Ray Epps is all that Matters: January 6th was a government entrapment plot, based on the behavior of Richard Trask

Who is Ray Epps

As far as I’m concerned, there isn’t anything to talk about regarding the so-called January 6th Insurrection if the name of Ray Epps isn’t involved. The guy was everywhere in D.C. the day of the Trump rally and the night before trying to instigate people into a froth of anger and enter the Capitol building in protest of the election fraud that had so many people already disappointed. You can tell by the federal government’s behavior that there is something really wrong with this case. They have arrested people who had far less to do with inciting violence and vandalism than what Ray Epps was caught on camera doing. Yet, Ray is driving around his ranch in Arizona without a care in the world while many people rot in jail, stuck without due process by a government that has turned against them completely. If that weren’t enough, while we sift through the smoke a year later of what happened on January 6th, and establishment types try to use it to hide all the other destructive behavior that has been going on in the SWAMP, the kidnapping plot story of Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan has taken on a life of its own, thanks to a wife swapping, tattooed freak of an FBI agent, Richard Trask and the night he tried to beat his wife’s head in after a swingers party that unveiled to the world a level of entrapment that the FBI had directly been involved in. 

At this point, do I have to remind people of all the times over the last decade that the FBI has been caught tampering with crime to provoke an outcome? Because that could go on for days, I’m thinking presently of the evidence coverup from the San Bernardino Christmas terrorists; remember that one? I haven’t forgotten, that’s for sure. The Trump years in the White House have clearly shown that the culture of the FBI is in political outcomes, not a blind pursuit of justice. Also, from me, a bit of a disclaimer, I have several former employees who have left me for these kinds of aims in life, so I know quite a lot about the subculture of police work at all levels. There is currently a young man I am quite proud of who is working in the White House as a Secret Service Agent. He was there when Trump was, and he is doing just the same good job for Biden currently. Good kid. But…….I have many people I know who are just like Richard Trask, even down to the swinger’s lifestyle, who have populated local law enforcement, the FBI, and other roles. So I can say with a lot of confidence that Richard Trask as the lead FBI agent who entrapped militia groups in Michigan into plotting the kidnapping of the governor during the Covid lockdowns in retaliation for her brutal behavior, is common. Richard Trask is not unusual, even though many are shocked by the revelations of his character. 

Trask was an anti-Trumper to an extreme, leaving behind many social media posts forecasting his behavior. Ultimately, he used his power as an FBI agent to steer angry people into a direction the government wanted them to go so they could make a story about it. Left to their own devices, those militia people would have sat in their cabins complaining about the government while they cleaned their guns. But Trask and his fellow FBI agents wanted to shove them into a story by pretending to be one of them, complete with the crazy wild beard and tattooed bodies. The FBI stoked the plot to kidnap Whitmer, then once the followers in the militia started making plans, Trask turned it into a public relations incident that the media then took the handoff and broke the story in a way that made everything sound like a vast, right-winged conspiracy, especially coming from Disney owned ABC News. 

Well, while a lot of this was going on, Trask’s personal life was a strange brew of characters. He was trying to get his wife to buy into some experimental sexual escapades when they found themselves at a swinger’s party at a hotel in Michigan near Kalamazoo. Apparently, Trask drank too much or was drugged while there. Whatever the case, the couple left the party feeling like many couples do at things like that, guilt in what they were doing, exposed sexually in uncomfortable ways, and not really knowing what to do with their emotions after. Once they returned home, they got into a big fight in their bedroom where Richard Trask proceeded to beat his wife’s head against the bed while he choked her in a way that looked to intend a terminal outcome. She called the police; they picked him up. Because of the unusual behavior of a federal officer, the story got out. Over the months that followed, we learned that this was the same FBI agent who planted the story of the Whitmer kidnapping. So, there you have it all within the Trask case, a motive that it’s a cultural problem at the FBI, not just a single individual. Trask didn’t do all these things by himself, he had a lot of help, and even after he nearly killed his wife, it took the FBI a few months to officially fire him, which they had to do publicly. But just think of how many Richard Trasks are out there working as FBI agents right now who are just like him? In my experience, it’s most of them. It comes from the way they recruit, the kind of agents they hire. As I said, I know the type very well. 

Knowing all that, let’s move to January 6th. The FBI knew there would be hundreds of thousands of people coming to the Trump rally angry at election fraud. The FBI needed to do something about it because that’s what they are expected to do. Of course, just as they did with Richard Trask, they would attempt to infiltrate some of those groups to influence them into behaving in a way that the government could use as public relations against the angry Trump voters. They felt they had to put such a large group of people on their heels while the government tried to cover what they did with Covid and the election results. Such as, who told five states to stop counting ballots on election night 2020 just shortly after Vegas bet makers had called the race for Trump? What form of Ray Epps is there in that story? People had a right to be upset, and the FBI wanted to change the story. So, there was Ray Epps, doing essentially what Richard Trask did, and the only reason Ray is still out there is that he didn’t do anything stupid like go to a swinger’s party and try to swap his wife for the night for some strange sex with drug-laced losers and low life intellects. Instead, Ray did what all federal plants try to do; he is staying low keyed on his property, hoping the story will cool down at some point so he can re-emerge back into the public. But a year later, independent reporters are starting to get it. They have been going to see Ray at his home to find out why the FBI has never picked up Ray, even though many people are still in jail awaiting some sort of bogus charges for the “insurrection” at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Sadly, the evidence points back to a guilty government where many politicians are playing their part in the coverup, particularly Liz Cheney and Nancy Pelosi. The hundreds of thousands of people who came to hear Trump talk that day scared them to death. And they needed some way to take the light off them, just as Trask tried to do for his favorite political governor, Gretchen Whitmer. She was in trouble with the people for the draconian lockdowns, and Trask took it upon himself to bail her out with this entrapment plot of militia groups. Now, does anybody really think that the FBI didn’t take the same sort of extreme action against Trump supporters on January 6th? The fact that Ray Epps has not been arrested tells you everything you need to know.

Rich Hoffman

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