‘Red Handed’: America can’t be decapitated by China, but corruption has been exposed

In the video above, I told a story about a recent event where I was offered a lot of money to do a job, about 10X more than my present rate. Yet to do that job, I would have to give up many things that I do every day, which make up essential parts of my character. So, of course, I turned down the offer, even though it would have been well in the seven figures. I would not say that the proposal was one rooted in corruption. In this case, a very hungry CEO needed some challenging problems solved, which I specialize in. A unique skill set, of course, has a value all its own. But it was in a market that I often criticize, and to do a job in that realm, I would have to give that up, which I’m not willing to do. Not for any amount of money in the world. In fact, with me, there are many things that I do every day that I enjoy, and there simply is no amount of money that could be offered to me to give any of them up. I’ve been like that all of my life, and I will remain that way. I get offers like that all the time, not always that big, but every couple of years, those opportunities come up, and I always say the same thing. I’m not telling that little story for a cookie or anything, but only in context to what I have to say about Peter Schweizer’s new book, Red Handed, where he spills the goods on the money machine of Washington D.C. culture and exposes clearly that China has purchased the ethics of many of our politicians all to destroy our nation. The best thing about not taking offers, as I mentioned, is that I am one of the few people who can really criticize corrupt political behavior. Because apparently, by the narrative of Peter’s book, nobody else is functioning from any kind of ethics or moral code, and it shows in the end product.

China has one primary goal: to destroy the West, what they consider western civilization. They mean to destroy us culturally and, of course, economically, and they have been very aggressive in their methods of doing so. They have not been shy about this stated goal; they feel empowered because they have been able to throw money at so many in our political class, and within our business climates, they have no respect for us. They think all American’s will do anything for money so they can purchase our ethics with endless amounts of money. They believe they can buy corruption. So, of course, they hated President Trump, because as a wealthy person, he didn’t need their money, and he was free to function on his own accord. That was why China and many others in the world who plotted against America wanted to do anything to get rid of Trump, including their participation in election fraud. Money bought a lot of silence when the act of election fraud occurred, and it also bought a lot of misdirection until the evidence simply outpaced the purchased opinions of “there is no evidence of election fraud, 2020 was a free and fairly certified election. Trump is trying to overturn our Democracy!” That’s China talking and all the money that has been stuffed in the pockets of Mitch McConnell and many others to stay silent on the matter for the theft of our nation like a train conductor allowing their train to be robbed and people killed on it, but being promised a lifetime of riches to let it happen.  

Ironically, China has made several fatal flaws in its strategy, which is typical of all collectivist-based cultures. First, it must be understood that China is not that powerful. Most of their current wealth is looted. America propped up China from a third-world nation. The agents of chaos worldwide have been looking for a straw man character to do their global bidding. China was just the kind of communist power they could use to be the face of their insurrection.   Just like when Trump ripped that mask off with North Korea, which had been hiding China as the neighborhood bully, China was playing that role with the World Economic Forum, what many are calling the Davos Party now, because of their political influence around the world without a home country to give away their intentions. They exist outside of the political theater so that they stay invisible to the political press, and thus, the rest of the world. But in such a way, they control all the governments of the world, including China. That much was apparent this past year at Davos, where China danced to the strings of Klaus Schwab and the Davos gang just like Biden, Janet Yellen, and Dr. Fauci did. To understand how corruption flows into our own political system, you have to understand what’s behind the corruption, and these days the Davos gang are the robbers of the world most behind it. But China thinks of itself as its own master of destiny, even though they wouldn’t exist today without the United States. And like some rebellious teenager that thinks they can throw off the West and be the family leader, the Davos gang has other ideas. 

China thought the key to bringing down America was cutting off what they believe is the head of our nation, something they call “leaders,” like Mark Zuckerbucks, Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, the corporation of Disney, and the heads of our political class. However, the key to understanding the West, which I talk about often in my book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, is that capitalism is all about decentralization, not top-down leadership. So China has spent countless amounts of time and resources buying off American companies and members of the political class. Yet they don’t control the direction of the nation. All that has happened and will continue to happen is that the corrupt will appear disjointed from the rest of American society who don’t follow leaders. They tend to do what’s best for them. Such as in politics, that is why many of them still support President Trump after all that has happened to leave China, Davos, and much of the Washington D.C. culture paralyzed with that reality because they don’t understand it. If people followed leaders and those leaders were purchased with corruption, then that should be the end of America. Well, wrong. Because we have a decentralized society where there really isn’t a class system, anybody can be anything they want in America, which is not the case with the rest of the world. And as a result, America can’t be decapitated. If the leaders are cut off from the rest of society, society will still function. However, it has made it easy for Americans to see corruption in the context of action, chiefly revealed in the book Red Handed. Peter Schweizer certainly delivered the goods in a free press with a book that names the names. And while my little story shows the value of maintaining integrity, so long as some people act in that manner, America will never fall to corruption. It just makes it easier for us to see who does. And to see who is most guilty worldwide, where all indications point directly to China and their hostilities toward us all, for malice that is unjustified and malevolent, it’s all in the book, Red Handed

Rich Hoffman

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