A Review of ‘Our Time Together’: How great America was and can be again

Now that we are a year into the Biden presidency and can clearly see what many of us were warning about coming to fruition, people have great reason to remember the Trump time in the White House favorably and yearn for it again. The depression you feel was by design, after all. All you have to do is listen to Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum talk about all his recruits around the world who are doing their work, names like Justin Trudeau and Vladimir Putin, to understand the great robbery of global wealth that is going on from that collection of socialists and communists intent on taking over the world by controlling all the governments with money, instead of tanks and troops, to understand the scope of what has been happening in America. Few people can remember what life was like before The Great Reset of Covid when we had three good years of Trump and the world was working great for the first time that anybody could recollect. The hostile insurgents from that World Economic Forum, who have their controls in the media, in American and global politics, just couldn’t let such a good thing continue. Hence, they did what criminals always do; they sabotaged America from the inside out and did everything they could to destroy that Trump presidency and all those who voted for him. And now we see the results a year later with Joe Biden and a government out of control and trillions of dollars in debt. All the things that were hidden before they lashed out and exposed themselves to the light of day, which has been good so that we can see them without their masks. But ultimately, America we all know and love is and has been under assault, and we have been craving some memory of it.

Well, Trump and his family are pretty smart and great at branding. My wife has been feeling a lot of those melancholy feelings, so I understand all too well how many Americans are feeling. We traveled all over the United States in 2021, and I can say with great authenticity that I know America well, and most of America voted for Trump. At first, it was just a gut instinct after the 2020 election. But after traveling a lot and talking to people everywhere, it’s pretty clear that the Biden presidency was created in Davos by a media culture that only fluffed up its peacock feathers to make itself look bigger and stronger than it really was. But to many, they saw that display, and they believe that what they are dealing with is actually a terrible menace instead of a skinny, stupid bird under all those feathers. So I was one of the first to buy Trump’s new book called Our Journey Together, and I gave it to my wife for Christmas. It had a predictable result; she loved it. It was nice to see such a book capture the Trump years in the White House and do it in a classy way. It’s a beautiful book laced with all the kinds of class that always comes from the Trump name, especially on their managed properties. The book reflects the style of America that Klaus Schwab and many other hostile agents around the world are intending to destroy.   And by what we see on the nightly news with the spiking crime rates, the runaway inflation, the increases in gas prices, and many other terrors and treacheries, the intent is obvious. But Trump and his family captured their four years in the White House in a way that reminds us what life was like before Covid came along and torpedoed our nation and our lives in such an intrusive way. And it’s really just now sinking in for many just how bad it was. But with a book like Our Journey Together, we have a time capsule that lets us all know that it wasn’t just a dream; it was real. 

Little things that I didn’t expect out of the book were really nice touches. Trump shows in the book that he feels the same way as most of the rest of us, the more than 80 million people who voted for him. We know at least 75 million actual votes went for Trump out of our society. It looks like at least 5 million more were destroyed by post office workers and other malcontents. Now that Arizona, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are all involved in legal actions, which shows many of the votes that went for Joe Biden were fake and can’t be verified with an I.D. of any kind, it’s well known that the election was stolen. For the attackers of America, the Davos crowd, and the politicians like Mitch McConnell were bought by their system to insert the Biden presidency to protect their many crimes committed from a justice-seeking Trump administration backed by the people of this country; they had to protect themselves somehow. They did so with voter tampering on such a vast scale that many of us have taken all this time to wrap our heads around it. The idea of such deceit to the good people of America just wasn’t a possibility until the evidence started pouring in that it had, in fact, happened. And that most of our political class, from Mike Pence to many in the Senate and Congress, showed that they were willing to play along with the scam to remove Trump from office and hopefully the Republican Party completely, and the relationship with the Davos Party could resume and continue to enrich them all as it has. And they wanted the gut punch to sting, to remind us that we are not a self-governed people. That our elections could be stolen and that we needed to shut up, put on the mask, and hide in our homes while they stole the wealth of the world for their own goals, and that we’d like it. 

It’s no wonder that the publisher of Trump’s book, Our Journey Together, is having a hard time getting paper, ink, and glue to produce the book. It’s continuing to sell well, even after the initial 250,000 produced for the Christmas holiday were shipped. People continue to flock to it for a memory of what we had and to nurture the hope that we could have it again, if not a lot more of it. I tend to think that what we get out of all this mess will be better because people now know it’s possible; it actually happened once. They know who the bad guys are, and they know that Trump was their representation of the good guys. The world was shocked when America picked Trump both times. The second time, the Davos Party and many other shady characters worked to stop that incursion into their global theft. So, they stole our election, and they were caught. They, of course, will do as all criminals do; they will deny and deny forever what they did. But the evidence only points in one direction, and justice will have to find its way to their doorsteps; otherwise, civil society is not possible. They will do whatever they have to do to prevent the kind of America that Trump shows in Our Time Together. The enemies of our culture didn’t want it the first time, and they are determined never to let it happen again. But for the rest of us who are actually in control of that future state result, we can at least know that we had it once and that our goal is to have it all again, only this time, much better and without any apology to anybody. 

Rich Hoffman

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