Joe Manchin is No Hero: Build Back Better is an attack from foreign powers

Build Back Better is an Enemy of America

We are not lucky Joe Manchin put a stake in Build Back Better, for now.  Build Back Better is not American; only communists and socialists would think that Build Back Better was a good thing.  It was written to the left of FDR’s New Deal, which I think we still need to get rid of.  People are now addicted to the services of social safety nets that the New Deal created. Still, to get to a constitutional republic again, these methods of socialism from progressives have to go.  Build Back Better was so radical that it was essentially a stake in the heart of America in every way it was conceived, which made our enemies, both foreign and domestic, very happy.  There are so many things wrong with Build Back Better that I could go on all day into what they are.  But in essence, Joe Manchin, the senator from West Virginia, said on Fox News that he was a cold no vote on the bill, which destroyed any chance of it passing in 2021.  And because of his stand, Joe Manchin has been considered a hero for saving the republic.  But I’m not willing to go there.  Joe Manchin is still a Democrat, and that says to me that he’s still dangerous.  All Democrats are dangerous, and I would say they are enemies of our republic because they always seek to undermine the constitution.  I have not yet met a Democrat who is OK with our constitutional law.  Sure, they swear an oath, but most don’t believe in God anyway, so what they say is often useless.  No, Joe Manchin was just doing his job, listening to the people who elected him, and that is what we must thank, that we have a system of checks and balances that worked under the most strenuous tests.  And for that, we can breathe a sigh of relief a bit.

Honestly, I think Elon Musk did more to kill Build Back Better than Joe Manchin, although it wasn’t covered to the same extent.  When politicians saw that Musk wasn’t going along with Build Back Better, they were encouraged to take a stand.  After all, Musk is one of the billionaire class that so many people pander to for campaign donations.  So when Musk suggested that the Build Back Better plan be scrapped altogether, the media was perplexed.  They asked him, “don’t you want the electric car service stations all over the country?” Musk simply replied, “delete it.” Musk knows that the kind of society he wants, one that puts over a million people on Mars within a few decades to set up a colony, will not be a centrally planned communist one.  Musk, over the years, has learned to be more libertarian as he has run several successful businesses.  Reality says communism and socialism do not work when trying to grow something.  And no Mars colony will work unless it is infused with capitalism.  There are opportunities to create a new market economy with space, and parasites like the progressives in America have to be removed from the process to have a chance of that happening.  The best way to build infrastructure is with private investment.  Tesla is doing quite well without the government these days.  I was in Wall Drug in South Dakota recently, and guess what, in the middle of the Badlands there, with minimal infrastructure anywhere nearby, they had Tesla charging stations set up for customers to use. I’ve seen the same kind of service stations at Disney Springs in Orlando on the top level of the parking garage there.  Nobody needed Build Back Better to build those, the market needs of Tesla did it on their own, and Musk understands that, which is why he publicly came out against the European socialist plan of Build Back Better.

There is still this nasty business of how Build Back Better came about.  Think about it, Build Back Better from what?  The capitalist collapse after Covid 19 when the world’s governments allowed a bioweapon funded by America and built in a lab in China loose so that central planner medical people could stifle economic activity and kill the flow of money into collapse.  Then once the failure occurred, those same governments using a “Great Reset” could then Build Back Better, which is a coy way of saying, build back with socialism and communism.  We shouldn’t be looking at any Build Back Better legislation in any form because the people who want it was in on the attack against American capitalism.  Instead of Elon Musk building Tesla charging stations at Wall Drug in South Dakota on their own, they want to gain power over where those charging stations are and attack the infrastructure we currently have centered around a gas economy.  All that is entirely unacceptable.  We should be putting everyone attached to Build Back Better in jail for what they did, not thinking of them as patriots of any kind.  Anyone involved in such activity can only be considered a domestic enemy.  Joe Manchin sees the writing on the wall for 2022, and that is not a place a guy like him wants to go. 

After my travels in 2021, West Virginia is a far different place from the North East, where progressives reside everywhere.  But I’m not even sure that there are many progressives even in the New England area these days.  West Virginia is Trump country. I’ve seen Joe Manchin on stage with Trump in West Virginia, so being associated with killing coal mining jobs there and oil is not a good move for the West Virginia senator.  To twist his arm as Chuck Schumer thinks is possible, or Joe Biden is not in the deck of cards.  To impose on West Virginia the socialist views of the East Coast, especially the socialists of the Beltway, was never a real option.  Likely, Joe Manchin isn’t the only Democrat against Build Back Better.

Democrats from Red States do not want their name next to this bill to help because people will be angry with them.  This is why we have a representative government, a republic, not a damn democracy.  In a democracy, the majority rule, and in the Beltway culture, that majority is only the political class, as they see it.  They don’t think of constituents, but only when it comes time to get elected.  They think they can sucker constituents during every election cycle with lies and marketing.  But Build Back Better is life-changing, and people would not be able to forget about it.  It would leverage itself into their lives in destructive ways, and these politicians know it.  Joe Manchin would never be able to live it down in West Virginia.   That checks and balance are how our republic is supposed to work.  We have to have a republic that decentralizes democracy from the rule of a culture like the Beltway, where politicians lose track of themselves in the smoke-filled rooms of strip joints and sex parties.  A place where lobbyists have more power than the voters.  No, in a republic, the voters still have control, and it is that power that kept Joe Manchin from losing his mind.  We shouldn’t be thankful. It’s the way the system was supposed to work. Instead, we should question those who tried to push through Build Back Better now that the safety valve of our republic has triggered the alarm and let us know that domestic enemies are attempting an economic insurrection and hiding it behind do-good policies to unleash outright communism and destruction for all.

Rich Hoffman

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