The Desecrators of Davos: Vivek Ramaswamy has a plan, and we should listen

One thing that Americans underestimate is just how much people worldwide hate them. They hate them for their concept of “individualism,” which contradicts everything they have been taught, from infants to an elderly state. The idea of individualism is specifically an American idea born under the umbrella of freedom. Most people worldwide do not have that luxury, so they resort to what they know and understand, their placement in the pecking order of existence based on the authority figure of their culture. Americans have a constitution that empowers the individual against government controls, and almost every home from sea to shining sea has a firearm or several in it. We really don’t need a standing army because every home is its own military. So, we tend to have a live and let live policy when it comes to the world. Yet, that world plots and schemes endlessly to take us down by whatever means possible, and they spend time thinking about these things 24 hours a day, seven days a week, forever. They never sleep or stop thinking about it. This is undoubtedly true of Vladimir Putin of Russia. It is very much true when it comes to Xi Jinping of China. Pick your authoritarian ruler anywhere in the world; they are thinking about bringing down America. 

Yet, no group of dictators is more of a threat than what I call the Desecrators of Davos, the members of the World Economic Forum who have hidden quietly in Switzerland and other European countries and intend to rule the world from beyond the rules of governments. They are much more dangerous than Putin or Xi. They control the money and policies to which those authority figures react to. And they have their eyes on America and have for a long time. They have plotted and schemed behind the scenes, ignoring our laws destroying our financial system all within the context of a smile on their faces looking like a bunch of progressive radicals who love socialism and communism across the ocean. But in reality, they have embedded themselves into our political system through finance and are now deploying their long-established plans. When I said that Ukraine and Russia were not the threat we should be paying attention to, I mean that the Desecrators of Davos are much more dangerous. Much more dangerous, and the plot they have revealed to the world, in their own words over the last few years, is much more sinister than anything they are showing us on the nightly news.

In many cases, the corporate networks are in on it because the Desecrators of Davos own their flow of finance. So the employees of those networks will do anything they say, whether they believe it or not. And it is there that we must turn our gaze to defend America from its enemies. 

In many ways, the political left in America is a creation of many years of ruthless dictators shaping policy through a complicated spy network during most of the 20th century. They created a European desire to spread Marxism to every corner of the world. They show themselves in America through the Democrat Party and the RINOs from the Republican side who aren’t very deep thinking and have a higher value in getting along than in standing up for the idea of America, at all costs from enemies both foreign and domestic. I have been thinking about this problem for a long time. Looking behind the curtain at what they don’t want you to look at, and there it is clear what they have been up to. I don’t dislike Wall Street in any way. I don’t think we should end the Fed. But through the actions of the World Economic Forum, penetrations of the political left into all aspects of culture and using the stolen money of the Federal Reserve created through bad policy of quantitative easing, which was then given to people like Larry Fink at BlackRock to buy up American companies with stock buys created by the asset bubble that the Fed created out of thin air, now we can all see the method of attack into America. 

I was headed in this direction before Vivek Ramaswamy wrote his now-famous book on the matter Woke, Inc., and the excellent work he has done at CPAC 2022 puts it all on the table. I have run into Vivek several times over the last year and listened to his pitch in person at the Republican Headquarters in Middletown, Ohio, in May of 2021, and I found his argument compelling. Then he gave a great interview to The Epoch Times at CPAC, and compared to the work I had been doing; it was quite clear that the Desecrators of Davos is the threat we all need to look at to protect America from its latest barrage of enemies. Ramaswamy has a plan, and we need to get behind it and not get distracted by the other events of the world. Specifically, Ukraine. Remember, Kamala Harris went to Europe two days before Russia invaded Ukraine and pushed to make Ukraine a member of NATO, which everyone in intelligence knows is the biggest hot button issue of concern for Vladimir Putin. It’s like knowing that throwing gas on fire will have an explosive effect. The Biden administration, working directly with the members of The World Economic Forum, provoked war between Russia and Ukraine to divert the world’s attention from their genuine desire, controlling all fossil fuels to satisfy their insanely ridiculous plot to make climate change the primary issue in global politics, which they would then control through finance into the world’s biggest companies. 

I understood what Vivek was saying as an insider from Wall Street who had done very well for himself. But he was at a point, much like Donald Trump, where he wanted to give back and do something good. But in practice, we all saw just how manipulative the Desecrators of Davos were when we saw the compliance approach from government mandate to individual companies all over America, with the vaccine mandates. They were eventually found to be unconstitutional, but in September of 2021, nobody really knew how to react, and companies went straight into compliance mode without questioning the politics. It was dangerous, but it did reveal the plot to destroy America coming from the Desecrators of Davos rather than from China or Russia. Who was telling the Biden administration what to do with the vaccines? Was it just pharmaceutical companies looking for a stable government check? Or was it something else? Well, all roads point to the doorstep of the Desecrators of Davos. They are desecrators because they have been funding the destruction of America from the inside out, using our own money and wealth to perform the task. And they think it’s funny. They are cheerful about it, which was evident while watching Davos’s last year’s coverage. As I read Klaus Schwab’s books, listened to him speak, and observed Larry Fink’s behavior of BlackRock, who sits on the board at The World Economic Forum, the threat to America was quite clear. And as I listened carefully, and personally one on one with an insider like Vivek Ramaswamy, it has all become evident. But more than anything was the understanding of what the Fed has been doing to help, as revealed in the excellent book The Lords of Easy Money. A Fed populated with bank presidents who have been suckered into the climate change religion, would they support the strategy of Klaus Schwab and the gang in Davos? You bet they would, and they have.

By the way, Vivek Ramaswamy has a new book coming out this year, (2022) and I think it will be a great one! I’ll be the first one to get it!

Rich Hoffman

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