Covid is a ‘Return to the Primitive’: Government attacking regenerative science so they can stay in control and imprison society at large

Government Returns to the Primitive

Well, if there was ever a great example of Ayn Rand’s book Return of the Primitive, a compilation of articles she had written in the 60s, the Biden speech on Covid was it.  So, you get tested, then what?  You find out you have Covid; what happens next?  How is testing a proactive measure by government in any way?  What is the point of testing?   Essentially, all testing does is give the media something to talk about in case counts.  But it does nothing to solve the problem of Covid.  The government assumes that once someone has Covid, they should sit around in quarantine for several days to avoid spreading it to other people so that we don’t have hospital staffing shortages?  The whole approach is one of the finest examples of government stupidity that there has ever been, and sadly, many people have been caught up in the shell game in negative ways.  What we have with Covid is a government-made cold that was tampered with by Dr. Fauci in partnership with the Chinese, who used all this panic as a means to alter the election of 2020. Now they are stuck in the perpetual lie that they have to maintain to cover up the original sin.  It’s really pathetic in the scheme of things.  For authoritarian types, those who like to do government work because they want to boss around other people, the temptation to always regress to the “primitive” is always there and is the most dangerous aspect of modern society. It’s not the virus that is dangerous with Covid. It’s the dumb government that has created many artificial policies to deal with it. 

In that Ayn Rand book, she points out the paradox of the space race and that the Woodstock music festival happened within a month of landing on the moon for the first time.  We saw the best that human ingenuity and imagination could achieve in one case.  Then we saw the reaction of the below-the-line thinkers, hippies, communists, and scum bags who wanted to listen to Jimmie Hendrix play a guitar. At the same time, the participants did lots of drugs, wallowed in the mud naked, and had sex with whoever happened to come along.  Those music festival participants essentially wanted to climb back to a time in the past when humans were subservient to the weather, to the seasons, and the village chief.  And essentially, we still have those same elements playing out before our eyes.  On the day of this article, Christmas of 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched to peer into the distant universe.  Space X is poised to test out their Super Heavy rockets for the first significant step into colonizing Mars, either for the first time or to return there from some distant past long erased from memory.  Then you have these government idiots telling us to run and hide from a silly virus that they made and funded essentially to manipulate political circumstances so that they could be the village chief.  But to be the boss, they have to cut off the feet of all the villagers effectively so they can’t run away from them.  To paralyze people with fear over Covid has been one of the most destructive things that any government has ever done to people, and the results have been pathetically ridiculous. 

Long-time readers here know about regenerative science.  There is essentially no reason ever to get cancer or get sick about anything.  Almost everything can be fixed at the level of a DNA strain.   Suppose we had a government not trying to crawl back into the past campfires and control vast amounts of our economy with government regulation and intrusion. In that case, we could really empty our hospitals by fixing the people who are stuck there rather quickly.  The truth is, and we can see it with Covid, the government wants people in the hospitals.  They want people sick.  They work like K-Street pimps in whoring out the pharmaceutical drugs because those are their donors, and an unsuspecting public awaits!  The government does not want regenerative medicine because it takes away their power.  There is power in fear, and when people are afraid to die, they seek the village chief, just as all primitive people have.  But it’s all by choice.  Real science says that we can fix anything in anybody at any time.  In fact, one of the latest Elon Musk projects is Neuralink which will allow paralyzed people to walk again, like usual.  There really isn’t a problem the human race can’t solve.  There is no reason to get sick and die unless it’s by some freak accident.  The governments of the world want people in a weak state to control them and their economies.  And that is all that Covid ever was in all its variants. 

There are solutions right now in hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin that can contain the virus outbreak but make sure to note that the governments and their pawns, Big Tech, corporate media, and other distributors of misinformation want to steer people away from anything that doesn’t make massive profits for their pharmaceutical donors.  The government pays Big Pharma then gives away the medicine for free to build a mandated client base for the drugs for the virus that the government made to control all those people. It’s the most significant sham ever tried, and its mission statement is regression, to take mankind back to the campfire, not to the distant stars of the universe as a species.  The government doesn’t want solutions to the problems they caused because they want the issues to steer society in ways they desire, which is profitable as authoritarians.  When Biden gave his speech to the nation without a plan on putting society back to normal, it was an insult.  All he could utter was some babbling talk about testing without a plan to get rid of the virus and make society normal again.  Instead, all the government wanted to talk about was some method of listening to their tainted leadership for safety and an endless list of nonsense that would keep people in a depleted condition forever. 

But despite all that government tampering, science has evolved the state of the human being, and to this very moment, there is no mystery as to some problem that can’t be solved, not with humans themselves or the greater world around them.  All cancers could be solved, every disease has an answer, and biological improvements are there for us to pluck off the tree of life like a ripe apple ready for our stomachs.  It’s all there for us if only we would reach up and just take it.  But the government is that snake that says, “no, don’t leave me behind. Don’t eat from the tree of immortality.  Eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, as defined by evil! Don’t take Ivermectin to kill the virus we made to make you love me. Don’t solve the problems I gave you to be together.  Stay with me in Hell, forever, because I love you so much.” It sounds pretty crazy, doesn’t it?  Yet that is precisely what Joe Biden and his government losers were saying in his address to the nation over Covid.  It was pathetic, a declaration of the primitive, and a lie in the face of real science, which is yearning to bust free of government clutches and do good work for all humanity, well into the future.  A future the government would instead sabotage than endure because that future means we would need them much less.

Rich Hoffman

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