The Truth about Truth Social: Worth the wait and the first step in Making America Great Again

I remember it extremely well; it was just over a year ago, relative to the time of this writing, and my wife and I were in Lincoln County, New Mexico. I was exploring the courthouse where Billy the Kid had made his famous escape, and I felt very reflective. I was so angry over the Biden theft of the American presidency. I was even more furious at how the media and liberals had treated Trump over the last four years. In the past, when their people were in the White House, “they” being the Desecrators of America, those who fight to destroy it instead of preserve it, we always treated them with fairness. We always lived by the concept of rule of law and Constitutional limits on behavior. But at that moment, I was thinking very seriously about going Billy the Kid on society in general, so the famous escape from that courthouse was on my mind. Trump had recently been kicked off his Twitter account, and we could see the plot of what many had planned for a long time. We were being hunted as conservatives, and the message was clear. We did not control our own election. We did not control our country. We were going to get Joe Biden, and we were going to like it. And if we resisted, we were going to be banned from all public life and hunted down for the rest of our days. To say I was angry at the world was an understatement. So my wife and I left to live in the deserts of New Mexico for a bit, to get our wits about us once again. I found some sanity in the idea that Trump might start his own social media company and that from there, we would strike back at these dark forces and turn the tables on them for good.

I am incredibly pleased to say that Truth Social is now a reality. I’ve been on it since the first day, and I absolutely love it. It is great to see daily postings from Melania Trump, Dan Scavino, and many other Trump insiders again. I stopped looking at Twitter when they kicked Trump off. Still, now that President Trump has started Truth Social, I can see the path to restoring our country back to greatness because it puts communication and entertainment back under our control.   At that moment in New Mexico that I described, I wondered if things would ever feel good in America again. But now, I’m sure of it. What happened to Trump and many of us who were shadowbanned, or even literally banned from Twitter, Facebook, and from Google in general, are options. We now have the best kind of thing in the world, a choice. A choice in America will defeat every evil intention the world tries to place upon us. When you choose, it forces all the bad stuff to hide in the shadows, which has happened since that year. Revenge has been served through choice.

First, Jason Miller from the Trump campaign started his own social media platform, Gettr, which I think is fantastic. I have been using it almost exclusively.   With all the betrayals of Fox News and even Newsmax, it has been Steve Bannon’s the Warroom that has filled the void for the MAGA movement. And Gettr has been the place to interact with them and other conservative media outlets like Real America’s Voice and OANN. When the Desecrators formed the plan to take down America, they planned for all the media companies to be in the bag with the Davos guys. They had it all set up, making it so that Fox News would be the last to fall, which was evident on election night when they called Arizona right at 8 PM, as there were still voters in line voting. The gig was up, and the other side was spiking the football, thinking the game was over for good. But Trump and the rest of us are not passivists. We turned to our own abilities, which is always the thing to do. If we don’t like what the progressives want to give us, we should just go off and make our own thing. And in doing that, it destroys the plans the other side has. They have no plan B. 

I really like Truth Social, now that it came open at the beginning of March of 2022. I know the line is long, and it’s taking people a long time to get into it. There are millions of people trying to get in, so they are seeping new users in slowly to maintain system stabilization. It took Twitter years to handle its users, and the demand for Truth Social is much more robust. But by the time we have the next election cycle in 2022, there will be millions of people there who are very active in the MAGA movement. There will be plenty of social media alternatives to use, which will keep everyone connected. And that is a relief. A much better situation than what I spoke about from Lincoln County, New Mexico: at that time, something like a Truth Social media platform seemed like a remote fantasy. But I’m happy to report that it is very much a reality. I’ve only been on it for a few days, and I’m already at 2K with followers. I have always been shadowbanned by the big tech companies, and instantly, on Truth Social, you can see that it genuinely is a free-speech platform. It’s a huge difference for me. 

And what’s best, it’s classy. It reminds me of what a Trump property feels like when you visit one. It has a Trump quality that extends beyond the hate and vitriol of the hostile leftist media culture. I think I do a pretty good job dealing with people of all kinds of backgrounds. I can talk to anybody professionally, even the bluest bleeding liberal. But I don’t want to hear from them in my personal time; I don’t want to see them. I want to be away from them as much as possible, and the wimpy little “Tweets” from Twitter were always no fun for me. Places where the entire platform felt like the Santa Monica Pier in L.A. filled with liberalism and a lack of wisdom, were always uncomfortable. It is good to have a quality place like Truth Social that feels slicker, smarter, and bigger. It feels more American than any of the other social media platforms ever have, and that is refreshing and well worth the wait. I’ve been through this process several times, most notably with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze.

I used to be friends with some of the people who started that, and I always had high hopes. But creating a big social media platform seemed on a prohibitive scale. But obviously, it’s not. It only took a year, and now Trump has a place where he can communicate with his supporters, and they can healthily bypass the media. The media and the Desecrators always planned to stick themselves in the middle of that process; now, we have a means of communicating and thinking that steps around those hostile agents. And I can’t say enough good about it. It’s nice to see how far we’ve all come in such a short time. That effort will only grow in the months and years to come. And I’m glad I held it together and kept my temper in check that day in Lincoln County. I think Truth Social is a much more productive way to make things right than what I was thinking. 

Rich Hoffman

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