Jared Schmeck is Just the Beginning: Americans are better than anybody in the world at sticking it in the eye of authority

Jared Schmeck is a real American

Of course, the Democrats support the filibuster change in the senate. Biden knows he didn’t win the election and that none of the Democrats will win anything in the Midterms. Democrats are not the majority in America. They know it, and voting proves it. They can only hide their extreme minority opinion by cheating in elections. So for them, it is a nail in their coffin to contemplate tighter controls on future elections. They have convinced us to open up the voting dates and voter ID parameters, but that has proven to be a disaster. And after 2020, of course, voting rights will have to be much more tightly controlled. There will never be another election in America where the entire nation openly accepts the results.

Democrats have been pushing their luck for decades on vote cheating, and this time they just went too far. A certain amount of cheating in places like Philadelphia and Detroit were give-ins that we put up with to get along with Democrats. But never again, after what happened in the middle of the night, where “someone” stopped vote counting in five critical states after Vegas had called the race for Trump around 10 PM on election night, will our society ever go back to what it was. When we all woke up on election day, we were told that Joe Biden was going to win and that massive leads in Pennsylvania would be erased for Trump and that we were going to like it. Take it, or take it, the media told us. We had no other choice. Our country’s corporations had taken over our government, and they were letting us know that we had no choice but to go along if we wanted to get along. Because they didn’t care really what we thought about it, they were taking our government from us.

That’s why it didn’t surprise me in the least to hear Jared Schmeck tell Biden on Christmas Eve, “Let’s Go Brandon.” As incompetent as the Biden administration is, and to not screen their calls any better than they did during a call to promote Santa Clause, Trump supporters got a different kind of Christmas present from a young dad and Trump supporter. The “Let’s Go Brandon” rally call has been fuming all through 2021 and epitomized the thoughts of a majority of Americans. More than 75 million people voted for Trump, more than any political figure in history. It all started at a NASCAR event where fans made television cameras nearby know their feelings about Joe Biden. Of course, the camera crew could hear what the crowd was saying, “F, Joe Biden.” But the news reporter stated on camera, even as we could listen to it for ourselves, that the crowd was saying, “Let’s Go, Brandon.” As the election results of 2020 and the panic over Covid continued, most Americans can see the con game in real-time because they are free to think about such things. Here was a group of people saying obviously one thing, but the media said that it was something completely different. So to reflect that paradox, among disenfranchised Trump voters, “Let’s Go Brandon” has become a thing to remember the ridiculousness and corruption of our political system in general and our media culture that is obviously controlled by a corporate narrative that thinks they are actually in control of our government through soft money, dark money, all kinds of money. And that our Constitution to them is meaningless. 

I think we all understand the problems of our government, but this illusion that the media has created over the years is kind of like holiday dinners where you put up with loved ones who may have fallen off the wagon over the years. Usually, our dealings with them are short. Once they leave, we don’t have to deal with them for another year, and everyone goes back to their own little worlds. That is how this massive corruption has managed to take hold the way it has. That is why all the cheaters of the 2020 election thought they would get away with it. Suddenly the undesirables weren’t just stopping by for Christmas dinner; they wanted to come over for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July too. They were sticking themselves into our lives in ways that crossed the line. And people weren’t happy about it. I thought hard about it after the election. I was so thoroughly pissed off that my wife and I packed up our RV and traveled the country extensively through the year. I was pleased to meet many, many, many people like Jared Schmeck. They were at every gas station, restaurant, and rest stop from Cincinnati to Idaho and all the way to the border with Mexico. My wife and I went to all those places in the heart of America to get to know if we still really had a free country to live in. If the people living in the country really still believed in the Constitution.

As it turned out, I wondered after all our trips if anybody had actually voted for Joe Biden. He certainly didn’t get the number of votes that the election results showed. Democrats had cheated massively, and they had been caught. And even with all their tightly controlled messaging, so many people hated Biden that spillover into something like that Christmas Eve Santa call with Jared Schmeck was bound to happen. There are millions of people like Jared out there. The media has tried to ignore them and cover everywhere that they aren’t. But, because of the incompetency of the lying Biden administration, that is becoming impossible to do.

I was listening to that call live. My home is a nerve center of monitoring whatever is going on in culture for people who know me. I usually have my reading chair in my living room that has four points of media coming to me at all times, not counting the large television we have there, which is always watching something from football games to movies. At that station, I monitor podcasts, videos through the computer, audiobooks, all types of information, all at the same time. Then in my gun workshop, I have an additional three inputs that are always playing. That way, I don’t miss anything as I move around my home. So I was listening to the Biden call with Jared as it happened. I even turned down the other inputs to hear it as it started to sound like something that was about to fall apart for Biden.

When it did, of course, I laughed pretty hard for a long time. Not only was it funny that the Biden’s were clueless and incompetent even to allow the call to happen in the first place, but that the spirit of America was very alive at that moment. Even with all the media manipulation that is going on, the censorship, the threats from the left toward violence, Americans can stick it in the eye of authority better than anybody on planet earth. Here it was happening in quite a spectacular way on Christmas Eve, a year after the misery of the 2020 elections made it look like all was hopeless. It was far from hopeless, and we see that in people like Jared Schmeck. The media wants to think of him as unusual. But he’s not. Actually, I learned this year that he is pretty common, more so than all the Democrats put together. And it is that which they know too, which scares them the most. 

Rich Hoffman

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