Democrats are Desperate, and Losing Power: Remember Aaron Burr and what globalists will do to protect their investments

Never Underestimate What Power Hungry People Will Do For Power

To understand Biden’s speech of January 19th, 2022, and the desperation of it, you have to look at the pressure that was created for the beleaguered President due to President Trump’s weekend speech in mid-January 2022 in Arizona. A year out of office, Trump attracted many thousands of people in the desert, and there they talked about the 2022 strategy of retaking both houses of congress and the capture of the White House in 2024. Trump spoke for over an hour showing great resolve and strength, so the Biden people felt they needed to answer the call. With voter rights legislation designed to give Democrats more of an ability to cheat in the upcoming election to maintain their power in jeopardy, everything was going wrong for Biden, and the administration couldn’t ignore how powerful Trump still was and how much momentum the anti-Biden surge was. So they propped the old man up and threw a hail-Mary hoping for a last-minute touchdown. But the threat of the whole enterprise came alive by accident about an hour and a half into the speech, where the most critical revelation came clear. That’s when a struggling Biden forcing himself to continue standing in front of the press like Trump always did, kept rolling over himself and finally said the most important thing of our times. Biden confessed that his “counterpart” in China, Xi Jinping, had been critical of “western democracy,” and we were being challenged to show its ability to make decisions, as opposed to the communist one-party government of China, who didn’t put things to a vote. They just told everyone what to do, or they killed them. It’s straightforward in China, and Biden used that example as an implied threat. Biden essentially said, under great exhaustion, we are challenged in America to show that our “democracy” can do the people’s work, or else we would fall to the rules of a changing world, the take over of it by the communist Chinese. 

Now that might not seem so bad to the masses, those who have trouble baking cookies even with the extensive instructions that come on the box for oven baking these days. But for those who are students of history, they might remember when Aaron Burr tried to stir up the chaos of the Mexican territories away from the Spanish to rise up against Thomas Jefferson’s administration shortly after the Louisiana Purchase. Burr, on the run from prosecutors in New York who wanted to try him for the murder of Alexander Hamilton during a perfectly justified duel, knew his political future was destroyed. The Federalists wanted his head, and the Republicans behind Jefferson thought of him as a liability to the party and wanted nothing to do with the talented young strategist, Burr. So Burr did what he thought was his only option, to stir up an insurrection on the western frontier and try to become the leader of his own country. Of course, this would occur a half-century before Jefferson Davis would attempt to cut America in half to maintain the European aristocracy of Europe in the South to preserve the institution of slavery, which came from years of the previous occupation. Turmoil and scandal are always on the horizon, including today’s Biden speech. So to assume all is well in the voting world and the maintenance of our republic would be extremely naive. We have an obligation to root out these insurrections as they emerge, as we did with Burr, as we did with Davis, and as we must now with the globalists who are trying to undo the Constitution of America in favor of replacing it with something they come up with so we can chase after the mythical threat of China, which like Covid, was a creation of our own government to acquire more power. 

I’ve said it for years, and I say it more emphatically now than ever. China would be nowhere without the United States. Without a healthy American economy, China dies on the vine very quickly. But, there are old European powers in the United Nations who, like Aaron Burr, know that they want in on the action that the United States has naturally. So they devise schemes to create war and disturbances to advance their own cause. Their latest attempt is the Biden administration. They have found some old fool made rich to purchase his name to promote their schemes. And the latest trick is to point to the Chinese and say, “there is the threat. We have to be more like them to compete with them.” Even though the Chinese were made by those same forces and propped up to get us to look that way instead of toward the United Nations where the World Economic Forum Davos guys are plotting just as Aaron Burr did to take over the world so they could be at the front of the leadership when it happens, this conflict is more significant in scale than the one that Burr planned. Still, it is all done for the same reasons. Those who think they are more intelligent and should be in charge of people by the rules of some imaginary aristocracy want their companies, nations, and billionaire footprints to live on in history, being remembered for something great. So they impose themselves on the rest of us for their devices. And that was what was significant about Biden’s speech; he revealed it without meaning to.

Things are looking very good for the MAGA movement, the carryover of the Tea Party. Trump and many Trump-supporting Republicans are poised to demolish the globalist intentions of this current Democrat Party. The election is only around nine months away, where many House and Senate seats are up for grabs, and the Democrats, as acknowledged by Biden by his long speech, are grasping at the air to attempt to hang on to power. Like Aaron Burr, they are being driven to insanity because they are losing their seat at the table. And that doesn’t mean that we have any obligation to give them a seat. They have lost their political power fair and square. They have shown Americans who they are through fake elections and Covid, and people, real people, don’t like it, which is why Biden is polling in the low thirties just one year into his term. The media can’t cover for these idiots as they have in the past. Now, unlike in the past, people can see just how bad their communist ideas are, and to justify their transgressions, they simply pointed to China and said in desperation, “we need to be more like them or else.” But too many Americans know better now. They voted for Trump, and with no ability to cheat in future elections, Democrats know they can’t keep the charade going any longer, and they are now desperate and caught in their treason and sedition. And their fate will be much the way it was for Aaron Burr, remembered for being a power-hungry insurrectionist instead of a freedom-fighting leader. When Democrats look in the mirror, they see the leader. But because of their stupidity and bad decisions shown to the world, more and more see them as the insurrectionists they have always been. And no amount of media, public relations tricks, or re-branding of their collectivist philosophy can save them now. So, beware of what they will do in these dying days because they are desperate. 

Rich Hoffman

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