The Political Climate Change Hoax: Yes, the Great Lakes are draining and will soon be gone

Climate Change is Rediculous

Oh my gosh, Greta Thunberg, an 18-year-old girl from Europe, is challenging Joe Biden on climate change. And California realizes that with all their hack and slash economic policies; they think they will save the earth; they won’t reach their emission goals until the next century. Meanwhile, the socialists of the world are making climate change the centerpiece of all their concerns displaying to everyone how little any of them know about actual science. To the smart people out there, they have seen the shell game. It’s the same stupid game that the left has been playing with Covid, phony statistics, phony scientists who are no better than whores on K-Street, that will say and do anything for a federal grant. They’ll “love you a long time” for the right price, and they’ll put anything you need in an Excel spreadsheet. But it came to a point for me while I was doing some additional research into the origins of life across North America. Hint, the Indians were not indigenous people in America; that too is a made-up lie meant to despair the creation of America in the first place. As I have reported in many places, some of the best archaeology we have in North America points to the mound-building culture that looks like it dates to the periods of Stonehenge. As it so happened, I was reading some of the books I recently bought at my last trip to Stonehenge and comparing them to the investigations into what is called “The Giants of Ohio,” and America in general, and that drew my eye to some of the radical swings in sea levels over just the last 10-15 thousand years. Yes, advanced people could easily have come into North America during the Archaic Period, and it’s pretty clear that they did, bringing with them a world economy that nobody has been thinking about over the last hundred years of academic study. 

Since I live in Ohio, the Great Lakes are a real treasure to the state that I think about. Most people know what they are and think of them as a kind of inland sea. Also, people might think of them as very old, but the truth was that they formed during the Ice Age, really in geological terms, was just yesterday. Humanity was building advanced societies, such as Göbekli Tepe in modern-day Turkey. At that time in the world, the Great Lakes of Ohio and Michigan were former river valleys where massive glaciers were taking the path of least resistance, moving along slowly there. The weight of the glaciers was so great that they actually pushed down the earth’s crust in those locations displacing the curvature of the planet itself. As the ice melted, without the aid of global warming by manufactured contraptions, mind you, the water stayed in those low spots and formed the Great Lakes. The weight of the water and ice was negligible. However, when the mass changed, the water began to flow toward the St. Lawrence Seaway at an increased rate.

Fairly recently, scientists have discovered that the Great Lakes are actually draining at a rate faster than the rivers can supply them. Many in the region know that Niagara Falls is the point where all that water flows from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario. They also know that where the falls are currently will continue to move all the way down to Buffalo, New York, year by year by a few feet each time. It won’t take long before the falls are gone altogether. In fact, the whole of the Great Lakes, except for most of Lake Superior and Lake Huron, will be gone entirely in a few thousand years. Chicago will sit in the middle of nowhere with vast farmland to the east where people could walk over to Michigan. The same with Detroit and Cleveland. They, too, will be sitting on land that extends far into what used to be the lakes but will by then be vast expanses of farmland. The lakes are draining because the earth’s crust is trying to push up from under the weight of the water from where it was pushed down by the ice from the Ice Age. The more shallow the water gets from the lack of weight, the faster the landmass pushes up. In our lifetimes, we will see a significant loss of shoreline in those city areas because of this effect. Of course, none of this climate change results from a single human being. It’s just part of the lifecycles of the earth.

One thing that struck me when studying my books from Stonehenge and is something I learned about while visiting Dover on the east side of England facing France across the English Channel is that; just as the future of the Great Lakes, people used to be able to walk across the great body of water there. Back in the Ice Age, sea levels were several hundred feet below where they are now. Looking at the English Channel today, it seems impossible to consider such a thing. But that is what the latest science says. Ocean levels have constantly been changing, well before there were ever any people. My daughter and I had a wonderful time hiking Dover’s Cliffs, and I often think about it. We told my son-in-law and my wife that we were going to use the restroom and take a few pictures of the cliffs there and the massive English Channel. We’d be back in a few minutes, so they waited for us in the car. We came back seven hours later. It was an excellent adventure, but what made me lose track of so much time was in learning about these little details and how they have played out against the many changes the world has seen in geologic time. 

The point of the matter is that the climate change activists are phonies looking to convert capitalist cultures into communist ones and count on our ignorance to believe them. But reading a few books on the matter and just some casual investigation will prove that manmade climate change is a thing of politics. Climates have been changing on earth for millions of years. As humans, we have been lucky to have had our entire civilization spring up so quickly between these geological catastrophes, able to leave for space within a few thousand years. That is a miracle, and that is science. Trying to bend our economic system to some made-up whims of worshiping the earth is just downright stupid. And anybody who believes what these political hacks of climate science advocates say is ridiculous. Whether by accident or on purpose, the information to refute climate science activism is abundant. But like Covid, the government is seeking to exploit ignorance in favor of political power. And that is a game where the enemies of capitalism need to be defeated spectacularly. And just consider how pathetic their cause is, where they have an 18-year-old nobody as their spokesman. She’s not a scientist. She’s not the next Albert Einstein. She’s just a teenage girl. And that is the best thing that the climate change movement has going for it. Because the facts are not on their side, and anybody willing to look at them can see that quickly.

Rich Hoffman

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