The Covid Criminals of Government: The evidence is in the book, ‘The Real Dr. Fauci’

We Have a Government of Criminals

Watching Joe Biden give that little speech to the nation regarding Covid showing the same fear tactics we have all come to expect from such a dumb government was like watching Al Capone beat in the head of a rival in front of the media cameras.  Of course, if you test more people, you will get more cases.  The real question and the origin of the scam is, what do you do with cases?  Do you treat them with therapeutics, or do you try to avoid transmissibility through quarantine, which is the dead giveaway to the ultimate, anti-work, communist plot that all this has always been?  To understand the extent of the criminal conduct and what’s at stake in the matter of Covid and its spread around the world, I am referring everyone to the Robert F. Kennedy book The Real Dr. Fauci, which came out during the Holidays of 2021 and is essentially the court case that should put Fauci and most of Washington DC in jail for the rest of their lives.  That is if we had a legal system that actually worked.  They knew the defense department was using Fauci to develop bioweapons in China because they couldn’t do it under the regulations of the United States, and Fauci lied about it all to congress.  There are so many crimes related to Covid that it should be the only thing we are talking about.  To consider how many trillions of dollars Covid destroyed and how many lives were changed forever in the negative, what our government, the Chinese government, and specific people like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates did regarding Covid is really the only story in the world that matters right now.  And those who used it to commit massive voter fraud in the elections of 2020 just compounded that problem in extraordinary ways.  It’s all in the Kennedy book.  We don’t need to reinvent the wheel at this point, but really, nothing else should matter to the government or us until justice is done to all these anti-constitutional insurgents. 

Of course, the Biden administration is choking on rotten eggs.  Democrats are polling poorly, the Build Back Better socialist plan that the Biden people wanted to put their name on is failing, and the unconstitutional vaccine mandates are either failing in the courts, or they are being flat-out ignored by people making Biden’s executive orders looks silly on the world stage.  Federalism does not give him the authority to issue a vaccine mandate.  Period.  And now that people are ignoring the government and all its alarmism, they have to do something.  So they came up with this stupid Omicron variant in hopes of conducting a sequel to the 2020 efforts at shutting down the economy.  At this point, the Democrats are desperate, and the global insurgents behind them are cleaving for any cover story that they can get.  There is no doubt that Dr. Fauci’s role in creating Covid in China or that China released it to the world knowingly occurred.  It’s all in the book.  And because books like that are out there explaining where Covid came from, Democrats are desperate to keep the virus around longer so that they can hope to have a cover story for all the crimes they have been involved in.  Whether it’s the FBI tampering with our elections during the Trump years in office trying to instigate a coup against the voters.  Or the 2020 Zuckerbucks scandal.  Changing the Facebook name to Meta will not erase what they did in the 2020 election, so wonderfully illustrated in a couple of other books, Rigged by Molly Hemingway and Peter Navarro’s book In Trump Time.  For those who are still in doubt about the guilt of these government characters, the evidence is clear from multiple sources, and not all of them are Republicans.  These crimes are so bad that they should make every American angry, very angry. 

And that’s all I saw when Biden gave his speech.  A desperate criminal compromised by China to provide them with cover for the crimes they committed with members of our own government.  Biden is the salesman who is supposed to smooth it all over to the American public.  So he and his handlers hope that the next generation of Covid-19 might shut down our economy again and put everyone on their heels so that the real crimes might go undetected or uninvestigated.  So long as ABC, owned by Disney, will put Dr. Fauci on every week as the “expert,” they help sell him as a saint saving the world instead of the sinner that he really is.  And for every media outlet that plays the game in the cover-up, they are all guilty of the crimes as well.  If you know someone committed a crime, and you don’t say something, that makes you culpable.  That means Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, the U.S. Defense Department.  NIH, the World Health Organization, China, The Gates Foundation, so many organizations all working against the rule of law in America, it is unforgivable.  Trump has been talking about reparations against China in the trillions of dollars as a response, money they don’t have.  But he has the right idea.  But even that wouldn’t fix the problem and bring justice to those who deserve it. 

They think we’re stupid; they think we won’t see what they’ve done.  They have abused our trust.  They have sold us out to foreign powers.  They have betrayed our nation using our money to do it.  And many people are reading these books and the information is getting out.   This is different than how it was in 2020 when Covid first came out, and we were all a little willing to follow some safety protocols to contain the spread.  But it didn’t take long to see that all of Covid was a preplanned event and that much of the mentioned organizations, and many more, were tired of Trump in the White House, and they intended to do something about it in his last year.  Just by the evidence of Trump’s previous three years, we see that the American intelligence agencies would do anything to get rid of Trump, short of an old-fashioned assassination as was done to JFK and Bobby Kennedy.  If the goal was to collapse the American way of life and the constitution that made up it’s laws, what did any of them care if they got caught?   They thought the world would convert to communism by now and would then be rulers of us all functioning from the acquired power of the United Nations. After all, that’s why Biden was put in the presidency, to soothe say us into this changeover.  And to give speeches to keep the public asleep, as he gave to the nation on December 21st, 2021.    

Those who don’t want to read the evidence just look at the behavior.  None of these government people want to fix Covid; they just insist that we run from it and clamor to the government to protect us from a virus they funded and made in the lab of our enemy to use as a bioweapon against us. We’re supposed to trust those same people, these criminals?  I would suggest to everyone not to play the government game.  Take hydroxychloroquine to prevent Covid.  Take Ivermectin to kill it once you get it so that you can pass the highly rigged Covid tests.  The way to make this problem go away is to take medicine, dominate the virus, and kill it in our society.  The government wants to spread it for their own selfish reasons.  They have crawled in bed with their extensive political donors, big pharma. They use the virus to guarantee income for those donors and use rules and regulations to destroy their competition. It’s no different than a mob offering protection for crimes they commit against you.  If you pay them, they won’t attack you.  Buy their vaccine, and you can work.  Serve them, and you might be allowed to live.  But remember, they need to have death and overrun hospitals to scare you. Otherwise, all their plans fall to dust.  And that’s all Biden said in his speech.  It was an old trick, but this is a new day.  And we’re not as stupid as he and they think we are.

Rich Hoffman

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