I Have Been Warning about Hillary Clinton Since the 90s: When people say, “you’d do it too,” they haven’t met my wife

Well, I’ve been saying it since the 90s. Then like now, I read every book that came out talking about the Clintons on their climbs up power, the land deals, the body bags, the stories of horror in the White House, and I warned about Hillary Clinton most of my adult life. Of course, people would say that it was too inconvenient to know the truth, that Bill and Hillary Clinton were no big deal. After all, it’s just sex, and it’s between them. If Bill Clinton wants to sleep around and Hillary wants to put up with it. Who are we to judge? If I had a dime for every time someone has told me that, I’d have all the money in the world. Well, now, finally, people are getting an idea of what I was always talking about. We have finally learned with specific confirmation coming out of the Durham Report that Hillary Clinton planted evidence on Trump both before and during his presidency, which of course, is against the law in many ways. Everything I have said here, and many others too, about Hillary Clinton, has been true, and it has taken this long for it all to catch up to her. And even that, the release of the information indeed came from the Biden administration, who see her as a threat now that she’s been poking her head up out of the ground recently, as she smells blood in the water for the Biden administration. She has been out there talking, feeling the temperature of things, and the Biden administration provided this little leak from the DOJ to get her off Biden’s heels. This report should have come out years ago, but like everything else, it’s political. Everyone knows about it, but nobody will admit to it in the light of day until there is some political motivation to get the information out. The same will be true, as I have said from the beginning, about the election fraud of 2020. The truth will come out when it’s politically to the advantage of those most guilty. Until then, there will be a cover-up literally until the day they die.

I had worked on the Ross Perot campaign back in the 90s, and I supported Bob Dole in an active way when he was running for president, even though I was in my 20s at the time. I’ve been warning about this stuff and fighting this kind of thing that Hillary is guilty of my entire adult life. And I said back then, as I continue to say, a lot of the reason we have such a messed up political system now is that we did not crack down on these bad people back when we first knew they were dirty. My wife and I have lived our lives in such a way that we’ve had lots and lots of opportunities to join some of these characters in a life of corruption. We’ve met lots of celebrities and had opportunities for many millions of dollars in our bank account just to get in the mud and not be a threat to those who craved power so they could become rich off it. A few weeks ago, I had just such an opportunity, which was a higher offer than average. Still, it was essentially a seven-figure deal to effectively go away, to stop writing the blog, to just disappear into the background, and to stop talking. I can think of dozens and dozens of similar offers over my thirty years, and for people who think I’m a ridiculously shiny penny, they haven’t met my wife. She is far, far, worse than I am. This story about Hillary and her husband Bill and many others who have enriched themselves in politics ultimately points out a contrast that I have heard all this time, “well, who could blame them? You’d do it too.” Well, “NO,” we all wouldn’t. Some people don’t and won’t, and my wife and I are certainly a couple who haven’t. It’s not that there weren’t opportunities. But when we see and hear stories about people like the Clintons, we get outraged because we see them as scum bag criminals who sold out and lived their entire lives as sellouts. And we feel the same way about anybody who sells themselves short of using politics to enrich themselves at the expense of law and order. 

Recently my wife and I were at a VIP thing, and Newt Gingrich was there. It was a private setting, and there weren’t many people around. Usually, all the participants are slick at these things; they know how to play chess and have many layers of personality where their true feelings can be hard to understand. My wife is not one of those people; she is one way, all the time. She is as pure and ideological as Snow White, and it’s not fake. She’s like that 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for many, many decades now. She is the least corruptible person I have ever met, and she’s too far into it to change now. At one point, it was just Newt and I talking a bit, and I asked my wife to step over and to introduce her to the former Speaker of the House. Newt is one of those celebrity politicians known worldwide, so most people would be a bit in awe upon meeting such a person in such a personal setting, shake their hand, and have private time with them. Well, she refused to come over. Here she was just two or three feet from Gingrich, but she wouldn’t acknowledge him. He reached out his hand to shake hers, but she wouldn’t budge, which left me in an awkward position. She looked at me, not him, and said, he sold us out by not prosecuting the Clintons when he had a chance, and look what they’ve done to this country. And she walked off. That left me there to explain to Newt Gingrich that she was a purest in every form of the word, and she has not gotten over the events of the 90s. He was good about it and simply said that history is always 20/20. In many ways, she was right, Newt did have a chance with Bob Dole to crack down on the Clinton crime family, and the failure to do it then made it far worse in the future. And of course, we see that impact now, and even now, only when it’s politically convenient.

The point is, not everyone sells out to the money and the fame. Many of the characters I’ll be talking about this year as we pave the way for the next Trump run for the presidency deserve what they have coming. I have been holding back as I gather up my thoughts, but I’ll just say this. I’m not going to sit at the breakfast table with that woman and listen to her go on and on for hours about corruption that could have been fixed twenty or thirty years from now, that went on during the government removal of Trump from the White House. Those most guilty in what they did need to pay, just as the Clintons should have paid with jail time in the 90s for what they did. Because we let them stick around all this time without justice, we get what we have now, a terribly corrupt political system that is in significant need of a massive overhaul.   Personally, I do look down my nose at people who will do anything for fame and do so at any price. I haven’t lived my life that way, so when Hillary, Bill, or the Bidens make decisions that sell out our country, our Constitution just for some easy cash and hide their crimes along the way for the cover-up, I have no sympathy. Zero. But it is nice to point to something and say, “see,” you should have listened. I’m not surprised by what the Durham Report is saying with factual evidence about Hillary Clinton now. People are shocked, but I’m not. However, I am more interested in everything they haven’t told us about yet. Because in my experience, there is a lot, more than people are ready to deal with. But despite all the efforts of these political criminals, that information is getting out anyway, and it is better to act sooner rather than later.

Rich Hoffman

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