The Great Robbery Of Klaus and the World Economic Forum: Dr. Fauci complains about free speech at Davos

The Crime of Klaus

My take on the health care system is that most of it is a scam. It feeds off old people who are dying off and promises to keep them alive just a little bit longer instead of returning them to health. That purchase of just a few more years is what generates a tremendous amount of wealth for the pharma companies. It ultimately is the scam that the World Health Forum uses to rob many of their wealth, gain control of the world’s governments, and eventually run everything on earth as a kind of Wild West gang that used to rob trains and banks for the same purpose. Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, has been talking about these things for a long time and has the ear of the United Nations and many in the billionaire class for a new kind of robbery in the world that uses the health care system in the same way that Butch Cassidy and Jesse James robbed the wealth of an emerging economy to stuff their pockets, but in the process call it a kind of Robin Hood enterprise, where they “take from the rich, and give to the poor.” In the case of Klaus Schwab and his fellow robbers, they steal from rich countries and propose giving what they steal to poor countries, and they profit from the transaction. For instance, a character like George Soros fancies himself as an architect of collapsed economies. Then he buys assets low, then profits off the rebuild. He calls it social justice, but in reality, it’s all just theft and hunger for acquired power. We’ve seen this before in America with criminal outlaws who do their injustice without a country to call their own, as renegades of antagonism. And Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum are no different than the looting gangs of Butch Cassidy and Jesse James from the American West. They are all criminals, and they must all find the cold reality of justice because of what they have done.

The Davos Summit of the World Economic Forum just concluded a few weeks ago, and I watched every published minute of it. I watched all their clips, live streams, and subcategory interviews from the various players, so my opinion about them is based on knowledge. Essentially, when they talk about Social Justice and the aims of the Great Reset, it wouldn’t be any different than in listening in on Jesse James and his brother Frank talking about the honor of continuing the Civil War by striking back at the Union while robbing their banks and selling themselves as soldiers of fortune, not scum bag thieves and bandits trying to get rich off the sentiments of a hard-fought war. The giving to the poor what is stolen from the rich is as bad today as it was from the famous Robin Hood story, the profit of stealing from one power and gaining power by giving it to those who don’t have it. The goal is always power, and those members of the World Economic Forum that were run by what I call the fish from American Dad, Klaus, are villains and thieves of our American Constitution, and they must be brought to justice. When we talk about the pain of Covid and what it has done to the world, its beginnings start at Davos and are always intended as a kind of mass-scale train robbery. And to prove it, they invited our own Dr. Fauci to speak at Davos, and the rat sure loved the opportunity to talk to his own kind on a stage that reassured him that they existed far beyond the law and order of American sovereignty. So Dr. Fauci spoke freely and complained to Klaus and the gang that the biggest impediment in the United States to the goals of Davos was social media, which they must get control of if their plans of theft are to be successful. 

Klaus of the World Economic Forum

Going back to my experience at the hospital recently, I live pretty much Covid free. I don’t go to many places where people have been suckered into following Covid protocols. But having to go to a hospital to visit a loved one, you can’t help but see how brainwashed many people have become on the matter. However, you can’t help but feel sorry for them because they have no idea where Covid came from. They believe the experts. They live in their little bubbles and don’t view the world beyond their Truman Show existence. They certainly don’t watch the Davos coverage of Klaus and the World Economic Forum that resides around the world and makes governments dance to their threats of capital collapse. Butch Cassidy, after all, when he robbed stagecoaches, was often friendly when he did the deed. But it was still against the law and a crime against humanity, just as the World Economic Forum has been doing. They smile while they steal, and they justify it as Social Justice. But it’s still a crime that essentially goes unnoticed by the masses because they are too busy trying to be compliant with their masks at the hospitals, where logic has been tossed out the window. The value is not in solutions but in complying with their authority figures in life. So they never see Klaus and the real villains; they just see the impact of their looting scandals. 

Dr. Fauci at Davos

The good news is that they were worried about America at the World Economic Forum and Dr. Fauci, instead of running and hiding from his involvement in creating the virus in a Wuhan Lab and helping China release it to the world to help the powers that wanted to remove Trump do so under cover of an invented “pandemic,” knows that if they can’t get control of social media and ultimately free speech, that this modern form of mass robbery won’t be successful.   The Great Reset is in trouble because the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and the Big Tech Companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google do not have the monopolies on information flow they thought they would have at this stage. Instead, Trump is getting ready to unleash his own social media platform, Truth Social, and Gettr and Rumble are already showing themselves to be aggressive alternatives where the message about what’s really going on at Davos is getting out, despite their best efforts to put a smiling “Butch Cassidy” face to the theft. And there was panic in the meetings that hadn’t been there before. Many people call these Klaus followers the social “elite,” but I call them scum bags and criminals who must be brought to justice. I watched them how we would bank robbers, murderers, and general criminals hiding away in the American West. Except these criminals hide in Davos and behind Social Justice causes, they hope they will disguise their true intentions. But they aren’t fooling anybody. This year, despite all their efforts, there is a concern that hasn’t been there in the past, and it was Dr. Fauci who was most transparent. There are many members in our government like Dr. Fauci who are in on the scam, the Biden administration being one of them. Still, they know that if people have alternatives to the information flow they control, the heist will not work, and they will be exposed for what they have done to us, especially in the crime of Covid. And like all villains in the world who know they are caught, they are acting guilty and afraid of justice coming to them. 

Rich Hoffman

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