China is Hiding its Guilt: They’re late to the Covid game, but their actions show their intent

China is Hiding their Guilt

There was a bit of humor coming from Don Jr online where he posted, “Florida man found dead in a mansion along with 29 other corpses. Two tons of cocaine and fully automatic AR-15s: Authorities say deaths Covid-19 related.” See, he gets it, and so do most people these days. Covid has been a scam, a giant government cover-up for crimes they got caught conducting to destroy American sovereignty and to deliver us all to the clutches of the United Nations and the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.” They have killed people with Covid by not allowing them access to Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine and instead insisted on some ridiculous notion of hiding from the virus from behind a mask, social distancing, and partnerships with drug companies to force mandated vaccines that don’t work, all to drive a narrative they started in China with government money, to make the virus through “gain of function” with Dr. Fauci at the center of it all. China facilitated all this nonsense and put itself at the center of the action. Now it’s all out of control; two years later, many people died, lives ruined forever, and economic destruction that wipes out the terror of even the worst of our natural disasters. Covid-19 is government stupidity at its highest. Never underestimate what weak-minded people will do to stay in power. Tragedies like Covid-19 are the results, and this has been the worst that we have ever seen in human history. So, of course, a cover-up, like what Don Jr. mentioned with tongue in cheek, is sure to follow, and that’s precisely where China finds itself today. 

It would be funny if it weren’t so true and malicious; I remember it well and reported on it here at this blog site, the New Year in China from 2020 to 2021. They were feeling pretty good about themselves. They celebrated with crowded streets, packed nightclubs, and a finger in the eye of the United States. Trump was leaving the White House, and they would be dealing with their kind of insurgent, President Biden. There would be no more trade war. There would be no criticism of their communist government. China had launched Covid, helped out their United Nations friends with leverage only China could have produced, a virus under the cloak of darkness in the highly unregulated communist country, and it set the world ablaze with Covid protocols invented by a conglomeration of socialists and Marxists at the World Health Organization. That New Year, while the world still was under lockdowns, caused by China’s virus, China was showing how open they were, how well their “communist” government had managed the virus, and were open for business and their continued quest to sink America and the West as GDP competitors in the world marketplace. China was out to put us all down, destroy our cultures, and have us crawl to them for help. That was how 2021 started. But it ended a different way, on the cusp of the Beijing Olympics, which China was now hosting, and they had a problem. The eyes of the world would not go away from Chinese affairs.

China has a different problem now; they have a closed society to control what their people see and hear. But over the last few years, many books have been written in the West about how Covid was created and who was responsible. The most damning I have read is the Kennedy book The Real Dr. Fauci. In that one, it becomes clear that the American Defense Departments and many other political characters wanted to develop bioweapons in China because things could be done there due to their authoritarian government and their closed media to the outside world. They don’t have a Bill of Rights in China, so the authoritarian government can do pretty much anything they want. That was attractive to Democrats in America, so deals were made, and viruses to be used for bioweapons potentially were spawned. China figured they could play all these forces against each other at some point, which is just what they did as Trump was looking to impose trade deals on them that would hurt them dramatically, economically during an election year. China wanted to get rid of Trump, so they “unleashed” the virus. Was it an accident? Well, it’s just as much of an accident as Don Jr’s joking reference to drug cartel deaths being counted as Covid deaths. And now that information is flying around out there, China can’t put it back in the bottle. 

Their response has been to shut down their seaports, some of their most significant cities, and to show the world that they are just as vulnerable to Covid as everyone else. This is a far different China than the one from New Year’s Eve, going into 2021. Just a year later, the western media, books, television, blog sites like this one which has Chinese representatives looking at it every day, but they are unable to do anything about it, have forced them to penalize themselves like the rest of the world is, not because they believe that anything they do will help with the virus. If these governments wanted to solve the Covid problem, we would treat the virus and end it. Instead, now, China and all their conspirators have been caught in the lie, so they must now double down and, in so doing, penalize themselves so they can hide their guilt in the matter, to begin with. Gone is the arrogant audacity of the Chinese government; now they are in full cover-up mode, and the Olympics has only made that problem worse for them. 

But there is also an implied threat in what China is doing. By shutting down several supply chains due to Covid issues, China is warning the world that if they insist on blaming the communist country for its role in creating and spreading Covid, the wheels of the world will stop. The supply chains coming out of China can come to a halt, which will only hurt everyone downstream. So there is that slightly veiled threat that is very much a part of the reality. They are cornered rats who owe the United States alone trillions and trillions of dollars. Trump is already saying that if he gets to be president again, he’ll go after China for the money. Based on his past actions, I believe him.

China now isn’t so confident in its haughty actions because instead of the world coming under their control, as they planned, it is now coming after them in ways that China has no means to control. That is the problem with a tightly controlled government that won’t participate in full disclosures; they are vulnerable most to the opinions of the outside world, which have not been contained. And what’s coming from that outside world is blame, lots of it. And deservedly so. The Covid actions are a little too late for them; the world is pushing back against the health tyranny that came from Covid, and China is now late to the game. That cover won’t last long, so then what? What can China do to fend off the anger of the world? Well, not much. Everyone is coming for China and wants satisfaction from the incursion into their lives, and tempers are hot. Politics will change in America and what that means to China is bad things, very bad things. And believe me, I’ve read the books; China deserves every bit of what they will get. 

Rich Hoffman

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