Disney’s ‘Eternals’ is All About Guys Kissing and Abortion: How people like Larry Fink are ruining the world

More news sites don’t talk about things like this one does due to freedom; I am freer than most anybody who would write an article like this, so the information never gets out. In most cases, everyone has a master, which is undoubtedly the case with Disney. After a horribly progressive movie like the Eternals, Disney is the obvious target for criticism. The same with how they have handled Star Wars. It’s easy to get mad at the traditional family company without realizing all the Woke politics that are going on behind the scenes, which are literally ruining the world, starting in America with our art and entertainment. To understand why Eternals is such a terrible movie, you have to understand the latest stock report of Disney, where they had a record-breaking quarter to close out the year. Yes, more people than ever are flocking to the amusement parks in Florida. People have been locked down with Covid, and they want to get out there and spend money on something, anything. So attendance is up. The new Spiderman movie was great, a Marvel production that ultimately boosted interest in the Disney + streaming service. Some things make the stock price look attractive, so the shareholders are happy and empowered to continue to do something as they have, which produced the disaster Eternals with all the arrogance that Woke culture could muster. However, I’m in a position where I am free to have an objective opinion about Disney, one that most in the industry just can’t because the money flow they need to live is controlled by the elements that are killing Disney, despite the smoke and mirrors that come through on the stock report. Disney is an asset bubble that is poised to burst, and the evidence is in the movie Eternals, which is now streaming on Disney + for all to see.

The top stock owners of the Disney Company are the Vanguard Group, BlackRock, State Street Corporation, and Morgan Stanley. Vanguard, for instance, owns 137,572,834 shares of Disney stock. BlackRock, with all the Woke advocacy strategies of Larry Fink, owns 119,795,456. The shares go down to the local buyer who just wants to pad their investment portfolio with some entertainment options. But when you understand that these large investment firms believe they are too big to fail and control the world’s governments through finance, they become the next generation of tyrants on earth clawing for power. And in the case of Larry Fink, who comes up a lot these days when talking about all things Woke, we have to address the issue as a menace that has not been on anybody’s radar up to this point. Nobody talks about it because they most always have some financial stake in the company, like Disney. Even though the actual controls come from shareholder pressure, Disney doesn’t care about the ordinary people who might buy a few hundred shares of stock and post negative reviews about Eternals on some social media platform. The Board of Directors and ultimately the CEO Bob Chapek care about what BlackRock thinks about what they make, and when it comes to Eternals or Star Wars, the garbage that ends up on screen is precisely what Larry Fink wants. A Woke message that will poison the West and destroy it for consumption, China intends to take over the world and restore itself as the dominant power. Something they think about a lot and have people like Larry Fink to be their flaming arrows of warfare at the helm of all finance which ultimately controls everything. Bob Chapek may make a lot of money as Disney’s CEO, but he is not free to have an opinion on the matter. When BlackRock calls, or Vanguard, he does what they tell him because one thing Bob can’t afford to see happen is a quarter to quarter slide of the Disney stock price. And if Larry is displeased with the level of Wokeness coming out of Disney, then BlackRock could dump its stock and send Disney tumbling with a massive sell-off. And that would be the end of Bob Chapek, so ultimately, that is why the movie Eternals was so terrible. 

I had high hopes for Eternals. I had wanted to see it at the theater. Generally, the Marvel movies are great, so a film about some beings who inhabit the universe like white blood cells in a body and are born from planets seemed like a cool premise. But sadly, the whole point of the movie was to show guys kissing and to drag a nearly three-hour movie into an event of torture as it was a bunch of dysfunctional characters of all nationalities arguing over dumb things to ultimately have an abortion at the end of the movie to save the earth. The whole point of the Eternals was a kind of metaphor on abortion; to save mother earth, we had to kill the baby, the Eternal that was being born from it and was the point of 7000 years of human evolution. For the Eternal to be born, mankind had to create culture, which then fed the baby as it grew in the egg of the earth. So in that way, the Eternals became a vehicle for all the modern progressive causes that people don’t like, yet it was crammed down their throats with this monstrously bad film. The movie wasn’t about entertaining the audience; it was about forcing progressive politics down the viewers’ throats who thought they were showing up to watch the latest Marvel offering. And what they got was essentially the strategy of Larry Fink, large doses of progressive ideology that they thought would open the door to a modern political platform that embraced gay rights and forever abortions. The decision at the end of the movie to kill the Eternal so to save “Mother Earth” is so evident that it’s almost like sitting in an abortion clinic with a daughter who wants to kill a grandchild so that they can go clubbing later that night and not have the burden of being pregnant. It was bad, bad stuff. 

Yet Disney is the company that gets all the shots of criticism, and it will be Bob Chpeck who gets lacerated at the shareholder meetings if he doesn’t come up with some way to make Blackrock happy. The everyday people willing to spend $10,000 on a Disney vacation package in Orlando get ignored. Disney was built on solid Main Street traditional American values for the people who go to the parks, so they are willing to spend the money. But people like Larry Fink don’t really care about the money they make in their investment firms. They care about the power they have amassed through finance to control the creative process at companies like Disney, and it’s in that way that Eternals even found a way to make it onto a screen, and ultimately the Disney + streaming platform. Eternals breaks all movie-making rules and presents everything they don’t want into a movie to audiences. But the arrogance of Disney shows more than just a bad movie; it’s an assumption that the path of least resistance runs through the audience and not through BlackRock and Vanguard. Ultimately, who controls what Disney produces isn’t the fans, it’s the investment firms, and those investment firms feel empowered to impose Woke politics onto our culture at every opportunity. And Eternals was so bad that it’s almost a dare for the public to rebuke it. Otherwise, Larry Fink and the investment hounds beyond the stock prices will crush each and every one of us, or so they think unless we do and say everything they want, without a thought.

Rich Hoffman

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