to see things clearly, everyone needs to understand the game and what kind of wins can be won from it. Russia is not suddenly our friend. But the pressures of the game can be, and that’s what we are seeing coming out of this war between Russia and Ukraine and the manipulations from the Desecrators of Davos. It can be hard to tell who the good guys are and the bad guys. Perhaps they are all bad guys. But the value of the victory is how you can tell what’s morally correct and what is not. And the Biolabs in Ukraine coming out of what we know about Covid is a big win for all of us who stand for truth and justice. The pressures of war have revealed things of great value, and its time to go all in.

Rich Hoffman

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