Bugs Bunny and the Desecrators of Davos: War in Ukraine with the Russians is just a diversion

I remain disinterested in the conflict in Ukraine. As I have been saying, and continue to, it’s all big-time wrestling on the world stage. Of course, I feel bad for all the innocent people caught in the crossfire of a bad government on full display. I have been comparing the whole thing to one of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons, Hill Billy Hare. In that cartoon, Bugs Bunny dresses up like a woman and gets the hunters trying to kill him to fight each other in a square dance, ultimately getting them to jump off a cliff together. In this case, the Desecrators of Davos prop up the United Nations, who is playing the role of Bugs Bunny.

On the one hand, Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine and guy who made his way to fame playing a piano with his penis, is the guy we are supposed to rally behind. Ukraine is the creation of the United Nations and embodies all the hopes and dreams of progressives everywhere. Then you have the thuggish Russians who want to restore the old Soviet Union to glory like some territorial mobster. And we’re supposed to pick sides between bad and bad with this issue. All these teams are terrible, and we’re supposed to feel motivated to care. We essentially went from talking Covid, Covid, Covid every day, 24 hours a day to now Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine. Before that, it was Trump and Russia, Russia, Russia until we learned that Hillary Clinton with the Durham Report actually spied on President Trump while in the White House and tried to blame it all on the Russians who are meant to play the role as the big baddies on the world stage, the way a villain in WWE is introduced. It’s all phony and is a deliberate mess that will eventually end with both sides collapsing and being picked up off the mat by the Desecrators of Davos. 

Oh, but Rich, what is with this sudden fascination with the World Economic Forum and these massive conspiracies that are global? Well, it’s obvious what has happened. Hillary Clinton was supposed to be president as this New World Order was well planned for decades. President Trump was a significant impact on their plans; he was never supposed to become president the first time, and once he was elected, these “globalists,” as they are called, the Tragedy and Hope fans of Carell Quigley, panicked. The Looking Backward Bellamy utopian socialists, the global Karl Marx fans. All the enemies of capitalism advocates for global domination panicked and accelerated their plans, resulting in what we see now. And because of that, they have had to come out of the shadows, and we can clearly now see their footprints tiptoeing through the paint they have painted themselves in the corner with. Their footprints are easy to see if only people would look at them. They still are hidden from a lot of people because people tend only to see what they do regionally within their own cultural bubbles. In this case, those cultural bubbles are defined by whatever country they happen to live in. In their efforts to get rid of Donald Trump, they had to pull all kinds of strings that had been hidden to reveal their true purpose. That is why I call them now the Desecrators of Davos instead of the “elite.” I don’t see them as elite in any way. I don’t even like the term globalists. They don’t rule over us. But they control our money, which is the hook they have in all our lives and what they are after with this Russian invasion. 

Here’s how you can know what’s going on. Even though the United Nations essentially created Ukraine, the amount of corruption that has flowed through the country has made many progressives very rich, such as the Biden family. The Clintons in America and many in Europe use the country too for all sorts of nefarious purposes; the Desecrators of Davos led by Klaus and the gang from the World Economic Forum don’t like that Zelensky was elected there. He is Ukraine’s populist version of Donald Trump, and they want to get rid of him. The Desecrators of Davos wish to get rid of populism everywhere, and the best way to do that is to teach the people in Ukraine a lesson when they vote wrong for the incorrect types of people. But then, on the other side, you have probably the wealthiest person in the entire world, Vladimir Putin, who controls a vast portion of the fossil fuel market. In the United States, the Desecrators of Davos, through banks and finance, are destroying the fossil fuel industry with ESG scores. What are they going to do to Russia? Suppose the Desecrators of Davos want to make a zero-emission world. In that case, they have to get control of all fossil fuels, so this war in Ukraine gives them a chance to push Putin into overplaying his hand, losing his grip on power, and setting up the Desecrators of Davos for the cleanup. They intend to collapse all the world’s economies anyway, using China to carry the next stable currency replacing the American dollar. Hence, gaining control of all the energy sectors is critical to their plan. Xi Jinping in China will learn at the end that his country too will fall under the power of the Desecrators of Davos. They are all being played for the eventual end of money and oil as we know it now. 

With that said, it’s essential not to take our eyes off the ball. These plans, as I said, are much more accelerated than the Desecrators of Davos wanted to deal with.   They have gotten themselves into all kinds of trouble with Covid and the election fraud case in America, where it just won’t go away. They don’t have control of the media the way they wanted to have it by now. People are onto the games Larry Fink, and many of the American money managers have been caught playing with the Fed. Jerome Powell knows he wants to raise interest rates, but nobody on Wall Street wants that asset bubble exposed for what it is. This power grab allowed foreign investment to backdoor our constitution and to turn us all toward the Desecrators of Davos as the next global power. All that is pretty sinister stuff, much worse than the wall-to-wall coverage over Ukraine and a phony invasion over phony territorial Russian desires. The war isn’t about that. It’s meant to unify us all behind a bad choice and a bad choice, so we get used to accepting only having bad choices to pick from. It’s the same Desecrators of Davos plan that came out of Covid, accepting the changes to our economy that those losers want to give us and to accept mediocrity as the new norm. Ukraine is all about bad choices and purposely putting innocent people in the middle of trouble. But while everyone is looking at Ukraine and Russia, remember that it’s Bugs Bunny playing the music, and who might that be? Well, it’s the Desecrators of Davos, the global elite as the media calls them. Those obscure investors who aren’t dressed for war with military uniforms but suits, ties, and a nicely ironed shirt about to play golf in Scotland. This war isn’t about tanks, weapons, or even military deployment. It’s a distraction from the attack on our financial infrastructure as we speak and keep our eyes on everything but what matters most. The Desecrators of Davos intend to take over the world while we are otherwise entertained. 

Rich Hoffman

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