Liz Cheney and Establishment Types at Fox News Have No Idea What’s Going On: Remember the Know-Nothings because they knew a lot

Know about the Know-Nothings

Alright, we’ve played patty cake enough.  For all the global insurgents, the George Soros types, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerbucks, and many many others, you have to understand history, which they obviously don’t.  After listening to Liz Cheney scratch, a chalkboard with her wretched voice reading the texts from Fox News hosts over what happened on January 6th, 2021, all I can say to everyone is to remember the riots of the Know-Nothing Party of the 1840s and 1850s.  None of this is new.  People are willing to put up with a certain amount of corruption and government nonsense so long as they have money in their pockets and can ignore government in their lives as much as possible.  But when you shut down an economy over Covid and rob them of their opportunities at an election, because of the massive cheating that took place with Covid providing Zuckerbucks and big tech with the ability to tamper with our election of 2020, people are going to be mad when they can’t escape the useless nature of government.  I see nothing wrong with January 6th, and I’ve said that from the beginning.  People expressed themselves after a lot of frustration, and they had a right to do it.  People see what’s going on.  They know what is behind the January 6th commission. It’s essentially Joe Biden and government in general saying, “I don’t have the votes for Build Back Better, 50% of the country thinks I’m doing a bad job, and all these damn states won’t stop investigating the election fraud that put me in office with a minority of the voting population. Please give me a distraction! Give me Omicron! Oh, and we have to cover up that Dr. Fauci, who is on my staff, helped develop the bioweapon with our enemy, China, who also has trash on my son selling access to my offices. They released the virus to get rid of Trump. And now the public thinks I sexually molested my daughter, and the ice cream after didn’t make the problem disappear. That’s what the January 6th commission is, to cover all that up in the news cycles, and it’s out of touch with reality and history.

News flash to the losers who think Tragedy and Hope is some great work of future philosophy, who believe that Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backward was a future people would put up with. America will never accept a centralized authority running their lives.  What happened on January 6th is just a silly thing compared to what will happen in the future if the government continues to impose itself into the lives of people the way they have been trying to do since Trump left office.  People know the government is corrupt, and they are willing to waste a certain amount of money on it to make it disappear.  When government oversteps that comfort zone, as they have essentially since 2016, people will be unhappy about it.  And if the government gets in their way, the government will get its ass kicked.  Humans have been running from government imposition for thousands and thousands of years, and they are not going just to say, “Hey, let’s give up our freedoms and adopt communism.” It’s not going to happen.  It may have occurred in cultures where people did not expect freedom where they had been living under tyranny for many hundreds if not thousands of years.  But people who came to America to get away from Europe, or some other corner of the world and all their problems will not fall in line with some big global New World Order.  I don’t care if it was predicted in the Bible.  I don’t care if the wealthiest people in the world want it.  I don’t care if the United Nations has planned all this for most of a century.  People have a comfort zone about tyranny, and our current government has exceeded that, meaning that people will lash out when enforcement becomes a mandate.

The Know-Nothing Party literally came about as a secret society of conservatives forming out of the Whig Party.  While Democrats were fighting to keep their slaves in the South, conservatives were trying to figure out how to have a society that would honor the constitution of the founding of America.  Abraham Lincoln would obviously be the most successful in building the Republican Party over time.  But the Known Nothings, they would tell people when asked about their Party, “I Know Nothing.” Because they were very skeptical of more Europeans settling America and bringing with them the garbage of European ideas, they were anti-immigrant, especially regarding the Catholic Church because they thought people might be more loyal to the church than to the American Constitution.  In hindsight, there is a lot of intelligence in that.  Being all-inclusive as Americans into every idea out there probably hasn’t been a good thing.  People need to fight for what they believe and to maintain their freedom.  But throughout history, people have shown that so long as they had money in their pockets, freedoms to make a decent life for their families, they would put up with differences in others to a certain point.  When things did get hot, such as they did with the riots of the Know-Nothings, which were far more severe than anything that happened on January 6th, 2021, the conflict would boil over, and people would fight it out.  The Civil War is a good example of this.  But this idea that all people will be thrown under some umbrella of centralized control is just preposterous, and those who used Covid to invoke election fraud in the 2020 election were out of their minds. People have a right to be angry about it.  A little of that anger was expressed on January 6th, and it will not go away. 

When Liz Cheney read off the names of Sean Hannity texts from that January 6th event, along with Brian Kilmeade and Laura Ingrahm pleading with Mark Meadows to get Trump to speak to his “followers” not to undo four good years of the America First agenda, they were all speaking from a perspective that was not relevant to the circumstances.  The Fox News hosts just showed that they didn’t understand the Trump presidency at all.  Trump was not a leader.  He was a representative of the people who voted for him.  And we voted for him not to play these kinds of stupid games that obviously the Fox News hosts were wholly committed to.  We don’t care what the optics look like on television. We’re not on television and could care less.  We don’t want the government sticking its noses in our business.  We don’t wish to have a centralized authority.  We don’t want leaders.  We want to be free of all that, and the government took away Trump from us through many methods.   And people were upset about it.  And they are angrier now than they were then.   The only difference is that the anger has become much more passive-aggressive than direct.  People now won’t express it publically because they’ve seen how the government will react.  So they have gone underground where the government will never have control again, ever.  The central planners have lost their merit forever, and no amount of theater from the January 6th commission will make that problem disappear.  It will just get worse.  And that is what everyone is missing in this case, especially old establishment losers like Liz Cheney.  America is never going back to those days of the Bush administration and a commitment to the New World Order.  Americans have been fleeing that world order from the beginning of time, and if governments want to fight, well, then we’ll fight.  But catering to centralized authority is not going to happen.  It has never happened, really, and that is a lesson obviously Liz Cheney and the rest of the establishment are going to have to learn the hard way. 

Rich Hoffman

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